How to Cover Dark Circles (+ Prevent! The Products + Technique for Tired Girls…)

Good morning, friends! It’s Friday, and if your week has been anything like mine, you’re ready for a vacation STAT. Couple that with the rain we’ve had the past two days, and it’s high time for some sunshine and R&R! I’m super stoked for today’s post, namely because it’s another one stemming directly from Q’s asked/requested in the CUR Reader Survey a few months back! Ladies, we are all TIRED. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life so far, I think it’s that – ha! Whether you’re a collegiette pulling long nights of studying, or a mama pulling early mornings with little ones, or anything in between – chances are, you’re sleep deprived and running on caffeine + Jesus. Because try as we might, sometimes there just aren’t 8 solid hours of sleep to be had, and we’re left feeling pretty darn pooped. But, we don’t want to always LOOK pooped. So we’re all on this hunt to figure out how to cover dark circles and how to prevent undereye circles from even happening in the first place.

I feel lucky in that I don’t have the worst undereye circles on the block (yet). But I do have some definite discoloration there, as well as redness in my high cheek area, so there is covering to be done, folks. Today I’m breaking down my personal favorite products, technique, and general routine for how to cover dark circles well, and how to prevent them from happening (or getting worse).

I took photos as I went through my routine yesterday, so you can see how my skin looked with zero makeup on whatsoever, and then with foundation but no concealer yet, as well as the finished look with fully brightened, lightened eyes. I did minimal mascara on my bottom lashes in the finished look so that you can see as much of the undereye area as possible, and there is no photo retouching – so any creases, spots, etc are all just there!

How to Cover Dark Circles (+ Prevent! The Products + Technique for Tired Girls...)

How to Cover Dark Circles (+ Prevent! The Products + Technique for Tired Girls...) How to Cover Dark Circles (+ Prevent! The Products + Technique for Tired Girls...)

Left, no makeup whatsoever. Right, foundation/face makeup applied, but nothing to the eye area.

How to Cover Dark Circles (+ Prevent! The Products + Technique for Tired Girls...) How to Cover Dark Circles (+ Prevent! The Products + Technique for Tired Girls...)

Both shots, with face makeup AND the undereye routine.


  • Tula Glow & Get It Eye Balm – This is Tula’s fastest selling/sold out product EVER!!! I had to share with y’all here ASAP before it sells out again, because everyone has a feeling it will – ha! Let me share with you the lowdown on what the heck it even is, what it’s good for, what’s in it, etc.
    • For: Cooling, hydrating, brigthening
    • Where to apply: Can be applied under OR over makeup. Personally, I use it under more often, but I have tried it over, as well! I put it directly under the eye (typically one back-and-forth swipe), but you can also use all around the orbital bone.
    • What it does: Helps the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles
    • What’s in it: Probiotics (like as in all Tula products!). Specifically, Lactococcus Ferment Lysate (say that ten times fast…), which hydrates and keeps moisture locked in for long term benefit. Also has hyaluronic acid (WOO!), apple, aloe vera, + watermelon for hydration. For firming up fine lines + wrinkles, it actually has caffeine inside! And it’s also got blueberry for antioxidants and general skin protection.
    • What’s NOT in it: alcohol, parabens, phalates, mineral oil, silicones, or sodium lauryl sulfate.

I like it because it has ingredients meant to help your eye area from the inside out, to prevent future darkness + improve overall health of the delicate skin there in the first place. It’s not just something meant for covering up! If you follow along on Instastories (@ericaligenza), you might remember me talking a few times about my favorite spot concealer for covering any breakouts or blemishes (it’s this one). And I lovelovelove it so much (and am on my 5th tube with two more on stock in my makeup bag thankyoukindly) because it’s not just covering something that needs healing, but working to HEAL the thing that needs healing. Of course, this eye balm isn’t meant for “healing”, per se, but good-for-you ingredients always beat anything less than that in my book!

I was a bit apprehensive at first because of the shimmer, since highlighting typically brings OUT imperfections instead of concealing them (hence why you might notice more texture on your cheekbone when you apply highlight there!). So I didn’t just want to feel like I was applying Champagne Pop and calling it a better undereye! But I think it’s *just* the right amount of illumination to not be highlighting, per se, but truly brightening, where the silvery shimmery hue ends up lightening any darkness in the undereye area.

This won’t necessarily work for PUFFINESS, but does work for brightening + cooling (just like it says). BUT, I will say that what works best for me anytime I’m *puffy* is just something cold! Literally a cold can of something from the fridge does the trick there.

