“I can do hard things.”

Monday Mantra, it’s good to see ya. Now for some Monday motivation, there’s a four letter dirty word that’s just gotta go this morning. This morning, and every morning.

That word?


Monday mornings are so hard.”

I’m not looking forward to it – it’s going to be so hard!

I’ll try, but it’s hard.” (Just stop trying already.)

Really? Girlfriend, since *when* can you not do hard things? I see you ambitiously creating somethings out of nothing. I see you strongly breaking personal fitness goals. I see you gracefully killing harsh words with kindness. I see you turning down a donut for a kale salad (not hard, just crazy. HA).

You can do hard things. You’ve just gotta believe that, too. Time for some Monday motivation with this Monday Mantra:

"I can do hard things." - Monday Mantra on Coming Up Roses (Monday motivation)

When you feel like you’re between a rock and a hard place, remember that that “hard place” is only as hard as you allow it to be.

Whether or not something is “hard” is a pinch of truth, a dash of actual physical challenge, and approximately 89% mental game. There’s obviously not some overarching qualifier for whether or not things are “hard.” Writing a book is “hard” to some – others have hundreds of publications under their name. Running a marathon is a “hard” feat for many – others think it’s “hard” to run one mile without stopping. Simone Biles’ gold medal-winning routines are “hard” to every other gymnast on the planet…except Simone Biles. Whatever constitutes “hard” is almost entirely subjective, depending solely on your own interpretation of the word.

So why is anything “hard” for you?

If you truly want to live a limitless life, why do you constantly throw limitations on yourself, writing your own abilities and strengths off before you’re even in the ring? Because it’s “hard”??

I know why. It’s because sometimes, you really don’t believe you can do hard things.

And girlfriend, I gotta tell ya something.


When was the last time you put your 100% effort into something “hard” and fell flat on your face? If you’re jumping outta your seat now going, “ALL THE TIME, Erica! All the time, I’m a big failure and I try so hard but I always fail, I can’t do hard things!” I need you to ask yourself a “hard” question:

But did you really give it all you’ve got?

Was there ANYWHERE in the picture, looking back, that could’ve used some improvement, extra effort, additional resources, added oomph…better mindset?

Chances are, when something is oh so “hard,” we don’t even give it all of our effort because we’ve already psyched ourselves out of achieving. We’ve already written a little excuse sheet for ourselves – a permission slip to fall short. Our own potential is stunted right off the bat before we don’t believe in our heart of hearts that we can do hard things.

I so desperately want you to believe in yourself – in your own capabilities, in your own dreams, in your own everything. Because damnit, you can do hard things. If Simone thought her never-done-before gymnastics were too hard, she wouldn’t be a multi-medal winning Olympics champion, inspiring people around the whole dang planet, at age 19. She also wouldn’t have gotten cheek kisses from Zac Efron, so there’s that. 😉 With the Rio games coming to a close, just think about it…if any of those athletes thought their goals and qualifying times and heights and scores were “too hard,” would they be where they are today? In Brazil, honoring their home countries, competing for globally recognized and respected titles? Nope.  Because they wouldn’t have even tried. They might have chalked it all to be too “hard,” and settled for less, and those hundredths of a second separating first place from everyone wouldn’t – couldn’t! – have been achieved.

If you have a pulse and you have a dream, you are no different from Simone, or any other great anyone who has done anything “hard.”

The key? Redefining “hard.”

Some see “hard” as “impossible.” But impossible says – I’m possible! Hard doesn’t mean impossible – it just means challenging, new, out of your comfort zone. Time to get comfortable being uncomfortable and buckle up, because if you’re going to grow and learn and actually do the impossible, you’ve gotta believe that you can do hard things. 4

This tidbit of Monday motivation – this Monday Mantra – is to encourage you. To give you permission to do the “hard” thing that you weren’t going to really do.

As we often do around these rosy parts, get in front of the mirror. Look yourself in the eye, and actually convince yourself:

“I can do hard things.”

I can do hard things.

Can you?

What “hard” thing will you do this week?

I want to know. Take this Monday motivation and make a vow with yourself to do it already. Take that first step, and do the hard thing.  For accountability, drop it in a comment below and support your fellow bosses in this community. “Hard” is what you determine it to be, so let’s re-write the word together and uplevel this week, mkay? Mkay.

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