Gift Guide: For the Kids

One of the hottest requests in my inbox for gift ideas this year is for the KIDS. Things are getting crazier by the week in stores, and Lord knows we can’t trust shipping dates on much right about now. Hopefully this helps. 😉 I’ve got about 30 gift ideas for the kiddos here, ranging from about age two-ish to ten-ish depending on their interests, obviously. We debated breaking it down even more by age range but actually couldn’t since so much on the list can + does span ranges, which I think is a GOOD thing since it can stand the test of time and work for a few on your list. The collage below is clickable, too, so you can click any gift and it will open in a new tab to add to cart directly!

  1. Lovevery kits – For a meaningful, lasting gift for ages 0-4, Lovevery kits are where it’s at. They’re without a doubt my FAVORITE subscription box we’ve tried and one I’ve gifted to multiple girlfriends’ toddlers already. Lovevery makes stage-based kits designed to complement their development. From the start I’ve been nothing but impresed at both the thoughtfulness and intentionality behind each box, as well as the quality; some other subscriptions we’ve tried were made with literal cardboard or just felt flimsy and didn’t keep interest, but Lovevery is actually heirloom quality pieces that are built sustainably AND last multiple kids. We can get weeks worth of new play + exploration from just one box, and Liv REPLAYS with all of the activities because they’re just that good. One of my favorite parts: each play kit comes with an activity book to help you get the most out of each thing inside, and they have *creative* ways to play with everything that always blow my mind. My top two Lovevery recommendations: an age-based play kit, or the blocks set. It’s an INCREDIBLE set – I’ve gifted to girlfriends’ kids for their first birthday, but we’ve had 8-year-olds playing with it at our house before. Truly stands the test of time!!!
  2. Slippers – These are SUCH cute #1 Amazon bestsellers – but the best part is having grippers on the bottom so little feet don’t slip! How freaking cute is this smiley face pair?!
  3. Radio Flyer wagon – A timeless classic!
  4. Cleaning set – Liv loveloveLOVES this set. She’s had it for so long now and breaks it out to this day…lowkey helps them learn the importance of helping out around the house at an early age. Ha! The other day, Liv saw something on the floor and goes “WAIT I’LL GET MY DUST PAN” and goes to, I kid you not, clean up the floor with her broom set.
  5. Sumblox – OK OK OK THESE ARE INCREDIBLE. This is an *incredible* gift idea for littles learning counting, numbers, the whole nine yards. Basically, the blocks are stackable on each other to help teach basic math; the numbers help kids visualize math so that no matter how you stack it, stacks of smaller numbers will total their sum in size. For example, putting the 4 block on top of the 5 will be the same height as the number 9 block; putting the 1 and 2 and 3 on top of one another will equal the 6 in height (and weight), etc. SUPER cool concept, and one used + approved by educators, too…and it comes with an activity booklet!
  6. Build your name train set – This is just a precious personalized option to help with gross motor development, too!
  7. Sticker earring set – Olivia may or may not be getting these in her stocking from Santa. …OK you got me, she 100% is, they’re already hiding away and ready to go. I am 100% confident she will lose her mind over them and want to wear 4 pairs at once. 😉
  8. Bubble bath bombs – These are fun bath bombs with surprises inside! The toys inside are little squishy friends that make cute tubby toys after.
  9. Cash register – Anyone else’s kiddos OBSESSED with playing store??? This register set is adorable – helps them learn how to do Target runs like mommy! 😉 But really, also good for practicing positive money talk, counting, sharing, giving to others…the whole nine yards.
  10. Flower garden – Liv received this for her birthday and it’s SO CUTE – a nice little way to use gross motor skills and build your own flower garden any time of year.
  11. Frozen LEGO DUPLO set – The Duplo sets are GREAT intros to the LEGO world. Liv has a Minnie/Mickey set that she’s obsessed with, and I’ve got a feeling Frozen is next.
  12. Balance beam – HOW COOL for their core strength, balance, and all that jazz?! And from a small shop!
  13. You Are Special book – Perhaps my favorite children’s book of all time, and such a sweet, special, sentimenal gift. J + I EACH cried the first time we read it to Liv respectively. It’s actually probably best for kids older than Liv since it’s longer and not as simple a story, but we plan on reading it to her for years to come. A beautiful, heartfelt story with Christian undertones.
  14. Squishy soft pajamas – These jammies are absurdly soft + squishy – favorites of Olivia’s, with all sorts of colors, gender neutral, short sleeve AND long sleeve options, and a SOLID 5-star rating with 4,000+ reviews on Amazon!
  15. Baby doll – Such a precious dolly!
  16. Foam pogo stick – For ages 3+, this bugger is GREAT for getting out energy. 😉 Liv got one for her birthday…it takes some practice to coordinate but MAN, what a fun way to blow off steam!
  17. Crocs – The OG *always* has Crocs in her shoe collection. They’re a truly great toddler shoe, from just being able to slip on and go to being waterproof. Get the sherpa-lined ones for Christmas!
  18. Fidget poppers set – Because these things are the IT thing right now.
  19. Baby Alive Lulu Achoo doll – Might grab this for Liv since she’s v into dollies AND pretend sneezing right now. Ha! This is another “hot toy” this year that will probably become very hard to find as time goes on…carpe diem!
  20. STEM electronic memory game – Another top-rated game this year – and one recommended for ages 6-12. It’s a 5-star memory + speed game that develops hand-eye coordination, and is apparently also fun for adults. 😉
  21. Initial piggy bank – How cute would this be for kiddos who are in the tooth-losing stage?? They can start collecting coins from the Tooth Fairy in their own name bank!
  22. Waterproof camera – For older kiddos who’ve got adventurous spirits. 
  23. Non-toxic kids makeup –  For little girls like mine who so desperately want to break into your makeup bag. HA. After catching Liv doing a full contour/blush/highlight routine from one of my palettes, I think it’s soon time for some non-toxic play stuff!
  24. Barbie Dreamhouse – Always a top gift recommendation!
  25. LEGO Harry Potter chess game –  HOW COOL IS THIS?! For the older Muggles.
  26. Jumbo fidget popper – A *massive* popper with 100 bubbles!
  27. Magic Doodle water mat – This is the GREATEST GIFT for little toddlers learning to draw – a water mat lets them explore their creativity but with ZERO mess or clean up required! Bless up! Just fill the pens with water and it “magically” creates the color on the mat (and goes back to a blank slate once dried for endless use)…and the mamas said amen.
  28. Crayola easel – Once they “graduate” to markers etc…they’re still waterproof + dry erase in my house. 😉 Liv loveloveLOVES her easel, and it keeps things less cluttered (less paper everywhere!) + focused on the easel and not the wall. Ha!

Do you have any best toddler gifts or gift ideas for kids that you’ve given or received? Hope this Gift Guide for Kids is helpful for the holidays!