NSALE Public Access Starts Now! The Best Still + Back in Stock…

Heyyyyooo!! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is officially OPEN to ALL – praise the sweet Lord baby Jesus. I know I mentioned this already, but I’m really bummed at how elitist this year’s sale felt. With so much being based on how much money you spend at Nordstrom in a year, it’s been hard for so many folks to grab the few staples they need, and entire wishlists have sold out before shopping even began. Of course, the NSALE is the most trivial thing on the planet in the grand scheme of things – things are things. But hopefully this post can be a continual resource (because we’ll be continuously + regularly updating it!) for the best of the best that’s still in stock, and/or BACK in stock as inventories change throughout the remainder of the sale.

NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE - Best of what's still + back in stock, on Coming Up Roses

For past NSALE coverage, here’s a work-from-home style guide, a try-on haul of what I actually bought with hits AND misses, the best in the beauty category, as well as overall Top 10 Best Deals of the sale, and Top 10’s of each category.

Quick reminder: the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale will end on the 30th, and prices jump UP to regular price then. And with how much has sold out so fast, if ya see it and want it…grab it! Nordstrom is FABULOUS with returns and does absolutely FREE returns literally whenever (I accidentally forgot a piece in the trunk of my car for literally a YEAR and they still returned it for full money back, bless them). So if you’re unsure on colors or sizing and have the ability to grab both, test at home, and then exchange whichever doesn’t work after the fact, do it!

NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE - Best of what's still + back in stock, on Coming Up Roses

Making it super easy for ya today with a roundup of all bestsellers + personal favorites that are still in stock! Again, I’ll be updating this collection daily so that everything you’re seeing is what’s currently in stock + on sale. Happy NSALE shopping!

Are you shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale today?

What’s on your shopping list? Anything you’re hoping comes back in stock? Let me know, and I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for ya!