I have an Amazon Storefront!

Obviously everyone and their mother is talking about one thing online right about now: the virus. I may or may not write something up, as well, but for now, honestly I’m exhausted. I’m sure many of us feel the same – exhausted from reading, preparing, stressing over it all, seeing so much unfold over the nightly news or through empty-grocery-store photos on social media newsfeeds. I don’t want it to feel like I’m ignoring what’s going on because believe me – I’m not.

But I figured I’d share something a bit (like, WAY) more lighthearted in case some of you just need to mentally shut off for a hot second and treat yo’self to something small and for you while loading your Amazon carts with the toilet paper and hand sanitizers not found on store shelves for a 30 mile radius.

One of the most common Q’s I get is about different things I’ve shared from Amazon, Amazon favorites, etc – and anytime I share roundups of the best things I’ve found on Amazon, it’s a reader-loveloveloved post! SO, I realized it’s been around the block for awhile and yet I’ve somehow NEVER SHARED with you that I have an actual Amazon storefront of my own – crazy right?!?!

Anytime I purchase something on Amazon that I lovelovelove, I save it to my Amazon storefront and try to categorize it accordingly so that if/when you’re shopping for something similar and need a recommendation, or are just curious about what’s showing up on my doorstep from the Prime guys – I’ve gotchu covered. 😉

  1. Head to Amazon
  2. Click this link to hit up my Amazon storefront!
  3. You’ll see this screen below – just hit “follow” and you’ll be up to date on what I’m buying + loveloveloving from Amazon
  4. Once here, you can scroll through + shop the 15 categories

How to Shop my Amazon Storefront - Shop my Amazon picks anytime on Coming Up Rsses

Unfortunately after you hit “follow,” I’m just in the Amazon abyss – so if/when you’re feelin’ nosy and want to peep around what’s in my cart, just click those little three dots on the corner, hit “who you follow” – if you’ve followed me (yay! hi!), I should pop right up with any recent posts/recommendations for you there!

If you’re shopping from a desktop, things are a bit easier in my opinion (but I’m also old school and nearly always + ONLY shop on desktop – call me grandma, I guess 😉 ). Just bookmark this link, or type this into your web browser:


Just like my Instagram handle!

You can pop on there at any point to see what I’ve been buying + loveloveloveing lately from Amazon, recommendations categorized for different needs/occasions – the works. It’s sorted by spring/summer style, health/wellness, baby, beauty, shoes, fall/winter fashion, book (like Caffeinate Your Soul!), swim, travel, home, accessories, athleisure, a gift guide, as well as a more general tab for anything + everything I’ve gotten from Amazon and liked.

If you DO want to “credit” me for a purchase you make, shopping via my Amazon storefront is a great way to do so, too! Of course as always that does NOT impact the price you pay at all – it’s simply a way for a retailer to give a little kick-back commission on a purchase to whoever referred a customer to make it in the first place. Just like in-store employees get at a place like Nordstrom or a car dealership for helping you with your shopping! It NEVER impacts your pricetag – Amazon pays it on the backend, and it’s always something like 8% of the price goes back to the blogger. (So really, we’re making a few cents or a few bucks when we get commission, but those can add up if/when folks intentionally try to shop through us to support our small businesses if/when we’re intentionally trying to help make your life + shopping easier!)

And of course, if you want/need some reading materials in the pipeline if we might be holed up indoors for the foreseeable future – grab a copy of Caffeinate Your Soul! It officially releases on May 5th, but by the looks of things, we may be hanging out and hanging tight inside for quite awhile, and it’ll make for an uplifting quarantine read at least.

Have you shopped my Amazon storefront before?

Let me know how I can make it an easier experience for you, or anything specific you want/need – I’m on it, girlfriend!