July: Links I Love

And just like that, summer is 2/3 done. Uh, what? Hello? Time? Are you there? It’s me, Erica. And if you’re gonna go this dang fast, couldja at least help a sistah out and pack a Starbucks for the road?? Thankyoukindly. But really, here we are again…it’s Links I Love time! For any newbies in the house, let’s get you caught up to speed…

Links I Love is a forever series on CUR, where we ring out the month with 8 favorites from the world wide web. They could be anything and everything read-worthy…blog posts, news articles, YouTube videos, heartwarming stories, shoppable sales, must-see causes, or LOL-worthy Buzzfeed listicles…the whole nine yards of the works. So, diving right in…


5 ways to make your fashion biz profitable in year one, an influencer marketing interview on niching your blog and working with brands, how to dress to evoke inner confidence, a baby + a cat talking, why it’s okay to be average, how a Roman getaway inspired work ethic, the pricetag to your time, and a seriously important series of #PeriodProjects.

July: Links I Love on Coming Up Roses


1.) A great, real look at year 1 of your own fashion startup (after already having accounted for year zero of work and expenses) (createcultivate.com)
 July: Links I Love - How to start a fashion startup, on Coming Up Roses
2.) A tell-all interview on influencer marketing, working with brands, and the infamous question: to niche, or not to niche? Featuring yours truly. 😉 (theconfusedmillennial.com)
July: Links I Love - Rachel Ritlop from the Confused Millennial and Erica of Coming Up Roses
3.) One of my blogging besties, Molly, and I had collaborated here on our favorite power pieces to evoke confidence. I’m sharing her piece here, because it’s just too dang good! (stylemissmolly.com)
 July: Links I Love - Outfits to evoke inner confidence on Coming Up Roses
4.) If there are two things I love in this world, it’s babies and cats. And this duo takes the cake. (youtube.com)


5.) It’s okay to be average. A stellar read from the stellar Lara. (laracasey.com)
 July: Links I Love - "It's okay to be average" from Lara Casey on Coming Up Roses
6.) How going on a dream vacation actually increased her work ethic. A surprisingly interesting piece with great lessons from Melanie Duncan (melanieduncan.com)
July: Links I Love on Coming Up Roses
7.) The value of time – a great teaching tool on why people charge what they do for various services, and how to price your own worth accordingly. (foreverjobless.com)
July: Links I Love on Coming Up Roses
8.) This next “link” is really, really special. (UbyKotex.com, DoSomething.org/Period or text PERIOD to 38383)
U by Kotex® has just launched the first-ever national period products drive, called Period Projects – a series of projects inspired by a tweet from Holly Sanchez and executed in partnership with DoSomething.Org. The whole gist? Buy an extra pack of period products the next time it’s your time o’ the month, and donate it to a homeless shelter.
Why? Because homeless women do NOT have the feminine care that they need. You walk into the drugstore aisle nowadays and are overwhelmed by options: winged, maxi, overnight, flexi, long, super…it’s a lot. So how would it feel to have it all taken away, with limited access to even a basic pad on a day of heavier flow??
It would feel like a nightmare, that’s how.
Equipping women everywhere with the feminine supplies they need should be a no-brainer. It’s a basic right, at this point.
I’m personally inviting you guys to do your part.
Because it’s important, and we’re all in this together, and homeless women still deserve the dignity of proper feminine supplies.
Point blank period.
So, U by Kotex® and DoSomething.org are doing something about it. DoSomething.org has 5.3 million members in 131 countries who spearhead volunteer programs that impact important causes. From now through Friday, September 30th, you can start your own Power to the Period donation drive, or donate new boxes of period products to a drive in your area. Donate unopened packages of period products (pads, panty liners, etc.) as opposed to individually wrapped items (hygeine, people, and so that people can see instructions on the box!). U by Kotex® will be making product donations on behalf of DoSomething.org contest winners, and participants can sign up for a chance to win a $5,000 scholarship. Go to UbyKotex.com, DoSomething.org/Period, or text PERIOD to 38383 to learn how to get involved and play your part, and follow the online conversation via #PeriodProjects.
1july period projects 1july u by kotex
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Which of these “Links I Love” do you lovelovelove?

Are you going to join the #PeriodProjects? If you’re joining the mission, let me know. Four for you, Glen Coco. And if you found anything else worthwhile on the web this month, pleasepleaseplease drop a link to it in the comments below. I’d love to check it out!


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