30 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (from a First-time Mom!)

Mother’s Day is riiiiiiight around the corner – how the heck did that happen?! This Mother’s Day is especially sentimental to me since it’s my first as a mom myself, which makes me all teary-eyed thinking about. SO much has happened since Olivia graced (see what I did there???? ha!) the world with her light, it’s been one heckuvah whirlwind six months and then some. I saw my brother this past weekend; he was stked that he found our own mom a great card, and he asked me if I got her one yet. I said, “Yup…and did you get ME a card?!?”

…”Oh. That’s right. I forgot you’re a mom now.”


Today I’m sharing 30 Mother’s Day gift ideas if you’re scratching your head with what to get mom for next weekend, whether it’s your own mom, your sibling, your best friend – any mom will do! They’re organized under five “categories”: for her coffee, for her skin, for her relaxation, for her everyday, + for her fun.

30 Mother's Day Gift Ideas from a First-Time Mom!

For her coffee…

  • Ember mug – For the mom who always need to reheat her coffee (or perpetually forgets it in the microwave – #guilty), this is a must. The Ember mug is the coolest invention; it holds your beverage at your temperature of choice for hours. Literally.
  • Yeti – Another coolest invention, like an Ember mug for on the go! Yeti’s are unique since they hold cold drinks’ temperature, as well. My mom had left her drink in the car on a hot summer day, and when she got back in after running errands, the ice hadn’t even melted – it’s CRAZY. I’ve got a Yeti on my own wishlist…jusssssayin’… 😉
  • Milk frother – Easy under $8 Amazon prime find for the mama who likes to DIY lattes at home.
  • Cute Etsy mug This is my favorite shop to grab cute personalized mugs from – I went HARD hitting “add to cart” here last Christmas! (Got my mama , among others – ha!) even works for all of the fur mamas in your life. Drop coupon code INSTA15 for a discount at checkout!

For her skin…

  • By now I’m sure you’ve figured out that Colleen Rothschild and Tula are two of my all-time favorite skincare brands – so of course they both made this cut! Colleen is having a huuuuuuge , but you can get 20% off anything else you’ve got your eye on with code ERICA20.
  • – Tula has quite a few start kit options for her, too, depending on her skin needs! is a great option with their cult-classic cleanser (my fave), the illuminating serum, cooling/brightening eye balm (as seen here), + their new hydrogel masks in a cute little cosmetic pouch. And then is another great option with slightly different products inside: the cleanser still (woo!), and then the pro-glycolic resurfacing gel + the hydrating day and night cream…two other all-time favorites of mine! The best part? My coupon code works on them! Use our CUR-exclusive code COMINGUPROSES for 20% off your order + free shipping!
  • Glow for a Cause body butter – This is SUCH a great little company that I lovelovelove to support! Their body butter in the scent WISH is my all-time fave body butter. Seriously. I can’t get enough – I have other body butters on stock in our house, but I keep repurchasing this one! It smells fabulous and light and is SO moisturizing and creamy. The best part: the company partners with non-profits, so your order helps a good cause (hence the name – ha!). A great gift for the mom who loveloveloves to give back! (I featured them as a Monthly Favorite way back in October here!)
  • – Every single time my mom comes to my house, she heads straight to my dresser to raid my perfume collection for a spritz. I reaaaaaally lovelovelove from Joie – it’s such a great, fresh scent for spring and for everyday wear!
  • Charlotte Tilbury Magic CreamAs seen in April’s Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove post! A splurge, yes, but 100% as magical as the name suggests. 😉 Such a rich, restorative cream, so mama can sleep in luxury!
  • – A fabulous drugstore moisturizer with anti-aging AND SPF properties that won’t grease you out for summertime. Total winner winner chicken dinner – and still feels luxurious on your skin. I’ve talked about it a bunch before – if you’re still doubtful of the whole literally-not-greasy thing, watch the little video in my Everyday Makeup Routine blog post blot testing it against others. It works!
  • – Another fun drugstore find, almost like a Mother’s Day stocking stuffer – ha! I’ve raved about this lippy before, so you know I’m obsessed; so many good shades to choose from (Pink Flamingo is SUCH a pretty pink for the season!), and such a universally beloved formula. Whether she likes a lippy for hydration, color or shine, this has all three!

