March’s Top Ten (Most Purchased + Most Clicked by YOU) + BIRTHDAY GIFTING WEEK WINNERS

Raise your hand if you’re feeling a bit ~shook~ that today is APRIL?!?!?! I mean…what? Anyhoo, March flew by like I don’t even know what – just POOF and here we are. Last week I shared what’s been on my radar for March, from good songs to eats/drinks, to recent purchases + what’s in my shopping cart now, and then we did the usual Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove. So today, I’m throwing it back to something we did before – sharing March’s Top Ten according to YOU. I did a post like this back in the old ages of August 2018, and I have NO clue why it’s been such a long hot sec since doing it again, since you guys seemed to lovelovelove! I know personally, I’m as nosy as the next gal and like seeing what other folks like me are shopping + have in their carts. And all of us here in the CURowd…we’ve got good taste. 😉 So today, I rounded up a sortof “Top Ten” from the month of March, featuring the most purchased + most clicked-on products by YOU all as you read + shop around!

BUT, some backstory on this before diving into the data…(the same spiel from the last time, for any newbies in da house)

As a blogger, I use a platform called RewardStyle, which is an affiliate program that allows me to essentially create trackable links to the same products I’d be linking to anyways. Because the links are trackable, they’re also commissionable – so that if I’m recommending one of my favorites and it turns into a CUR favorite, the brand can see that, and I might receive a small commission. Not all affiliate programs are created equal – some pay per click, whereas some pay per purchase made. RewardStyle only pays for purchases actually made, so if you clink on one of my links AND then end up making the purchase, then and only then will I receive a small commission (which usually runs between 7-15% of the sale).

With RS comes access to some data analytics on my end, so that I can track what items are the most popular – both what’s being clicked on the most, and what’s being actually shopped the most. That’s the full extent of data I can see – so I can NOT see who clicks on what, what else might have been bought in the order, any identifying info whatsoever. It’s just a piece of information that says on X day, Y product led to a $Z commission.

So if you click on this clearance $19.98 jumpsuit from American Eagle, but then also add to your cart a pair of BOGO 50% jeans from their sale right now, all that would show up on my end is the jumpsuit, and whatever commission I ended up making – not what else was in the cart, how much the total order was for, or anything else. It’s not PERFECT data analytics, but it’s at least something to help us as bloggers know what our readers (you guys, the CURowd, the real MVPs) are most interested in seeing, so that we’re always working to help you as much as possible in your everyday shopping + styling. 🙂

ALSO IMPORTANT to note: Using an affiliate program in NO way/shape/form impacts your experience as a shopper, nor does it impact what I’m recommending to you! As a shopper, it doesn’t cost anything extra – any cost comes out of the retailer’s pocket directly to the affiliate program platform. And I’m always always always only recommending products to you that I truly lovelovelove myself and think you would lovelovelove, too, regardless of whether or not they’re “linkable” on some affiliate platform! If it’s something worth recommending + sharing with y’all, then goshdangit I will share my lovelovelove for it until the cows come home, regardless of whether or not it’s an affiliate link – so even if every single one of you makes the purchase, I might get diddly squat for that. And that’s A-OK – the priority here was, is, + always will be just serving you best.

SO, let’s do this – March’s TOP TEN:


This white tee has been in the Top Ten list for MONTHS now, and for good reason! It + its counterpart below were the #1 and #2 picks from the best white t-shirt contest we did awhile back. Everlane has just made SUCH a good cotton crewneck, and now it’s available in other colors! Perfect for an effortless spring look with anything from boyfriend jeans to a flowy skirt, and will transition through every other season for easy layering.


LOFT’s soft vintage pocket tee was the winner winner chicken dinner of the white t-shirt showdown, and for good reason – it’s the best white t-shirt I’ve found so far. So it makes me happy that you guys continue to snag it as a staple in your closet! FYI, it’s 50% off right now with free shipping!!!


These just might be the most FUN pumps in my closet! They never fail as a little extra something to jazz up a look. The black keeps ’em classic, while the feathers bring the fun.


It’s no surprise to me that Tula’s Glow & Get It Balm made this month’s cut, since it’s their fastest-sold-out product ever (it was restocked, but will sell out again!!!). I shared reaaaaaaally in-depth on it (how to use it + what it actually does) in this post on how to cover dark circles, as well as in this month’s favorites post! My Tula discount code is COMINGUPROSES if you’re looking to #TreatYoSelf and want 20% off. 😉


SO many top picks this month are designer dupes, because y’all lovelovelove your looks for less! These heels will always be top faves of mine personally; they look JUST like Valentino Rockstud heels, but for a few hundred bucks less! Always a showstopper.


This bracelet cuff is SO pretty + versatile…and it looks like a David Yurman piece! But nope – only $20 on Amazon Prime. Big fan of how classy + polished it looks, to instantly dress up an outfit. Here’s a full blog post on designer dupes, and one here with designer dupes on Amazon!


Anytime I share this beauty tool to my Instastories, it breaks my DMs. Ha! For good reason – it’s the coolest little thing! It’s a makeup brush cleaner that suction cups to your sink, and it’s got soap inside for a gentle brush clean. You just swirl your brushes around on it and VOILA. It makes the process *pain free*, so I think it’s a worthwhile thing to pick up!


I’m working on a post all about an easy 5-minute “glow up” for us busy ladies + moms, but in the meantime, pick up this foundation to start! Or grab it here with a brush for only $3 more, which is an AWESOME deal!!!!! It’s full-coverage + has SPF 50, so it’s reaaaaaally good for the next few months as the sun really SHINES. This has been one of my personal favorites for months, so I’m so glad so many of you are going for it, too!


Another designer dupe alert! This looks like a Chloe Faye bag, but it’s $55.99 instead of $1,390. I have a super similar version that’s also from Amazon, and the quality is bombdotcom. Makes for a pretty, classy bag!


You guys FLIPPED for these pretty pink overalls!!! (As seen here + here!) I mean, I don’t blame ya – so did I! I had never seen PINK overalls before, so obviously had to have ’em. And it helps that they’re only $28.99 + on Prime! Definitely size up one if you’re adding to cart – I got a Medium!


Have you added any of this month’s Top Ten to your closet as of yet? If so (since obvi some of you did or we wouldn’t be here right now – ha!), what did you get??? How have you been styling it so far?



I am so so SO stoked about how stoked YOU were about Birthday Week Giftings over on Instagram! I loveloveLOVE giving back to you however I can, so doing something where I could go nuts and gift 60+ of you felt so fun. If you are one of the 25 winners of an Olay mask or Tula cleanser (50 peeps, total), Pleasepleaseplease make sure you CLAIM YOUR PRIZE by EMAILING me! (erica@cominguprosestheblog.com). This will be the easiest + fastest way to get your shipping info + get your winnings on their way to you ASAP!

Gift 1: Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Winner: @annapixiemommy


Gift 2: $1000 cash! (via PayPal)

Winner: @thegoodlifesix_2_


Gift 3: (25) Olay Clay Masks




























Gift 4: (11) Blogger Boxes (check in on Instagram to see specifically whose box you won, since each winner wins one blogger’s curated box!)














Gift 5: (25) Tula Purifying Cleansers




























Again, if you’re a winner of the 25 Olay masks or 25 Tula cleansers, pleasepleaseplease email erica@cominguprosestheblog.com to claim yo’ prize – just put “BIRTHDAY GIFT” in the subject line!

CONGRATS, everyone!!! Thankyousomuch for participating, and I hope you’ll stick around for more fun coming this month V SOON. 😉


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