March CURound Up: Top 10 Bestsellers + THRIVE Episodes!

Spring is nearly sprung – and we’re already 25% through with 2023. Is that not nuts?! I just celebrated my 29th birthday and am currently planning + prepping for some upcoming travel before we’re in full-blown baby mode (shower, nursery, oh my!). Adulting feels like one big broken record of “where does the time go?!” and I’m hanging on for dear life on the ride. WILD, RIGHT?! Anyhoo – let’s (CU)round up the month and chat most loveloveloved products, some hot new episodes from the THRIVE podcast, what I wore in March + MORE.


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1.) Healing after Betrayal & Transforming after Trauma – with Dr. Debi SilberIf you’ve ever been betrayed, you know the pain is unlike any other kind of trauma. Betrayal is a unique, deeply personal and deeply painful experience that can shatter our lives and live with us for years if we don’t take very specific, intentional steps toward healing – luckily, Dr. Debi Silber is here to help. Dr. Debi is a holistic psychologist, a health, mindset and personal development expert, the author of multiple bestselling books, host of two TEDx talks, an award-winning coach and speaker, and the founder of the Post Betrayal Transformation Institute, where she has helped thousands of people heal after experiencing her own life-changing betrayals from MULTIPLE close family members. Today on THRIVE, she unpacks her three groundbreaking discoveries around the post-betrayal healing process and walks through the five stages of betrayal. She also gives the best advice for supporting others through their experiences – what to do AND what NOT to do when walking side-by-side with a friend in their traumatic betrayal and healing process.

2.) Managing Mom Guilt AND Time (Realistically!) – with Theresa Harp As a military wife, mom of four, AND owner of two businesses, Theresa just gets it. We’ve probably all heard someone say “just eliminate what doesn’t serve you!”, but as moms we’re looking around at each other like…we have kids, partners and families to serve, too! We need practical ways to actually manage multiple things without losing ourselves in the process, and Theresa’s got exactly that. Today on THRIVE, we talk about realistically managing mom guilt while creating better time management systems for your family (and yourself!). Theresa gives tricks for identifying your own personal triggers to help get a better sense of “doing it all” in any season. She walks us through creating a framework for bucketing your life to categorically, visually see both wants AND needs, and she’s got tips for being more proactive instead of reactively ping-ponging between email notifications and laundry dinging and kids requesting the 5th snack of the day.

3.) 29 Lessons in 29 YearsIt’s my birthday week! I’m celebrating by reflecting on some of my personal favorite lessons and learnings to close out the last chapter in my 20’s. Some are super serious, some are super not, but all are important (I think!) and have been game changing for me – so I hope they can be game changing for you, too. CHEERS to 29 years – thank you for listening and thriving with me.


Top sellers are pulled from my analytics data, where I can see what YOU guys shopped + clicked the most all month long! No worries – it doesn’t tell me what all was in someone’s cart, or who bought what? But it’s helpful for me to see what’s most popular with the CURowd, and hopefully helpful/fun for YOU to see what fellow readers are shopping, too!

1.) Simple Modern 40 oz. Cup – THE DANG CUP. IYKYK. 💀 This was definitely THE most loveloveloved product of March, all thanks to this silly video. I told the IG fam already, but in case the Amazon listing says “usually ships in 1-2 months” for you, too – fear not. I put the screenshots of my own orders on the “Cup Gate” highlight on my IG profile, but mine came in typical Prime-ish timing (1-2 weeks, not 1-2 months). Of course, I don’t work for or with the company so I have ZERO CONTROL or guarantees here, but hopefully that helps if you were super bummed about the timing listed!

2.) Maybelline lippy – The most tried-and-true drugstore lip product we’ve ever shared – and still stan. A fabulous affordable formula that looks, feels, AND applies great.

3.) Amazon no show socks – The very best no-show socks EVER. You’ll throw out all others, promise. 😉

4.) Quilted weekender bag – This $27 weekender is a great look-for-less to this $300+ designer option; it’s been my go-to carry-on/personal item for MONTHS and months now. It’s got fabulous pocketing inside AND out and wipes clean, with a removable shoulder strap. Honestly shocked that it’s not even 30 bucks.

5.) Denim babydoll dress – A great Amazon find under $40 – and they just launched SO MANY fun colors for spring.

6.) Dime 7 summers + perfume sampler kit – 7 Summers is my personal fave clean fragrance from DIME (so happy to hear you’re loveloveloving it, too!), but I REALLY recommend trying the sampler kit to find your own favorite since it includes every single scent they’ve made so far – including their newest that JUST launched, Core Memory, which is a dupe to Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue! (+ code THRIVE20 will take an additional 20% off anything you order, including both of these! Bless up!)

7.) Botanic tree self tanner – This is still my tried and true self-tanner; it’s a natural, clean formula that develops gradually and does NOT turn me Oompa Loompa. Very beginner-friendly, applies like lotion, doesn’t smell gross, non-toxic formula.

8.)EBY seamless bralette – The bralette we’re all talking about – 6/5 stars. I’ve already bought 4 and it’s skyrocketed to the top of my best wireless bras master list… (code ERICALIGENZA will work for 15% off yours!)

9.) Folex – Probably one of the BEST cleaning products ever made – I truly don’t even know how they did it. It works miracles before our very eyes. 

10.) Amazon wireless bra – Another great wireless bra option – it’s kinda like a huge for your boobs. Feels kinda like a sports bra, but with comfy padding and no tightness etc.


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