“JUST is Just Right.”

Do you remember the story of Goldilocks and the three little bears? ICYMI (aka, in case you missed childhood? Ha!), a little girl named Goldilocks stumbled upon a cottage in the woods – which just so happens to be home for a family of three bears. Goldilocks decides she should go inside and test out everything in the house, from the three bowls of porridge on the table to the three chairs, until deciding that baby bear’s bed was “just right” for her, too. (And girlfriend promptly fell asleep in his bed and the bears found her there and then the story ends – absurd, I know. ūüėČ ).

This chick went out of her way to walk into someone else’s home and try out someone else’s things in search of the JUST RIGHT she was searching for – and she didn’t even know going into it what that “just right” would be.

Now, by no means am I recommending wandering through the cul-de-sac to test our your neighbor’s patio furniture, or breaking and entering into the apartment next door; we all know that the grass isn’t always greener on their side (it’s just green where you water it).

But at some point, I think it’s worth recognizing + acknowledging that “JUST” is just right – for this moment, for this season, for whatever reason God set out in the beginning when He called you by name and breathed life in your bones. And whether you believe in God or “The Universe” or some other Higher Power entirely, the gist still exists – that downplaying your current status disservices the power and opportunity that lies within it.

"'JUST' is JUST RIGHT" - a Monday Mantra on Coming Up Roses

Approximately way too often, I see and hear women downplaying their current space + place as “just” something.

“I’m just a stay-at-home mom.”

“I’m just working my little online business.”

I’m just looking for the next thing in life.”

So you’re “just” a stay-at-home mom…can we just take a hot sec to acknowledge how freaking¬†hard that actually is??? First, you went through the trauma that is childbirth and managed to get another human being out of your own body by some means – chances are it wasn’t pretty, didn’t feel good, and left you unable to hold your pee when you laugh or do a jumping jack. And chances are, you were something ELSE before you were “just” a stay-at-home mom, and your heart of service and selfless love for your family pushed you to put your own self-interests or passions aside for the time being and “just” give everything to serve the tiny human(s) that have turned your nice clean house into a stickier, dustier version of a toy store. Then, you took said tiny human home and managed to keep it alive – THIS IS HUGE. I dunno about you, but I for one can’t keep a houseplant alive for anything. I even tried those violets that they say are unkillable…you know the ones? And I did it, folks. I did the impossible…your girl killed ’em. So you’ve got a much more complicated living being under your roof now, and it’s still breathing and you’re doing great. That’s just amazing, is what that is.

So you’re “just” working your little online business? Well…how do you think all businesses start? The founder + CEO of Amazon has a net worth of over $134.5 BILLION – did he start there? No. He started a little online bookstore from his garage in the early 90’s. And 2+ decades and infinite pivots later, we’re all Priming everything to our doorsteps the next day before our husbands can see all of the random sh*t we ordered. ūüėČ

So you’re “just” looking for the next thing in life? Guess what – so am I. And so is the next girl, and the next chick after her, too. We’re ALL looking for what’s next sometimes, because that’s natural and that’s human and we’re wired to have hope in the future. That ain’t a bad thing! What’s bad is when we allow the pursuit of happiness to detract from the present happiness that can be found in everyday moments. When we allow ourselves to miss out on current joy by narrowing in on the “what’s next” for the future.

Whatever your stage in life right now, I need you to believe – strike that, I need you to¬†understand – that it’s a piece of your story, no matter how small, and it’s grossly instrumental in helping you become the woman you were made by God to be. When we say we’re JUST something, we’re trying to JUSTify whatever emotions or intentions are behind that, for better or worse. We’re making ourselves seem smaller to justify our unhappiness or unfulfillment with some other aspect of our lives. Or, we’re making our actions seem smaller, to justify them as being inconsequential or without serious impact.

Y’all…you’re just mistaken if you believe that you don’t have the potential to positively impact your own life – or other people’s lives – right now.¬†Every single day is an opportunity. Heck, every single MOMENT is an opportunity – and not everyone is so lucky to get one, as evident by all of the recent abominations in the USA that left so many suddenly dead or with lives forever changed.

It might sound totally cliche to slap on a smile and say carpe diem, but really, what other choice do we have?

We can wallow in what-if’s, or we can buckle up our bootstraps and do whatever we can with whatever we’ve got, wherever we’re at in life right now.

Like Goldilocks found her just rights, you’re just right where God needs you to be right now, and that can be enough. It’s on us to shift our perspectives from one of lack – where “just” is belittled and tells us we’re less than – to one of just ENOUGH. Where “just” is just right, proportionately filling our cups so that we’re not left thirsty or overwhelmed from an overflow, but enough. Satisfied. Content with where we’re at. As obsessed with just being as we are with doing, knowing that that state of “just” is just as essential to our overall health and satisfaction as any state of hustle to cross things off of a to-do list.

This week, my hope is that you’re challenged to look beyond those negative feelings of “just” in your life right now. To see past what feels like it’s too small, too insubstantial, or too inconsequential, and to recognize where it might actually be exactly what you never even knew you needed in this specific life season. Or, what those you serve need of you in this season.

You’re just enough and just right, exactly where you are. May your “just” be just the beginning of your glorious, infinite potential.


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