Operation Beautiful #24

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For 2016 and for always, you need to change.

But I’m not talking about changing your weight or your love of chocolate – I’m talking about your love of yourself. So often, we fill ourselves with self-deprecating thoughts. I’m not pretty. I’m not that smart. I’m just not that great. And I’m definitely not beautiful.

You’re wrong.

First things first: you are beautiful. And this is an operation to prove it. Introducing: Operation Beautiful. Where we celebrate the beauty in each and every one of us. Now let’s hop to it – these girlies are fan-freakin-tastic.


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Brittany blogs faith and marriage at GraceLoveLife.com – stop by, say hi, and tell she’s beautiful!


I feel most beautiful when…I’m happy. I feel like beauty is something that comes from the inside and when someone is happy they shine like the sun.

My favorite physical features are my…Nails. They always look nice and I never have to have fake nails which is great.

Something non-physical that I love about myself is…My positive nature. I try to see the beauty in every situation, even if it seems hopeless. I think that life is better when we choose to be happy.

I’m happiest when…I’m when my husband. Whether we are sitting on the couch or taking a road trip I am happiest when he is by my side.


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Head over to camelliasandcopper.com and tell Michelle how beautiful she is, inside and out!

I feel most beautiful when…At the end of a long day, when I’m cooking or cleaning up the kitchen (and I feel worn out, makeup is mostly smudged off, and hair is inevitably pulled back) and my husband tells my son to tell me I’m pretty.

My favorite physical feature are my…Hands – kind of strange, but I inherited my NaMa’s long, slender fingers.

Something non-physical that I love about myself is…My desire to work hard in all things – at work at home, even when I’m playing outside.

I’m happiest when…I’m with my family: husband + kids and we are enjoying some fun outdoors.


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Krysten is such a beautiful person! Go shower her in love at Why Girls are Weird.

I feel most beautiful when…I’m in an outfit I absolutely adore and I feel great in.

My favorite physical feature is my…My smile. I used to dislike my smile because when I smile my eyes get squinty. But I get so many compliments on it and I’ve eventually come to love it, squinty eyes and all.

Something non-physical that I love about myself is…My laugh. I get made fun of for it because it’s loud and unique. But I’m kind of loud and unique in general so I guess my laugh is very me. Although sometimes I embarrass myself with it I can’t help but love it. And I love to laugh.

I’m happiest when…I am snuggled up in my home with my husband and our dogs. We don’t have to be doing anything, I’m just happy being with them.

Join the movement.

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This series is all about you. So, it only happens when you join in the fun! Take a lesson from these ladies – writing your own answers to Operation Beautiful will make you think about yourself in a new, happier and beautiful light. If you want to be featured on Coming Up Roses as part of Operation Beautiful, just fill out this quick form, and you’ll find yourself on the blog in an upcoming Operation. And if you love the mission as much as I do, I’d love if you would send the form to two of your best girlfriends who you think are beautiful inside and out. Spread the love – the more the merrier! Happy Sunday.

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