How to motivate yourself to workout when you just can’t.

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Whoa there Friday, you’ve been a long 7 days coming. It’s becoming harder and harder for me to get motivated on a Friday, because hey – it’s basically the weekend. I like to think of myself as an overachiever, and I like to think that I can overachieve my way straight into the weekend before Friday starts ends. Who’s with me?

Another thing that becomes harder and harder to get motivated for is the gym.

During the summer, I was straight up killin’ it. I got up every single day at 5:30 am and hit the gym before work, and it was grand. Besides needing an extra cuppa coffee during the day (but is that really a bad thing at all? I think not.), I felt energized and strong. Plus, I had just about zero bouts with anxiety all summer long. All summer long. It was incredible, and it’s definitely the end goal for post-grad life. Buuuuuuut there’s life right now, and life right now makes it hella difficult for us ladybosses to hit the gym. I mean, PSLs are back. There goes about 400 calories you’ll never get back, and since rotating between the PSL and Toasted Graham is common practice nowadays, does that mean we’re expected to work out even more to accommodate?? Please. It’s hard enough to shave our legs come fall.

Sometimes in fall, the only thing we feel like burning is 2 for $24 candles from Bath & Body Works.

I get that. I feel that. And I totally can’t resist that.

But since Christmas is a mere 12 Fridays away now and holiday eating will begin approximately yesterday, I figured I’d share a few things that help keep me motivated to work out when all I want to do is wrap up in a big sweater, light up my house, and drink salted caramel things on a hayride in a pumpkin patch. #fall

how to motivate yourself to workout when you just can't

  • Go shopping. Retail therapy…therapy…physical therapy…physical…GETTING PHYSICAL! See what I did there? But on a serious note, go workout clothes shopping. Nothing gets me going like a whole new workout wardrobe of neon sports bras and printed spandex pants. If I’m in need of some motivation, I hit up Marshalls or Target for some cheap wicking performance wear and I’m good to go.
  • Listen to pump up jams. Do you have that song that just FUELS you whenever it comes on the radio? Kelly Rowland does it for me in her untouchable rendition of “When Love Takes Over” with the one and only David Guetta. That song is going to be the JAM at my wedding, because it just compels you to get off your tush and fist bump a little. Make yourself a Spotify playlist and hit play when you’re in need of something upbeat and motivating to workout.
  • Close your eyes and start running. Or ellipticalling, biking, stepping…whatever piece of cardio floats your boat. For me, one of the absolute hardest things is just getting started. But when you do, you’re suddenly that much closer to being done, and staying motivated is easier. Just start already, and then you’ll be done!
  • Hang up a piece of clothing that used to fit justright that you want to fit back in again. Whoa now, extreme motivation time. That favorite pair of jeans that won’t button anymore? Hang ‘em up. Even better? Hang up a photo of yourself IN said piece of clothing right next to the garment to really remind yourself of how awesome you looked (and felt!) when rocking it in your prime.
  • Hang up next season’s swimsuit. #goals
  • The next time you break a sweat and feel real BURN in your muscles, remember how amazing you feel after the workout is done. Chances are, you feel really friggin’ amazing. You might not be able to get out of bed the next morning, but remember: no pain no gain, and there’s always Netflix in bed.
  • Get friends. Rather, get (to the gym with) friends. Finding a reliable workout buddy is one of the best ways to be held accountable to hitting the gym on the reg. Make sure it’s someone who genuinely likes to exercise, though, so that they actually motivate you to go to the gym instead of convincing you why it’s better to just veg out on le couch and watch a season of Bachelor in Paradise with some Oreos (oh so good, but bad).
  • Resort to Instagram. There are some fitness accounts on Instagram that are 100% fake, I’m sure. Like, whose body has literal chunks cut out of the sides to give that flawless hourglass figure while still boasting a six-pack? Um, no one. Oh, Kim Kardashian has that? Well folks, we all know reality TV isn’t real. Obviously, Kim K is a martian.
  • Set mini goals. Saying “I want to lose 20 pounds in 6 months” just seems daunting and terrifying and impossible to reach. Saying “I want to lose 2 pounds in 2 weeks” and continuing that for 6 months means you’re losing *more* than 20 pounds in 6 months. Math, people. You’ll feel like you can tackle anything with it.
  • Take selfies. Actually though, snap pics of yourself in the mirror to track your progress.


  • Get one of those tank tops that says “I don’t sweat, I sparkle.” Nothing is more motivating than sparkles, my friends.
  • Start doing research and being specific. If you’re just aimlessly going to the gym to “lose weight” or “get strong,” chances are, neither will happen. Because they’ll feel way too big and broad, and you won’t actually know if you hit the goal! Ain’t nobody got time for weak goals around here, so get strong with your goals to get strong with your body. Do you want to be able to run a mile? Do you want to be able to run a mile in under 7 minutes? How about abs? Want ‘em? Figure out what your specific goals are, then…
  • Go shopping again. Once I started weightlifting, I knew I needed good gloves so I didn’t rip up my hands and get callouses. I also knew I needed protein, because if I’m going to be getting my booty outta bed in the early AM to pump iron with the big boys, Lord knows I need something delicious to get me through (because some of us are motivated by delicious things).
  • Invest in some PROTEIN. There’s just something about having a big tub of intense-looking powder in your kitchen that *drives* you to the gym. I’m picky with my protein, because I can’t stand a chalky taste and gritty texture. That makes it a chore, and J literally has to say to me “Drink your protein! It’s been 20 minutes since your workout!” at which point I flashback to the days of “Eat your vegetables!” *Shudders*. I have some protein bar favorites to eat on the go (Quest bars for the win!), but I recently got acquainted with Orgain protein powder for making the ultimate protein shake. The doctor who created it was going after high-quality nutrition during his cancer treatment, so he wanted organic ingredients that still tasted delish and did his body right. Orgain is creamy and smooth and easily mixable with milk or water – something I appreciate, since I can’t stand when the powder settles and you have to re-shake it all up mid-drink. Orgain Protein Powder is made from organic plant-based proteins, including brown rice, hemp, chia, and pea proteins, and can be mixed with a whole slue of stuff; whether you prefer your protein in a smoothie or shake, or in protein pancakes, lava cakes (seriously, that recipe exists), whatever, Orgain does the trick. Enjoy right after a rigorous workout for best results to nourish your muscles. I mixed today’s protein with Almond Milk, strawberries, and bananas to load up on antioxidants and potassium, too!

How to get motivated to workout

How to get motivated to workout

How to get motivated to workout


And that’s pretty much how I motivate myself to workout when I just can’t.

How do you motivated yourself to workout when it gets tough?

Please leave some hilarity and/or inspiration below, because I’m now in need of motivation to hit the gym in a few hours instead of sitting and reading about Macroeconomics on my couch. Ugh, the struggle.

Bright side: FRIYAY. What’s your weekend shaping up to look like? Does it include winning a vacation getaway?? It should, so hop over to my Instagram for your chance to win, and I’ll see you on the beach! Happy weekending.



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