30 Ideas for Fun, Relaxing, Productive Social Distancing

Hellllllllo from Quarantine (again). I don’t know who needs to hear this, but today is Tuesday. 😉 Since everyone and their mom is practicing social distancing right about now (you are, right? Right????), I rounded up some of my personal favorite activities + ideas to tackle while remaining ~socially distant~. Especially with no end in sight, I figured it would be good + helpful to have a list to fall back on when you’re done binging Tiger King and need a new fix – or something a bit more productive to pass the time while social distancing. 😉

30 Ideas for Fun, Relaxing, Productive Social Distancing - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Cook! Make pasta salad in advances for lunches while working from home, for dinners to avoid grocery shopping (code ERICAL80 will save you $80 off your first four meals – it’s what we swear by every week and have used for over a year!) – and here are easy pierogy recipes for those Mrs. T’s in your freezer!
  2. Take Yale’s most popular course online for free: The Science of Well-Being. I’m enrolled now!
  3. Have a mask day: face mask, lip mask, hair mask, (seriously, it’s a thing). 
  4. Read a book – or pre-order mine? Here’s my 2020 reading list!
  5. WRITE a bookI wrote one! So can you!
  6. Virtually ride some Disney World rides! Because if you can’t be AT the happiest place on earth, riding shotgun from your couch can be half the happy…right? 😉
  7. The ol’ Netflix binge – We just finished Tiger King which is approximately the most ABSURD thing I’ve seen in my entire life, but like a dumpster fire that you just can’t look away from – ha! Starting Locke & Key next per popular recommendation. Lovelovelove Schitt’s Creek – and I’ve blogged a bunch of favorite shows/movies and other best things on Netflix right now!
  8. Play games – Qwixx, Throw Throw Burrito, Exploding Kittens, …we also lovelovelove this conversation card game because it’s not cheesy and LEGIT helps foster fun, new conversation. We’ve been together almost 8 years and can STILL have these “OMG I didn’t know that about you” moments with it if that tells ya anything – ha! And download House Party on your phones for virtual game nights with your friends + fam! We’re taking on my parents tonight!
  9. Take up TikTok – and follow me @ericaligenza 😉 Seriously though, SO MUCH FREAKING FUN. Social distancing at its finest. I always swore I’d never join another platform or “waste my time” with the Gen Z’ers, but it’s actually been the *best* mental escape during everything that’s been going on lately.
  10. Try an at-home workout! I have some equipment that I’ve gotten that I lovelovelove and recommend – my Amazon bike (same quality as some $1,000+ bikes I’ve seen!), mini trampoline (the BEST for FUN cardio + leg workouts), free weight set, jump rope, resistance bands. If equipment isn’t in the budget right now, no worries – use a flight of stairs! Run up and down them 10 times, then do 10 pushups against them, then do a 30 second plank and repeat. There are also a TON of apps nowadays for at-home workout facilitation, so whether you’re looking for yoga or zumba, there’s an app for that!
  11. Organize ALL THE THINGS! I’ve been on a major organization KICK on quarantine and have vowed to organize one thing a day. Break it down to not be overwhelming! This might mean you break it down by shelf or cabinet, but in time, it’ll be done…and we’ve got TIME, friends. 😉 Make a list and check it twice: fridge, closet, bras/underwear drawer, junk drawer, pantry, garage, bathroom sink storage, linen closets, bookshelves, nightstands, storage room/area, basement/attic. ALSO, do a digital detox!
  12. Clean your makeup brushes. Because when was the last time you did? 😉 And while you’re at it…
  13. Go through your makeup and beauty products and throw out anything expired or old. For a refresher, here’s an old CUR post detailing your makeup shelf life!
  14. Make a budget. Better yet, make a short-term budget AND a long-term budget.
  15. Go through your closet if you’ve had it since high school or college, it goes to the DONE pile, no matter what.
  16. Write down ten things that bring you deep joy. 
  17. Write down ten things that you’re grateful for – bonus points if they happened within the last 48 hours. (Here are 26 things I’m grateful for right now).
  18. Call your grandma. She misses you.
  19. Go for a walk outside (just stay at least 6 feet away from any other humans out there!). We go on a little family walk every single day before dinnertime and it’s both J’s and my FAVORITE part of the day (and Liv’s, too!). We take Liv in her car wagon (which she is OBSESSED with – HIGHLY recommend!) and just walk around soaking up some sunshine and chatting. Vitamin D can help ward off depression, so it’s especially important to still get some sun even though we’re otherwise cooped up inside!
  20. Listen to a new podcast (like THRIVE!).
  21. Binge a favorite Disney Channel show from the 90’s – Hello, That’s So Raven. Any other 90’s kids sooo into the DC shows from back in our day??
  22. Make a list of classic movies you’ve never seen – then watch the first one on the list. At the top of mine: Casablanca!
  23. Find five small shops you can support right now. Some of my favorites: (discount code: ERICA15), , (discount code: ERICA10), Candy Baublez, , (discount code: INSTA15)
  24. Have a pizza day/night with all of your pantry items. Make a breakfast pizza, a few savory, and of course, a dessert pizza!
  25. Learn how to contour. Or how to do your brows.
  26. Make a travel bucket list for when this is all in the rearview mirror. #hope
  27. Re-visit your goals/resolutions/whatever ya wanna call ’em. Where are you at with them so far? I think we’re all in agreement that 2020 can get a do-over already, right? Start today.
  28. Go for a drive. Literally anywhere. Sure, you might not be able to get out and do much, but it can help regain a sense of normalcy for a hot sec. Put on a good driving playlist (I recommend this one!), roll down the windows, and bring an iced coffee along for the drive.
  29. Schedule a Group FaceTime Happy Hour with your girlfriends.
  30. Turn off the news. Stop over-consuming the bad stuff. Start intentionally consuming the good stuff. Let go of worry (while remaining informed, of course) and put on a positive perspective that lets you breathe hope and kindness to your neighbor instead of fear and panic. Be a light in the darkness. Do your part, stay at home, don’t hoard toilet paper, and help flatten the curve.

How are you social distancing lately?

How many of the 30 above social distancing ideas have you already tackled??? HANG IN THERE, FRIENDS.