Save the Date.

It’s loooooooong overdue time for another Friday Bridesday post, dontchathink?? If you’re new around these rosy parts (a big fat welcome!), J and I are getting married this fall. Check out the bottom of this post for more wedding and relationship schtuff. WOOHOO! We got our Save-the-Dates recently, and I can’t NOT share them with you all – literally could not be happier. I’m totally biased, but Barn Stationery is the best for save the dates, invitations…the whole nine wedding yards. I’m not picky about a lot, but I was picky from the get go with wedding stationery. After scouring countless online stationery retailers, I was left feeling like everything was not quite right – too cliche and typical for J and I. Then I found Barn – a stationery goods store and graphic design studio based in Louisiana that’s full of so. much. goodness. (And a fun fact:  BARN stands for beautiful, artfully resilient and noteworthy.)

Now presenting…

Save the Date.

Save the Date - Wedding stationery from Barn Stationery

Save the Date - Wedding stationery from Barn Stationery

Save the Date - Wedding stationery from Barn Stationery

Save the Date - Wedding stationery from Barn Stationery

Save the Date - Wedding stationery from Barn Stationery

I worked with Danielle, the owner and badass boss in charge of Barn Stationery, to create our Save the Dates and also our official wedding invitations. J and I seriously could not be happier with the results. To me, one of the most remarkable, unique things about Barn is the complete customizability of your stationery. Instead of being forced to choose a cheesy template like on many other wedding stationery sites, Barn cares about building a relationship with you and walks through the design process with you step by step, from brainstorm all the way to final product. They just get the fact that every couple is so unique, every love and marriage is so unique, and your stationery deserves to be unique like that, too. And that’s A+ branding in my book. 😉

So Danielle and I kicked off our process. I had collected design ideas via Pinterest, because Pinterest + weddings go together like PB&J amiright?? Then we hopped on Skype to talk through actual design. I swear it was like she had read my mind. While Danielle had already scoped out my Pinterest goals, she just knew exactly how to verbalize the image in my brain, and it was awesome.

Danielle drafted up a few different alterations of both my Save the Dates and Invites for my review, and they were all so close to perfection it was crazy. After finalizing details, our Save the Dates showed up on the most gorgeous cardstock with pristine white accompanying envelopes lined with gold foil. They’re literally *exactly* what I could have ever hoped for and then some; Barn is worth every cent.

Our goal at BARN is to guarantee you find the wedding stationery and branding process as fun as possible! Our team works with you to create a cohesive and unique look for your needs. You can be confident that your stationery will be printed at the highest quality possible and your digital files will be clean and crisp. Anything we design will be given the utmost attention to detail. All items can be customized and personalized so that it truly represents you, and your vision.


Save the Date - Wedding stationery from Barn Stationery

Save the Date - Wedding stationery from Barn Stationery

Save the Date - Wedding stationery and Monogram stamp from Barn Stationery

Save the Date - Wedding stationery from Barn Stationery

Save the Date - Wedding stationery from Barn Stationery

THESE STAMPS THO. *insert heart eyed emoji x4*

Barn Stationery also specializes in handcrafted rubber monogram stamps, and in my personal opinion, they’re a complete must-have.

  • They’re made ridiculously well.
  • Get your own monogram OR your couple’s monogram – or your state, the Eiffel tower, the list goes on…
  • Stamp your wedding stationery, and/or just stamp normal mail and make it look epic.
  • Get one for yourself/your S.O., and for your friends or family – they’re the perfect gift idea.
  • They’re only $20. Like, excuse me? You get the cutest, personalized, high quality stamp to stamp on ANYTHING FOREVERMORE, and it’s only 20 buckaroos? Sign me up.

I’m already excited to stamp this year’s first official couple Christmas card.

Heck, I very well might start stamping the bills.

If you’re in the market for getting married, I could not recommend Barn Stationery more. So gorgeous, so high quality, so professional, so personable.

If you’re not in the market for getting married. Get your own monogram + your girlfriends and stamp love letters to your future husbands over wine and Ben & Jerry’s, because doesn’t that just sound fun?

No worries, though, if you’re not feeling like having your own totally-from-scratch customized designs; Barn also has pre-made invitation designs, boxed stationery, and personalized rubber stamps to grab on their online store.

A quick note from Danielle…

Hey y’all! I’m Danielle Aime an educator, designer, and consultant with a love for all things design and business. When it comes to your wedding and/or business, I believe your invitation or branding truly sets the stage for the look and feel of your day, what you stand for. I put my heart and passion into designing anything I touch. I have an eye for detail; I’m addicted to design, strategy and tea. I believe less is really more. I have an amazing mentor and best friend, and he’s my husband Nathan. I’m an animal lover (especially dogs) I have two, Ziggy and Piper. I love to travel and explore different cultures around the world, as well as taste and eat the food. Random fact about my husband and I, we are beekeepers! We also grow our own veggies and fruits.

Shop Barn Stationery here directly, or here on Etsy!

Time to Save the Date! Where did you get your wedding stationery? What was your experience like?

I’d love to hear about your own experiences shopping for a save the date + invites. What did you like/dislike about the process?

And if you have any questions at all about going through Barn, let me know and I’d be more than happy to answer. 🙂

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