Happy Halloween! – Our Cinderella Family Costume

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope you had a fun, safe, + spooky night trick or treating. 🙂 It was a true blast debuting our Cinderella family costume! Olivia has been soooo into Cinderella, playing pretend, and dressing up like a princess lately, so we thought it was truly the perfect time to sing A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes and make her dream come true! We are *not* big Halloween people, but I will dress up with my girl as long as she’ll let me. 😉 

For the past two years, our family costume was pretty punny – we had the Spice Gwynns in 2019, then the GWYNN-Stones in 2020. We actually chose this year’s Cinderella family costume theme before thinking of any clever play on words, but then it hit me…

Introducing…a GWYNN-derella story! (Get it??? We’re the Gwynns! HA!). 

HAPPY HALLOWEEN - a Cinderella family costume (all from Amazon!)

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo (did you catch our transformational reel?? We’re ready for the ball!)! This was the loveliest, most magical family costume ensemble to step into for the night. Last year’s family Flintstones costume became quite popular on Pinterest this year, so here’s hoping this year’s is equally helpful to all. 🙂 I’ve got links to as much as humanly possible (which is just about everything – woo!) in case you’re looking to recreate a Cinderella family costume in the future.

Cinderella costume:

Prince Charming costume:

Fairy Godmother costume:

Since some Fairy Godmother costumes online were about $70 a pop for the “real deal,” I was determined to come up with my own ensemble for a fraction of the cost using as much as possible from already in my closet. I was quite stoked with the final result!

We layered Liv up to go trick or treating; a solid white long-sleeve t-shirt + black leggings underneath still looked totally cute and kept her nice and warm! All in all, ’twas a fabulous time at the ball. 😉 

Hope you lovelovelove our Cinderella family costume!

+ hope you had the happiest Halloween. 🙂