20 Happiness Hacks

I’m SO glad smiley faces are trending. Namely because…they make me smile! I’ve been doing a lot of reading + reflecting on the difference between happiness and joy, because it’s significant. Happiness isn’t as controllable, namely because it’s a feeling…and as hard as we try, we can’t always control our feelings (we control what we do with them once they’re there!). Because of that, I like to have some scientifically proven Happiness Hacks at the ready for if ever/whenever I need a little mood boost – and these do the trick. 🙂

Etsy Smiley face trucker hat - from a small shop!

  1. Find 3 things you’re grateful for from the past 24 hours. HAS to be from the past 24 hours – no cheating! This forces you to focus on the present and stay tuned into the good happening to and around you all the time.
  2. Say no to something. Can my fellow recovering people-pleasers have the room? Yeah? Cool. THIS ONE’S FOR YOU. There’s something so empowering about (gracefully + kindly) saying no to something that you already know is not meant for you, will not fill your cup, and/or isn’t right in this season for whatever reason. Saying no when you might’ve otherwise been guilt-tripped or inclined to say yes is like an automatic happy boost and vote of self-empowerment. (Here are some tips on how to say no with grace + ease!)
  3. Pick something from your bliss list and make it happen. It’s like a go-to burst of bliss whenever, wherever.
  4. Have a go-to drink that isn’t booze. Yes, a boozy drink may release some inhibitions and make you feel happier in a moment, but especially since it’s being induced by a supplement, it’s not a trustworthy (or healthy) source of happy to bank on for long-term happy help. If you can find (or create!) a non-alcoholic drink that makes ya feel good AND it tastes good – total win. Bonus points for associating it with a specific time of day or day of the week – gives you something to look forward to, which has been scientifically proven to sometimes be even more enjoyable than the activity itself.
  5. Spritz a face mist at your desk. Smell this. Rollerball this.
  6. Use a special mug for a specific day of the week. Like those day-of-the-week undies we all had in middle school. HA. There’s just something about making ordinary moments extraordinary – I’m here for it.
  7. Light vanilla-scented candles. Vanilla has been proven to boost feelings of happiness and relaxation – beyond making your home smell like a yummy bakery.
  8. Blast music at least once per day – in the shower, for a dance break, etc. There’s just something about cranking up your favorite jams that DOES IT. (Here’s my GOOD MOOD playlist – feel free to steal it!)
  9. Wear a bright color. Color can be energizing and directly impact your mood, for better or worse. Red makes you feel more passionate, orange more enthusiastic. Green feels optimistic and refreshing, blue is calming, brown is grounding, purple inspires creativity – and of course, yellow is correlated to happiness and spontaneity, so try adding a touch of yellow as a happiness hack.
  10. Be intentional about getting 10 minutes of sunshine. They say you’ve gotta get your vitamins…Vitamin D is no exception. But if you can’t get any sunshine, use a light box or just open the shades and let the light in; it decreases depression, increases cognitive performance, and improves your circadian rhythym (so, your sleep patterns!).
  11. Unplug after 8 pm. Because we all know that no one was happier for wasting 3 hours on TikTok or endlessly scrolling an Instagram feed. 😉
  12. Play with a puppy. It’s been scientifically proven to lower cortisol (aka your stress hormone) while boosting levels of oxytocin, serotonin, and prolactin – even if it’s just for 15 minutes. Good thing we got Lucy. 😉
  13. Make someone else’s day. Research over the years has shown that giving of yourself – be that in time, finances, talent, etc – leads to higher self-esteem, less depression, less stress, as well as better perceptions of others, viewing other people more positively and charitably, too. It doesn’t have to be hard or expensive – we all know how meaningful and day-making it can be to have the person in front of you cover your coffee, or even for someone to wait an extra second to hold a door for you. Common courtesy can go a long way in a world that sometimes feels like it’s forgotton it!
  14. Pick up a pickmeup. You know your own favorites – TREAT YO’SELF, whether that’s a Starbucks run, a new lipstick, your favorite bakery treat, you name it.
  15. Get a manicure. Chipped nails make no one happier.
  16. Froth the milk for your at-home latte. There’s something about a little extra TLC in your mug that feels like a hug.
  17. Listen to the Vitamin String Quartet while you work. Thank me later. 😉
  18. Move your body. Science has said it time and time again – even just 10 minutes of elevating your heartbeat can improve everything from your mood to energy and stress levels, with your body releasing dopamine, endorphins, norepinephrine, serotonin…all sorta natural happy hormones + chemicals that leave you happier AND healthier. Bonus points for moving in synchrony with someone else – that’s been proven to boost your self-esteem, too. Time to schedule walks with your girlfriends!
  19. Put on a comfort show or movie. Mine are on my bliss list here – you KNOW Legally Blonde made the cut.
  20. Talk to Jesus. Always helps me. 😉

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Do you have any go-to Happiness Hacks to give positive feels and a mood boost in the moment?