“I will choose joy.”


I had a whole other post planned for today, but it’s getting really good and real and personal and deep, and it’s better suited for closer to springtime. So I guess you’ll have to stick around until May. 😉

It’s MONDAY, and the fact that this post is going up approximately 8 hours later than intended is reflective of how my day has been – way too fast and in need of espresso. I’m trying oh so hard to make Mondays better than society’s version of Monday, but DUDE, it’s Monday for a reason. Monday Mantra time, naturally.

My mind feels scattered. It keeps jumping back and forth between tasks and to-do’s and I’m struggling with keeping it in line and focused on one thing.

My stomach feels hungry. Because in the midst of going into “make-an-empire” mode, I forgot to eat lunch.

My head feels tired. Tossing and turning all last night makes for a weary Monday in need of grace and more coffee (story of my life).

Do you know those days, too?

Those days where you just feel like you’re being pulled in seven different directions too many, and you’re on the brink of either doing something awesome or falling hard.

Those days where you can’t decide whether you’re really really excited and on top of it or really really scared and three steps behind the pack.

Those days when you just wish you had a personal assistant that could keep track of life for you and pass you Fudge Shoppe cookies and force you to hit the gym afterwards and then take over for the night while you kick back with some champagne.

Here’s the thing: those days will come.

The days of feeling insecure, stretched too thin, uncertain, and scared don’t add up to a bad life or a bad person or a bad business or a bad anything.

They’re just those days.

And in the end, there’s one key to make it through those days: choose joy.


"I Will Choose Joy." - Monday Mantra on Coming Up Roses

When you look in the mirror, repeat after me: “I will choose joy.”

Whenever you’re on the brink of anxiety or tiredness or succumbing to self-doubt, repeat after me: “I will choose joy.”

They say happiness is a choice, but I think this goes beyond happiness. Happiness feels temporal. Happiness ends, sadness begins, sadness ends, happiness begins again. It’s too wishy washy and situationally based. But joy?
Joy is another story.

Joy comes from within. Joy comes from this place inside of your soul, where you just liven up at the thought of having another day on this planet to do something special. Joy is that little fire in your heart, as cheesy as it may sound, that just keeps burning because you know you have a pulse and a purpose and a reason to be here.

Joy is contagious. Your joy can inspire, motivate, change others. Your joy can be shared, celebrated, lived day after day, because joy isn’t based on the circumstances surrounding you – it’s based on who you are choosing to be. Because you’re choosing joy.

“I will choose joy.”

Will you?