One back and forth swipe does the trick – you don’t need/use a lot, so a little bit goes a long way!

It’s normally $28, but comes down to $22.40 with my code! (it’s COMINGUPROSES – gets you 20% off anything + everything at Tula, FYI! The team gave me that for y’all since they + you know how ob-freaking-sessed I am with their products!).

If you’re looking to grab it but also want in on another deal, Tula just launched a “Glow for It” kit: it has the eye balm, plus the Purifying Cleanser (my all-time favorite – I have literally 3 more tubes on stock in case there is a zombie apocolypse where I need to head to a bunker for a few years), + the Aqua Infusion Oil-Free Gel Cream. The kit is a $104 value, but it’s $84 right now, and my code brings it down to $67.20 – so that’s a good deal if ya ask me!

How to Cover Dark Circles (+ Prevent! The Products + Technique for Tired Girls...)

How to Cover Dark Circles (+ Prevent! The Products + Technique for Tired Girls...)

  • Shapetape concealer
    • Tarte’s Shapetape is the holy grail of concealers, according to beauty gurus everywhere. And they’re not wrong – this stuff is where it’s at. When using Shapetape, draw a triangle under your eye area, pointed toward your cheek. How to cover dark circles AND redness or anything in between = Shapetape! It’s listed as being full coverage with a matte finish. And then it’s got mango seed + shea butters for nourishment and protection against free radical damage, as well as licorice root extract for brightening the appearance of dark circles + color correction. It does NOT have parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, or gluten – and it’s vegan and cruelty free. A+, Tarte. A+.
  • It Cosmetics Under Eye concealer
    • It Cosmetics’ under eye concealers have always been my faves. I have the Bye Bye Undereye Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer (say that ten times fast…), the same thing in illuminating, and then the pot of Corrector. The Waterproof Full Coverage tube is a best-selling + award-winning concealer that is suuuuuper full coverage. It’s also got this Expression Proof Technology in it with anti-aging peptides, vitamins, antioxidants, hydrolyzed collagen, + hyaluronic acid (woo!). And then the Corrector concealer pot has peptides, collagen, niacin, hyaluronic acid, cucumber, green coffee extract, aloe, and avocado!

Both options are reaaaaaally creamy + blendable and full coverage, too. Which I think would be my own personal favorite feature! I mean, these bad boys are FULL FREAKING COVERAGE. They’re a bit heavier/thicker in formula, I think, but I end up liking it because it feels like it actually stays on all day then instead of just wearing down and settling into finer lines under your eye. Especially since you’re always blinking, looking around, etc, I figured it’s a bit of a high-traffic area, so I want my concealer to stay put!

In general when picking concealers, always make sure you go lighter than your foundation shade! (Typically one shade lighter is the rule of thumb).

How to Cover Dark Circles (+ Prevent! The Products + Technique for Tired Girls...)


  • Jade roller like it’s your job. Anytime I’m doing a hydrating face mask or applying really hydrating product to my undereye, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m jade rolling it in to make sure it fully absorbs everywhere. Jade rolling is a BIGGIE for depuffing! To jade roll your eye, start with the small end of the jade roller at the inner circle of your eye, on top of your eyelid. Roll it outwards towards your temple. (They have a bunch of jade rollers on Amazon here!)
  • Sleeeeeeep. The #1 way to prevent dark undereye circles. Also the #1 thing we all wish we had more of, but hey – that’s life! It’s so important for so much, really, so whenever/wherever you can…catch a few more zzzz’s.
  • Watch you water intake. Hydrating helps lighten up from the inside out – literally! It helps add lightness to under eye circles, brighteness to your skin, literal lighteness by helping eliminate water weight/bloating – hydration station is where it’s at, peeps.
  • Use eye-specific products. Not all skin products are created equal! Especially when it comes to the difference between the skin under/around your eye, versus the rest of your face. You should never (ever ever) be putting the same products on our undereye/eye area that you’re using on the rest of your face – so not the same moisturizer, serum, etc. The skin is literally different and so much more delicate + sensitive, so use eye-specific products for the best results.

How to Cover Dark Circles (+ Prevent! The Products + Technique for Tired Girls...)

Do you know how to cover dark circles better now? Do you feel more confident/comfortable trying something new?

I hope this post was helpful/informative for you ladies! If you have any follow-up Q’s on how to cover dark circles or help your undereye area in general, pleasepleaseplease let me know by leaving a comment here, or by shooting me a DM or email. I always loveloveLOVE hearing from you girls, and I’m here to help however I can!

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