How to Keep your Desk Organized

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how to keep your desk organized


Back-to-school isn’t a thing anymore – we’re back and already in full swing. The last week of my life has been entirely consumed with judging acapella auditions (legit had 12 hours of auditions last Sunday) and watching Periscope. First thing’s first…get on this list, because I’m going to be spilling some details this coming Sunday on this girl’s Periscope debut. #yaaaaas

Now because life has been downright nutso lately, I’ve fallen victim to clutter.

I hate clutter.

My fiance and/or best friends and/or momma would probably disagree, because they see the piles of random crap start to form far too quickly. BUT, I swear I actually hate clutter; it makes me feel like my life is not-so-slowly spiraling out of control. It also sends me straight to a quickened heartbeat and a need for a chill pill, coffee, and date with my Spotify housecleaning playlist. Aside from the occasional clutter, I’m an organization freak. I’ve said it here before and I’ll say it again: I’m Type A to a T, and that means everything has got to end up color coded, divided up and sorted in its proper place.

One of the hardest things about college is the lack of space; when you’re stuck in a tiny dorm room (hello, RA life), space is all the more precious, and time is still of the essence. It’s downright impossible to have everything in its proper place 100% of the time, but it IS possible to adopt a few organizational hacks to keep the important stuff straightforward and put together on your desk. Organized like the #bosslady you are.

Transformation time:

Desk organization tips

Some tips on getting (& keeping!) your desk space organized…

Delegate notebooks.

It might be a tad obsessive, but I’ve got a notebook dedicated to every individual thing in my life. There’s a notebook for quotes, blog ideas, Bible verses to remember, personal styling clientele (!!!), consulting clientele (!!!), wedding planning and random to-do’s. Ridiculous, but I swear there’s a method to the madness. Delegating notebooks (and clearly labeling each!) means there’s no need to constantly flip back and forth between projects on different pages in one space – something that’s a total pain in the butt when you’ve got multiple things you’re juggling simultaneously.

Desk organization tips with Office Depot!

Notebooks & pens c/o Office Depot

Divide and Conquer.

If having a handful of separate notebooks isn’t your thing, try grabbing a larger multi-subject notebook with built-in page separators. Or, pick up a pack of sticky note dividers (my personal favorite). It’s the easiest way to visibly (and colorfully!) indicate where important things, ideas, and tasks are so that you never have to waste time leafing through pages of notes again. Physically and literally dividing up space also keeps my mind organized, instead of allowing organized chaos to ensure in my brain! It really helps me to compartmentalize where possible, so dividing to conquer is my sworn way to go.

Have a specific sacred place for school stuff.

…And make that sacred place your desk. I’ve seen far too many people in college use their desk as a dumping ground, storing school stuff anywhere but there. Why the heck? You’ve got a desk with drawers and dividing storage all around – use it! When you scatter books and reminders all over the place, you’re counting on a.) remembering where everything is, and b.) not moving it elsewhere and forgetting where you move it. Studies have been done proving that keeping your bed area “sacred” – meaning no technology in bed, no food in bed, no just hanging out in bed when it’s not bedtime – leads to a better night’s sleep because your body and mind become accustomed to associating the bed with sleep and nothing else. I didn’t go all psychological researcher on this, but I’d bet that an increase in productivity and focus would occur if we limit our desk spaces to work. Keep it organized and focused!

Desk organization tips with Office Depot!

Notebooks & scissors c/o Office Depot

PLAN(NERS), and then DO.

I am a planner fiend. I always swore I’d only buy the $10 plain ones at Target, because who needs a fancy planner anyway???

This girl. This girl needs a fancy planner. And she doesn’t need just one fancy planner – she needs four fancy planners.

There’s my blog planner, my school planner, my life/social planner, and my master planner.

Unnecessarily OCD of me, but HEY it works, and it keeps me organized as ever! Another organization hack?

Desk organization tips with Office Depot!

Color Code…

…like there’s no tomorrow. I’m a HUGEEEEEE sucker for color coding the living daylights outta things. Whether it’s via colored gel or Pilot pens or through colored sticky notes of various sizes, I’m all about that colorful life. Besides the aforementioned sticky tab approach for organization, I use color coded sticky notes to designate various types of blog posts, YouTube videos, and other social media as I schedule things into my editorial calendar. For example, blue is for series posts, YouTube videos are in pink, and orange means it’s something sponsored. This helps me see at cursory glance what my balance of content is lookin’ like for any given month, while also keeping things mobile and flexible if and when the schedule needs to be switched up for whatever reason. No more scribbling out boxes for me! (Because that was my life for far too long).

Desk organization tips with Office Depot!

Shoutout to Office Depot and OfficeMax for having the cutest collections of supplies right about now. Besides Instagram-worthy notebooks, scissors and pens, they’ve got everything from backpacks to technology at prices that collegiettes can actually *afford*. #yesplease

How do you keep your desk organized?

I’d love to hear your tips, and if you have any favorites places to get super cute desk accessories and organization hacks for less (we’re on a budget here, people!), leave a shout in a comment down below!

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