I’m Erica, the creator behind Coming Up Roses. And I’m really friggin’ stoked you’re here. I’m a Philadelphia-based blogger and podcaster, wife to Jamie, mama to Olivia, wine-and-cheese enthusiast and published book author. I also help fellow bloggers monetize their influence through pitching and politely persisting the ultimate brand partnerships through my online course, !

In other news, I’m fueled by strong coffee, loud laughter, a bold lip, and great accessories. I use dry shampoo only slightly less than oxygen, I’m one cat short of crazy cat lady status, and I’ve yet to meet a latte or pizza I didn’t like. I live right outside Philly with my awesome husband, baby, and our rescue cat, Purrcy. For more about me, there are loads of fun facts here and here, as well as Vogue’s 73 Questions

THANKYOU for hanging out with me here on CUR – you’re part of the CURowd now. 🙂 I appreciate and lovelovelove your support – may your day be Coming Up Roses!

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I hope Coming Up Roses feels like a breath of fresh internet air. My whole inspiration to start this shindig in the first place spawned from wanting to create a space where kind, motivated, badass women could go to get inspired and feel a sense of community and connection. It’s not this uppity, overly aspirational hub of prettier-than-life things – it’s the pretty, real life things. The things that you genuinely connect with and “get,” and the things that are realistic for you to bring into your own everyday.

Think of CUR as your go-to place for becoming more authentically joyful and empowered to live your best life, all with a cuppa coffee or glass of Cabernet in hand.  Here you’ll find everyday style inspiration, affordable lifestyle tips, #RealTalk conversations (because we never shy away from a good girl chat), and authentic advice to help you THRIVE in real life and live in full bloom. Not everything in life is pretty and perfect, and every rose has its thorn. But here, we’re blossoming into our best selves together, so everything is…coming up roses.

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