For her relaxation…

  • Mani/pedi gift certificate – Because every girl could use a little pampering!
  • Wine package – Meaning,, a decanter, a bottle of her favorite, + this fun ! (Code ERICA15 works for 15% off the sweatshirt!)
  • – Specifically, a throw blanket, bath robe, and/or cardigan. The is FOUGHT over in our household (my mama got it for ME as a baby shower gift!), I caught my husband trying to steal my bath robe last week, and my mom nearly stole my cardigan over Christmas…so I had to buy her one for her birthday. Clearly, Barefoot Dreams inspires theivery. HA. 😉 Seriously though, an absolutely can’t-go-wrong gift option!
  • Weekend getaway – Send mom on a little weekend trip! Package with (my personal favorites to travel with!) and/or a cute passport holder.
  • Soft pajamas – This set is under $30 on Amazon but feels juuuuuust like the $70+ pairs in Nordstrom. I’ve been wearing mine all week!

For her everyday…

  • – Whether it’s her own name or yours 😉 She’ll be seeing + using it daily! A fun option here is to make a little “tech pack” for her with a cute case AND a portable charger – this brand is my favorite for them!
  • – Great gift for the ring-loving girl.
  • Super pretty, dainty, 14K gold necklace!
  • Another super pretty, dainty option – you know I lovelovelove this one especially since it’s the one I have with Olivia’s name on it! I like that you can customize this one with mom’s name OR your name, if you’re the only child. 😉 This shop owner is the sweetest and passed along code ERICA15 for you guys to get a discount if you’re buying something!
  • Daily devotional – Especially great if she doesn’t already have a favorite that she uses everyday. This is the one that I’m currently reading, and I lovelovelove.
  • – I have a pair of Birdies that I’ve had for years now, and they look exactly the same as when I first got them. They’re SO well made, and are such a fun option for the homebody – or for the stay-at-home/work-at-home mama in your life. An upgrade from bedroom slippers, especially if she’s always accidentally leaving the house with her furry poochies on (oops). These have rubber soles, so you can get away with them in the pick-up line or drive-thru. 😉
  • – Maybe this is just the ultimate sign of adulthood, but I really want a Dyson vacuum. I mean, cord-free??? All 5-star reviews??? Sign a sista up. is on SUPER sale (like, hundreds of dollars off), but to choose from with 2-day shipping!

For her for fun…

  • Instant pot Because ain’t nobody got time for a gourmet meal every day – especially mama. Give the girl a break!
  • Daily Harvest cups SUCH a good lunch option to have in the freezer for the stay-at-home or work-at-home mom. They’re so healthy, but so easy. Exactly the right combo when you’re doing #AllTheThings and don’t have time to prepare something substantial. Code ERICAL should get you your first three cups FREE, too!!!
  • I make a big photo book for J every Christmas, and it’s always his FAVORITE gift. They’re totally personalized, so it’s a really sentimental gift she’ll have + remember forever. They’re doing a 20% off everything sale today only + also doing FREE Expedited Shipping, so that’s something to hop on ASAP!
  • Subscription box – Some personal favorites: FabFitFun, Knowledge Box (Sends you something new + fun to learn every month, from calligraphy to gardening!), and anything with wine. Duh. 😉
  • Kindle For the mom who loveloveloves to read!
  • Bath and Body Works pillow mist As seen in last month’s Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove! Such a little luxury to leave her smiling + relaxed when her head hits the pillow at night.
  • – I bought myself a Gucci card case for a past birthday and I loveloveLOVE – I haven’t used a regular wallet since! It’s such a chic, classy way to hold onto your cards. She’ll feel more organized + lovelovelove how compact it makes everything in her bag. And with how high quality it is, it holds up fabulously and doesn’t show wear.
  • Jewelry – My own favorites include David Yurman, LAGOS, Noemie, Mint Diamonds, Marlyn Schiff, Kendra Scott. I’ve featured so many of these brands before, I can’t even link them all here – so just use my search bar at the top of the website if you’re trying to poke back through the archives to see some of the pieces I have + lovelovelove from each brand! (Or shoot me an email – always more than happy to help play personal shopper for anyone slash any occasion!)

What are your favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas so far?

Anything from this list jump out at you for your own mama (or yourself – ha!)

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