October: Links I Love

Holy cannoli, one second it was fall and the next they’re calling for snow on Saturday. What is this? I think I’ll stick with views like this for awhile still thankyoukindly.


Yeah, soak that in for a second.


I’m promising to myself – and all of you – that I’ll actually post in November on the regular MWF routine instead of this when-I-get-to-it Tuesday/Thursday/whenever routine that isn’t really routine. If I don’t, send the encouragement and pick-me-ups, because it means I’m drowning in life. Whoops.

But it’s a happy drowning, I assure you.

Before I get into some deep discussion on life balance and busy-ness, I’m going to let this month’s fabulous web finds cut in.

October. Featuring, in no particular order, some seriously passionate inspiration (pun intended), some T. Swift outside of 1989, a one-of-a-kind guide to blogging, how to keep your friendship above your love, the coolest techie things maybe ever, 8 productivity hacks to try right now, the next thing on my shopping wishlist, and OK Go’s newest viral video.

link i love october


1. It’s time to stop looking for your passion. Instead, unlock it. (actionforhappiness.org)


“Living life with passion isn’t about pursuing the one thing you love, it’s about finding love in everything you do.”


2. Your must-have guide to blogging 101. There’s everything from setting it up, to managing content and making some dollah dollah bills. (firstsiteguide.com)

guide to blogging

Ever want to get lost in invaluable information? #thetimeisnow Get started with an intro video to have your own Eureka! moment.


3. Because you’ve listened to 1989 on repeat one too many times now. #mixitup (teenvogue.com)

4. Enchanted objects (technology): https://www.businessinsider.com/enchanted-objects-2014-7?


This glowing purple orb actually tracks real-time data for the stock market, pollen count, traffic congestion, and more, and glows specific colors to let you know if the data looks good or bad.


5. This Lace cut Flippy playsuit is everything I could want in a flippy playsuit. (boohoo.com)


Dear Santa, I want a flippy playsuit.


6. This beautifully expressed blog post explains why being best friends is key to firing up a love. (jenloveskev.com)

pumpkin carving with boyfriend

Throwing it back to two Halloween’s ago. Time flies when you’re with your pumpkin-guts-hatin’ best friend.


7. 8 surprising productivity hacks. List-making made the cut, but not how you might’ve thought. (levoleague.com)

how to be productive

“Research suggests that exposure to bright colors in the early morning lifts your spirits and energy.” And that’s not all, folks.


8. The song is catchy, but the music video? Out. Of. This. World.

As usual, send any fabulous, must-see picks my way…I love hearing from you!

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What’s your favorite pick from above? Where do you go to find the best inspiration from the web?

Did I mention I love hearing from you? Keep commenting and telling me what you love to see on Coming Up Roses, so I can make it happen for y-o-u. Have a beautiful day!