Milking it: On Mastering a Healthier Lifestyle

I definitely wouldn’t be the first to tell you that it’s important to live a healthy, active lifestyle. At this point, that’s a “duh” statement, right? I also wouldn’t be the first to say it’s really, really hard sometimes to hit the gym. There are days when my three block walk to the on-campus gym feels like three miles. Sometimes my “9-to-5” day leaves me exhausted – or the week in general leaves me exhausted – and the absolute last thing I feel like doing is going to get MORE exhausted! And other times…I just don’t want to get my hair all messed up. #truestory

But that’s no excuse for not being active and living a healthy, strong life. Regardless of whether or not you’re putting on your lululemons and Asics and hitting a treadmill, there are little lifestyle tweaks to help take you from sedentary Netflix-and-pizza position to aspirational VS angel status. When I feel my head spinning in the hubbub of it all, there are few easy peasy everyday choices I try to make to keep myself on track with a sustainable lifestyle that counts.


How to master a healthy lifestyle - Coming Up Roses

1.) Make smart shopping decisions. You already know I love me some smart shopping and can never pass up a sweet deal. But this smart shopping means something different; it means never grocery shop on an empty stomach. The last time I did this, even the repulsively-not-real “cotton candy” cheese curl ball things looked kinda appetizing. The best time to stock up on food? After a great workout. When your body is feeling great, the last thing you”ll want to do is fill it with saturated fats and salts. J and I make an effort to hit up our favorite farmer’s market once a week to fill our fridge with loads of fruits and veggies. This makes for smart snacking down the road, when you grab something green over chips n’ dip.

2.) Treat yo’self. This is an ongoing theme on Coming Up Roses, can you tell? A funny follow-up to eating your vegetables, I think it’s equally important to not starve yourself of little luxuries in life. Would that grande Starbucks really start your morning on a happier note? Maybe nix the whip and get only one flavor shot, but get the latte! You’ll have something to look forward to, and it’ll add that pep in your step – and personality…hello, caffeine… – that could positively impact your production levels. You don’t want to be that person who sulks around in misery with your lunch of carrot sticks and your never-ending juice cleanses. Life is a balancing act in every sense, so be that person who can confidently enjoy the occasional soft serve cone without plummeting into self-hatred or later punishment.

3.) Choose an active route wherever and whenever possible. This summer, I’m opting to walk to my internship for half of the commute. That means I’m walking about a mile and a half total everyday, not including any other physical activity or gym time. #swole

My route takes me through historic Philadelphia, so I really can’t complain; I get to trek past Independence Hall and hoards of tourists every morning and afternoon. It’s a friendly reminder of those dudes with coiffed white hair who founded #Murica back when man tights were on trend.





philadelphia independence hall


philadelphia independence hall

4.) Milking it. Literally. As part of the #MilkLike challenges, I’m converting my commute to on foot, and I’m continuing a tradition that I’ve unofficially had since, like, age four. I “Milk life” day in and day out with a glass of milk every night before bed. Some people crave chocolate (I’m right there with ya, females of the world), some people crave comfort food…I swear I crave milk. The fiance has already offered to run to the convenience store to grab me a gallon, bless his heart. At least my cravings come with 8 grams of high-quality protein and 9 essential nutrients a glass amiright??? They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I don’t know who “they” is, but I think they’re onto something. Starting your day with high-protein means lasting fuel to keep you alert and at your best for longer than your espresso shot will take you. I’m challenging all of YOU to take a #MilkLife challenge this month…maybe every day!…and take that conscious step towards a healthier, happier you. #yougotthis

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle year-round? What’s your favorite way to enjoy a glass of milk?

Now if you’ll excuse me…time to go raid the office fridge for a gallon of Skim. Just kidding! That’ll come alongside a fresh batch of oatmeal cookies later tonight. Treating myself to that and some reality TV *after* the gym, because it’s all about balance, right? Hope you’re feeling balanced in every sense this week!

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