2022 GIFT GUIDE: Gifts for People who Have Everything, Need Nothing, and/or Can Buy Themselves Anything

But what do I get someone who already has everything???” “They swear they don’t need anything – how the heck do I gift that?” “Honestly, they can just buy themselves whatever they want so it’s hard to make a gift feel special…SOS!” 

I think the top reader requested gift guide this year was gifts for people who have everything, need nothing, and/or can just buy whatever they want for themselves. It can definitely feel intimidating if you’re gifting someone who seems to already “have it all,” but I have found a few favorites and ideas over the years that prove useful time and time again.

First thing’s first: Go personal, experiential, or consumable. They have “stuff” – so it might not feel like they “need” something that will just take up more space on a shelf if their house is already full, etc. But most people will always appreciate a personal gift given the thought that has to go into it ahead of time. No two experience is alike, so they make worthy gifts for even the person who has “done it all.” And consumable or edible treats obviously only last so long, so they’ll be enjoyed and not just cluttering an area or closet, etc.


  • A subscription
  • A class
    • Masterclass – Learn songwriting with John Legend, personal branding with Kris Jenner, cooking with Gordon Ramsey…so many incredible options.
    • ClassPass – For the fit folks – ClassPass gets them access to thousands of top-rated gyms, studios, salons & spas for all sorts of health, wellness, and beauty appointments
    • Uncommon Goods experiencesCooking, arts & crafts, mixology, & more!
  • An experience
    • Spa visit
    • Mani/pedi appointment
    • Hot air balloon ride
    • Indoor skydiving – We’ve done iFly before and it’s SO WILD!
    • Musical or theater show
    • Sight & Sound theater – If they live near one of the theaters, they’re must-see shows; Broadway-quality performances that bring Bible stories to life!
  • A personal gift
    • Shutterfly photo book – J swears every year this is his FAVORITE gift. It’s a great memorable keepsake for your recipient – I’ve gifted to J, my parents, grandparents, besties and more!
    • *Huge roundup of personal, unique, & customized gift ideas here!
  • Little luxuries to use/enjoy:
    • Monogram hand towels
    • Candles – State of Being (discount code: ERICA15), Life in Lilac – Both are woman-owned businesses that create clean, non-toxic candles; LIL also does diffusers!
    • Tula’s body cream – A truly luxurious, nourishing body cream – code COMINGUPROSES for a discount
    • Coffee or wine – Never goes to waste in our house! 😉
  • Elevated essentials
    • Pajamas – Both of the below are SO squishy soft, lightweight, and breathable; they’re my favorites. NO more night sweats or overheated sleeping!
    • Bedsheets
      • Brooklinen – We just treated our bed to new sheets – they’re crisp and COOLING, like sleeping at your favorite hotel. Get 20% off your order with this link!
  •  Consumables
    • Re-stock their favorite snacks!
    • Milk Bar Double Truffles
    • Simple Times Mixers – These are fabulous – each mixer is six real ingredients or less meant to perfectly complement your favorite cocktail or mocktail.
    • Chomps A personal favorite of mine for easy protein on the go – our whole fam loveloveloves.
    • Peppermint S’mores mix – Fair warning, it’s addicting. 😉
    • Poppi prebiotic soda – Also have our whole fam hooked on Poppi! It’s a HEALTHY, prebiotic “soda” packed with good-for-you ingredients. They have a whole laundry list of health benefits, from clearing your complexion to balancing your cholesterol and helping your gut!
    • CrocchiApparently one of Oprah’s favorite things
    • Sleeptime Superlattes
  • Charity gift card – If they truly “need nothing,” maybe they’d appreciate the gifting of giving back! This website lets you gift a gift card to support the charity of your/their choice
  • Therabody smartgoggles
  • A retreat or trip – J requests a faith retreat each year for some spiritual renewal – anything deep/meaningful to your recipient is an awesome option.

I hope these gifts for people who have everything or need nothing are helpful inspiration for your holiday shopping ahead!