LOOK FOR LESS: Louis Vuitton Damier Bags

I am a few degrees beyond stoked for today’s Look for Less post. Why? Because most “designer dupes” are long gone from the world wide web at this point. And I totally get it – some are just blatant copyright infringement on luxury designers, and I’m sure I’d be a bit peeved too if my name was Guccio Gucci. But luckily, there are some designer inspired pieces basically everywhere you turn; so long as it’s not stealing a logo or a trademarked design, you’re in the clear and okay to let popular prints or trendy fabrics inspire your own production. Don’t miss all of the Looks for Less on CUR right here – we’ve got more affordable alternatives to Tory Burch Miller Sandals, $85 UGG slippers, the Insta-famous, nearly $200 over-the-knee boots from Goodnight Macaroon, the $98 Lululemon Align pants, Golden Goose dupes – heck, even the cult-classic $34 Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick has a near-exact alternative at the drugstore! Today, we’re talking about the gorgeous Louis Vuitton Damier Bags – you know, the ones with that classic checkered print. It’s a pattern not blazened with branding, which I personally prefer over blaring, flashy luxury logos. 

The Louis Vuitton Damier checkered print has been a globally beloved classic for years. And it’s truly timeless in style! Before hopping into the look for less, if you ARE in the market and of budget for a designer bag, I couldn’t recommend a Louis Vuitton more. I have a few that were “goal” bags and on my wishlist for years before pulling the trigger, and they still look brand new – which is funny since all of mine were pre-owned, too, and truly take a beating from one Olivia Grace! đŸ˜‰ I can save all of my thoughts on the real deal for another day if that’d be of interest (let me know?). In general, the canvas coating on these bags is unparalleled; they wipe clean easily, they keep their shape, and they withstand toddlers dragging them on the floor (literally – the OG of course had no clue and mommy was dying a bit inside and praying to the sweet Lord baby Jesus that the LV survived her parade – ha!).

While I wholeheartedly believe in and respect the value in a Louis Vuittton bag (they’re my personal favorite luxury label because their quality and durability is unparalleled!), I also very much understand and respect the fact that not all of us have a few thousand spare dollars set aside for a new bag. So, in the hopes of helping your retail therapy with the look for less, here are some of my favorite affordable alternatives to the Louis Vuitton Damier bags.

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Here is a side-by-side look at my real Louis Vuitton Neverfull Damier Azure MM (which I got from Keeks – cannot recommend her re-sale shop enough for authenticated pre-loved designer deals!), next to some of these Louis Vuitton Damier looks for less.

This checkered backpack from Walmart is under $45 (a real Louis Vuitton backpack can be close to $2,000) – it’s boxier in shape than real Louis Vuitton backpacks, and a bit bigger. But, personally I lovelovelove the added space as a mama still needing to toss a diaper or change of clothes and snacks for all inside. The backpack feels a bit stiffer/more structured, too, than real Louis Vuitton canvas (although of course,I’m comparing a fake backpack to a real tote bag, and the bag shape can impact this!).

It also gives you a bit of an idea in color difference; the real Louis Vuitton Damier Azure Neverfull is a bit warmer in color, so the cooler grey tones are a tell tale sign that it’s not a real LV. Also, notice no “Louis Vuitton” text branding in the squares like in the actual Neverfull tote!

The Best LOUIS VUITTON DUPES - Louis Vuitton Damier look for less on Coming Up Roses

The Best LOUIS VUITTON DUPES - Louis Vuitton Damier look for less on Coming Up Roses

This backpack is another play on a Louis Vuitton Damier bag in a totally different light, as the pattern is obviously not identical to the traditional Damier checkering. Instead, we’ve got grey + cream triangles. This canvas feels a bit of a softer or creamier alternative, if that makes sense. I also have been pleasantly surprised at how much I actually like the top-zip; I thought it would be more complicated to flip open, but it’s been totally fine and comfortable to wear. For under $30 on Prime with over 200 5-star reviews, it’s a winner winner chicken dinner in my book!

This brand also has great Louis Vuitton Damier alternatives when it comes to wallets or smaller crossbodies that would make great stocking stuffers for the luxury-look-loving gal. 

The Best LOUIS VUITTON DUPES - Louis Vuitton Damier look for less on Coming Up Roses

Do you lovelovelove the Louis Vuitton Damier bags? Would you get the real deal or the look for less?

Tell me your thoughts and if you try one of the above versions!