NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE: Top 10 BEST Deals + Top 10 by Category!

IT’S HERE! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has officially commenced! The “top tier” status gets to start shopping Early Access today, with another tier starting on the 7th, another on the 10th, and then regular Early Access beginning the 13th. THEN, Public Access starts the 19th, and the sale will run until August 30th. Are you ready for it? 😉 Bookmark this page to come back to whenever it’s your time to shop, as it’s got LOADS of info on top selling items + the hottest deals.

This is like Black Friday meets the Hunger Games, and it’s one of the biggest sales of the year. I’ve mentioned all about what it is + why it’s a big thing in this post on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so I’ll spare ya here. 😉 Nordstrom is also great because they do FREE shipping + returns with NO TIME LIMIT on returns (literally, I forgot a bag of a few new tagged items for a YEAR in the trunk of my car and they STILL took them back – saints!!!). There’s also contactless curbside pickup, so if you’re especially concerned about sizing and/or shopping during a pandemic and don’t want to be in-store or around people, you can order a few sizes of something online, have it shipped for free and/or pick it up curbside contactless, and then return anything that doesn’t work – also for free with zero hassle. It’s a win win!

AND HOT TIP: Use your Double or Triple Points on the day you shop the most from the sale! Those points add up + lead to “Nordstrom Notes” – aka, free money to shop.


Last note before deep diving into this…

You do not need anyting.

You do not NEED anything.

I know every blogger and her mother might be saying you just NEEEED a whole new fall wardrobe, but really…you don’t.

We’re still in the midst of a global pandemic. There is serious financial hardship being experienced by so many of us for so many reasons.

At the same time, shopping can be a fun thing for many of us – hello, retail therapy – and I’m obviously a big proponent of finding the silver linings, shifting your perspective, and focusing on the positives whenever possible. Sometimes, in tough times, a new lipstick or your favorite pair of pants that fits just right can really do a wonder on your mood. Does it fix all of your problems? No. Of course not. But in the hardest of times especially, sometimes the seemingly silliest of “little things” become the big things to distract you from the harsher realities. So while there is still so much uncertainty, struggle, and/or frustration happening in our country for SO MANY REASONS – if a little treat yo’self moment can bring you a spark of joy in an otherwise tough time, you do you, girlfriend.

I get it. I’m with you.

I’ll be over here pulling my summer splurge TREAT YO’SELF on some cute new fall stuff, too.

And as always, my coverage of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is all meant to just help YOU find the best bang for your buck, the most worthwhile staples, and some splurgeworthy treats that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re stocking up on classics, doing some early holiday shopping, or just buying one thing, I’m here to help you along the way.

With that, total transparency – bloggers often go a bit cray cray sharing this sale because we DO get a small commission from sales driven through us. It’s the same as shopping through a salesperson in store (yanno, when someone asks, “So did anyone help you today?”) – I get commission just like them for helping make a sale happen, at no extra expense to you. As always, I’m still ONLY sharing things that I actually lovelovelove myself and would recommend to my best friend or mom (and hey, they both read CUR, too!). I’ll be constantly updating posts with my thoughts in real time as my own purchases of new items come in, and of course, I’ll have my thoughts on the returning items that are bestsellers every single year and beloved in my home + closet already. Just wanted to note this so that you might have a better understanding when your Instagram feed seems to be drowning in NSALE coverage. And to also just say THANKYOU in advance for shopping through CUR – I so appreciate your support, and while you are of course not obligated or expected to shop through me, I just want you to know how much I do appreciate it when you do. Since CUR is my full-time job, every little bit counts and adds up, and it’s what helps me continue to bring fun content your way without relying on brand sponsorships to pay the bills. So, THANKYOU. 🙂 I take my job helping you really seriously, since it’s YOU and YOUR support that gives me this immense privilege and platform. I’m here to help you, so whether you have a question about sizing or are on the hunt for a specific kind of item and have no clue where to start, pleasepleaseplease feel free to reach out and it will be my personal mission to help.

Anyhoo. Let’s get to this dang sale, shall we? 😉




Overall, it seems like the best deals + best savings are in the BEAUTY category this year! If you need to restock on some favorites, try something you’ve had your eye on, or stock up on gift sets, now’s the time.


