How to Feel Confident In a Red Dress

“When in doubt, wear red.” – Bill Blass

“I want to be different. If everyone else is wearing black, I want to be wearing red.” – Maria Sharapova

“There is a shade of red for every woman.” – Audrey Hepburn

How to feel Confident in a Red Dress

How to feel Confident in a Red Dress

How to feel Confident in a Red Dress

How to feel Confident in a Red Dress

How to feel Confident in a Red Dress

Ruffle Red Dress c/o (only $15 and SO FUN! I’m wearing a Medium cos I wanted to make sure the front + back were long enough for my liking 🙂 ) // Turquoise necklace (similar – lovelovelove how chunky these rocks are, similar, similar) // Slide Sandals ($27.99 + such a fun pop – I lovelovelove that there are tiny pom poms on the straps!)


There is so much power in a good red dress. I don’t mean just ANY red dress…I mean a *good* red dress. The type that turns heads in the best sense, because it just screams confidence. I know, I know…it can be hella intimidating to wear something that you just KNOW will make ya stand out. But you were born to stand out. So let’s get ya feeling confident + beautiful + sexy + fabulous in RED, shall we?

I friggin’ lovelovelove a good red dress. This one that I’m wearing here? So stinkin’ fun + only $15. YUP. A good red dress can instantly put a smile on yo’ face and/or make ya feel like a total badass. So, I’m all about it.

FUN FACT: My senior year prom dress was red + sparkly. #typical #extra

First thing’s first: Embrace the fact that you’ll stand out. It’s OK to stand out. In fact, it’s good. 

Second thing’s second: Know how to style your red dress (no matter the dress type, season, or occasion) so that the focus is on it + you as a power couple together. That means…

  • Immediately decide that you look hot as heck. Seriously. Do it. Say to yo’self in the mirror that you are beautiful before you even leave the house. Ain’t nobody got time for insecurity when you’re rockin’ the most secure color out there. OWN. IT. 
  • Keep accessorizing minimal. Red is a statement color in and of itself, so no need to go overboard with accessories! Opt for one statement piece max (like a bold complimentary necklace, one chunky bracelet, or a funky pair of earrings), or a few dainty pieces together (ie., a tiny gold chain pendant necklace with a thin gold bangle bracelet and gold stud earrings, etc). Too many accessories can send ya straight to salsa dancer territory, especially since your dress in and of itself is more bold.
  • Opt for a simple hairstyle. A crazy ‘do will immediately make things look more formal than they probably are. Especially if you’re tryna tone down the red effect, try beachier waves for a more casual look, or a simplistic up-do for a dressier dress.
  • Avoid silver jewelry. Especially if your red dress is more bright red rather than a deeper garnet or cherry. If the undertones in your dress are more orange-y red, silver will clash since silver is more of a blue-undertoned metal. Instead, go for the gold. Yellow gold will better compliment the warmer tones in your red dress. Silver *could* work with a deeper, more blue-toned red, like a burgundy or anything wine-colored!
  • Avoid the TSD Trifecta. That is, too-Tight, too-Short, and too-Deep all at the same time. Ain’t nobody got time to be lookin’ like a Jersey Shore nightclub. 😉 If you wanna keep it classy + fear lookin’ like you’re working nights, make sure that you are never hitting this trifecta. My general rule of thumb: pick ONE thing you want to highlight that fits within the trifecta, and go with that + ONLY that. For example…wanna show off your legs? Choose a shorter dress with lots of leg room that has a higher necklace (keeping the focus JUST on your legs!). If you’ve been spinning and/or have just been #blessed with Kardashian-esque genes, wear something tighter in the behind that shows off your kickass booty. BUT, consider having it be a bit longer hemline – maybe going down to around knee-length or midi-length – to really keep the focus on the back. Catch mah drift?
  • Have a red dress for every occasion. A comfy t-shirt dress is perfect for running around casually, whereas lace is gorgeous for a wedding, and more structure is better for workwear. Because the color red is closely associated with really strong emotions (like confidence, passion/sex appeal, and power), it’s more important than ever to know your situation and let the shape + structure of your red dress work in your favor!

For a wedding/formal –  If it’s bright red, keep it classy. If it’s darker, that automatically looks + feels more royal and regal, so it’s always a safe bet for playing dress up. 

For casual – Keep if comfy + looser fitting. Cotton dresses will automatically up the casual factor, since they’ll likely have a more t-shirt vibe to ’em.

For work – Gotta be strict here: Nothing tight, low, OR high if it’s red for work. Opt for a darker shade of red, and structure when possible. A good fit n’ flare is always a pretty safe bet!

For whenever – Player’s choice. 😉 I found the *cutest* ruffled red romper + a *stunning* red jumpsuit that would be oh so good for a wedding or special event, so I included both below, too, justbecause.


How to feel Confident in a Red Dress

How to feel Confident in a Red Dress

How to feel Confident in a Red Dress

How to feel Confident in a Red Dress How to feel Confident in a Red Dress

How to feel Confident in a Red Dress


How do you feel most confident in a red dress?

What helps you feel calm + cool + sexy + fabulous? Does anything specifically help ease nerves + feel good about standing out? 

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