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Alright, folks. Can we just stop and give Instagram some props for a second that they *finally* hopped on the HootSuite train?!? (And here’s 15 more blogging timesavers to have you HootSuiting and organizing like a baller). We’re proud of the ‘gram for stepping up to the scheduling plate, and we’re proud of YOU for stepping up your blogging game for 2015 with this New Year, New Blog series that you’ve *hopefully* been following. ICYMI, we’ve talked about everything from 6 common SEO mistakes (& how to fix ’em!) to blog photography tips and how to achieve work/life balance when blogging. Not to mention that month we talked about making bloglove…that’s right: the Do’s and Don’t’s of Blog Networking. We’re covering every topic under the blogging sun for the whole. dang. year, and there’s still time for you to hop on board and join us (because we know those January resolutions never really last all year, and we like second chances). But right now, we’re tackling AUGUST and the analytics behind your social media accounts.

How to track social media analytics - on Coming Up Roses


Twitter Analytics

Twitter has its own built-in analytics platform; just login to your Twitter account and head to to see the stats. (*Mind blown*) Twitter’s analytics platform is super user-friendly, so it’s pretty easy to see what’s what.

What to look for: We suggest checking out your top tweet and trying to break down what made it so popular – was it the clever joke or the use of trending hashtags? Maybe you got lucky and something went viral when you chipped into a societally relevant social media movement. Try to use whatever it was that made the tweet so popular in future Twitter content, and track the impact.

Another great stat to check out is your top mention. On Twitter, mentions are like gold in getting your name out there. Check out who mentioned you and see if there’s a way you can capitalize on it – meaning, be sure you show appreciation and send some love right back where it’s due!

For checking out your followers, we recommend Crowdfire. The most important stat on Crowdfire is your list of recent unfollowers. Especially if you’re seeing your follower count decrease, this list can tell you if there’s a common denominator among your unfollowers – are they all accounts irrelevant to your niche or are you losing quality followers?

Pinterest Analytics

First things first: to get Pinterest Analytics, you’ve gotta be a Business account. If you decide a Biz account is best for you and take the plunge, you’ve got access to three different types of metrics: your profile, audience, and website.

What to look for: Begin by filtering down to the exact date range of data you’re lookin’ at.

For your Pinterest profile, impressions, repins, clicks and all-time stats are tracked.

Audience analytics are comprehensive, giving you data on everything from demographics of your following to their pinning interests (in case it’s not just “pin all the wedding things always”). Track your average monthly viewers and the average number of people engaged with your pins, all in monthly aggregates. Then, track countries, languages, cities and genders of people pinning and following your account, just like you can on your blog demographics. This all is just meant to help you target your content and create #bosslady pinning strategies. Interests, boards and businesses followed are all fair game to analyze. Interests shows you – you guessed it! – the interests of your audience, which is meant to springboard you into new board and pin ideas. Board analytics reveal how your audience is organizing your pins and with what they associate your brand – it’s like free market research to see how others classify you! Lastly, business analytics reveals other business Pinterest accounts that your audience is also following, meaning you can get a solid feel for what your peeps are loving and pinning.

As for your website, Pinterest analytics lets you track impressions, repins, clicks, original pins, pin-it button use, and all-time stats. This all shows how effective your Pinterest integration is happenin’ within your website. Are people seeing and pinning the right things? Is your pin-it button converting well? Is your content beautiful enough to repin over and over again? All schtuff to study, because it makes a difference!

Facebook Analytics

Like Twitter, Facebook’s analytics are built right into the platform. Go to your page, then “Insights.” Most people tend to understand Facebook analytics a little better than other platforms, since we’re all pretty comfy cozy with Facebook; FB insights are displayed right below each post. So to dive a little deeper with a few other things to check out…

What to look for: First up, click the “visits” tab. On this tab lives the “external referrers” graph. This graph shows you, day by day, how many of the visits to your Facebook page have come from sites outside of Facebook. If the end goal of your social media presence is to bring readers to your blog, this might seem less important, but it can tell you if the Facebook badge on your sidebar is really doing its job or if cross-promoting your Facebook posts on Twitter is effective in driving traffic.

Another analytic bit we love is under the “people” tab. If you’re wondering if your Facebook page is being seen by the eyeballs you’re looking for, this is the place to learn. Because Facebook has everyone’s personal data, you can see exactly the age, gender, and location of your followers – and who’s seeing your posts, too.

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Do you track your social media performance with analytics? What have you learned so far?

Let’s chat about it in the comments below, because we’d love to hear what works for you, what doesn’t, and what question you still have about taming the social media beasts!

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