You can use the lefthand sidebar to search by brand within categories – super helpful if you’ve got favorites you’re beelining towards!



  1. BlankNYC Jacket ($40 off)
  2. Spanx Leather Leggings – $64 versus $98 – best sale price
  3. MAC Fix+ – 2 full-size and one travel for $35, whereas usually $28 for one full-size
  4. J. Crew Blazer – ($100 off, stretchy)
  5. Marc Fisher Booties – ($90 off)
  6. T3 Hair Dryer – (nearly $100 off)
  7. neuLASH Lash Enhancing Serum/neuBROW Brow Enhancing Serum – (nearly $100 off)
  8. Vince Camuto boots – nearly $100 off
  9. Patagonia parka – $90 off
  10. Leopard barefoot dreams – $54 off



TOP 10 By Category


  1. MAC Fix+ Set – Normally $28 for one full-size bottle; on sale for $35 for TWO + a travel-size bottle, too!
  2. T3 Hair Dryer – (nearly $100 off)
  3. Living Proof Set – ($50+ off)
  4. Tula Set – ($50 off, some of my FAVE Tula products)
  5. Clarins Double Serum Set – ($67 off)
  6. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Set – ($23 off)
  7. neuLASH Lash Enhancing Serum/neuBROW Brow Enhancing Serum – (nearly $100 off)
  8. Urban Decay All Nighter Set – ($39 off)
  9. MAC Lip Set – ($19 off)
  10. Kiehls Lotion – ($47 off)



  1. Levi’s 721 – ($34 off)
  2. BlankNYC Cropped Jeans
  3. BlankNYC Suede Skirt – ($49 off)
  4. SPANX Leggings
  5. Zella Leggings
  6. Cozy Shorts – (under $16)
  7. Ponte Pants
  8. Madewell Jeans – ($43 off)
  9. Skye Joggers – ($20 off, blogger collab!)
  10. Cropped Ponte Pants – ($33 off)



  1. Sleeveless Top – ($20 off)
  2. Camisole – ($24 off)
  3. Twist Top – ($20 off)
  4. Knit Top – ($20 off)
  5. Striped Long Sleeve – (19 off)
  6. Cozy Top
  7. Free People Bodysuit – ($23 off)
  8. Twist Back – ($20 off)
  9. Free People Henley – ($24 off)
  10. Lace Bodysuit – ($20 off)



  1. Hat
  2. Ray-Bans
  3. Tory Burch Crossbody + this one too –
  4. Kate Spade Pendant Necklace
  5. Madewell Crossbody – ($70 off)
  6. Tory Burch Studs – ($31 off)
  7. Gucci Sunnies – ($120 off)
  8. Set of Two Earrings – ($20 each)
  9. Quay Sunglasses – ($20 off)
  10. Cubic Zirconia Studs



  1. Leopard Cardigan
  2. Leopard Throw Blanket
  3. Plain Throw
  4. Circle Cardigan
  5. Socks
  6. Long Cardigan
  7. Long Weekend Cardigan



  1. Dr. Scholl’s Slip Ons
  2. Steve Madden Boots – ($51 off)
  3. Steve Madden Chain Flats – ($40 off)
  4. Slip-on Sneaker – ($40 off)
  5. Booties – ($60 off)
  6. Marc Fisher Booties – ($90 off)
  7. Steve Madden Loafer – ($32 off)
  8. Steve Madden Stud Sneaker – ($40 off)
  9. Adidas Sneaker – ($35 off)
  10. Pink Nikes



  1. Madewell Jean Jacket – (nearly $50 off)
  2. Ralph Lauren Plus Coat – (over $100 off)
  3. BlankNYC Suede Jacket – ($40 off)
  4. Wubby
  5. J. Crew Blazer – ($100 off)
  6. Leith Cardigan – ($29 off)
  7. Fleece
  8. Black Blazer – ($65 off!)
  9. Cotton Blazer – ($49 off)
  10. Faux Leather Jacket – ($45 off)


What’s on your Nordstrom Anniversary Sale wishlist?

What are you shopping for? Anything specific? How can I help?

Happy Anniversary Sale shopping!