Love Story: Part 2

Aaaaaaand Part 2 is here! I’m stuck here in Blizzard Juno, so I hope your Monday has been less snowy and more pizza-filled than me. What can I say? I’m craving Sicilian.

Last week was CRAZY. As I mentioned quickly here, the boyfriend is no longer my boyfriend – he’s my fiancé! We got engaged last Tuesday, and MAN what a week it was. As expected, he pulled off this absolutely amazing stunt, so I’ll share the whole proposal and engagement story here soon if you’re up for it. (So let me know in the comments!). In the meantime, I’ll catch you all up to speed with the basic story of us, now with Part 2. (Didn’t see Part 1? Click here.)

So Part 2: From our first date to the point where we made it official, and everything in between. There’s a cat cameo. Just in case you’re like me and click videos because of cats.

Next up? Part 3, where we’re giving you our 3 best, totally unprofessional and amateur tips for finding a really great relationship, plus possibly doing a GIVEAWAY TOGETHER?! Hope you’re already on the edge of your seat with excitement. I am, and I almost fell off my seat because of it. #graceful

What did you do on your first date with your SO? What was the best first date you’ve ever been on? 

Here’s hoping you’re happily snowed in with Netflix and hot tea. I’ve been loving the Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Peach…it’s currently my kryptonite. Catch ya for the Hump!