March: Links I Love

Alright, March. Where you at. Between a week in the Golden State, the green explosion on the 17th, the free Rita’s on the 20th (in the snow, like a champ), and literally getting older (code BIRTHDAYGIRL gets you 21% off anything here), March just didn’t slow down. Now my double “hell week” for Counterparts has begun, so basically seeya April, too. TIME, people. I feel like Links I Love ends up becoming this big sapfest of existential questions and thoughts on time and mortality and…just go call your family and tell them you love them today.


The best Bible verses on anxiety, what your coffee order says about you, the coolest knotty ‘do, tips for fighting fair in relationships, 22 things for a 22-year-old self, a ball pit for big kids, gifts for the wine lover in your life, and cats on glass. Because cats.

march links i love



1. These verses on anxiety need to be your new go-to’s whenever times are feeling tough. Thanks to my friend Mary for these goodies! (

bible verses on anxiety let go and let God

Psalm 46:1 | God is our refuge and strength, and ever-present help in trouble.


2. Get some blonde springtime streaks goin’ on and practice this knotty hairdo on at least two-day hair so it’s got that grit to hold! (

how to make a knotted hairstyle

Now I need a great balayage treatment to work this highlight thing, too.


3. An awesome round-up of what author Emily Freeman would’ve told her 22-year-old self. (


3.  Forgive yourself. For everything. In this, be swift and relentless.


4. Your best childhood dream come to realization. BRB, jetsetting to London…(

ball pit london adults

That’s right – an adult-size ball pit. #yes


5. How to fight with your spouse, without ruining your marriage, in 9 steps. This is great for anyone in a relationship, because let’s face it – arguments will happen from time to time, and you just need to know how to preserve your beautiful love. (

how to fight with your spouse without ruining your relationship

3. Own your stupidity…


6. Because there is nothing better than cats on glass. (

cats on glass the dodo

You’re welcome.


7. This is my blog/YouTube friend, Kallie. She’s the bomb dot com and completely hilarious.


8. Because you can’t just buy wine for the wine lover in your life. (

gifts for wine lovers

And the wine ice cream though…


And BYEMARCH. You’ve been a joyride.

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What were your favorite finds this month on the web?

Leave a few links below, go grab yourself a latte, and show this Monday who’s boss (you).


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