GIFT GUIDE: 50+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Her

I recently saw a statistic that people who decorate for Christmas earlier are happier people. And…they’re obviously right. People who shop for Christmas, blog about Christmas, and do all things Christmas as early as possible (albeit, not before Halloween) are MY KINDA PEOPLE. Is your tree up yet??? This year on CUR, we’ve got two different ways to shop based on your personality type (whoa, amiright?), and SO MANY GIFT GUIDES coming based on what *you* requested specifically in our lil’ shopping survey a few weeks back! Prepare to deck the halls and hit the malls (online) feeling fired up + fueled up on peppermint mochas galore. Basically, consider CUR your one-stop holiday shop. ? We kicked off Gift Guides on CUR last week with the Best Thing that I Own that I’d 100% Recommend as Gifts – and it was a hit! More Gift Guides are coming this week – in a hot sec I’ll explain how everything is/will be organized on the site here so that you can navigate to whatever you want/need and find ALL THE THINGS that are here to make your life easier. 😉

Much of last year’s Stocking Stuffer Ideas for her are still totally suitable options, but I’ve got a fresh set of 50 stocking stuffer ideas to get those stockings stuffed this year! This is extra fun since they’re like little impulse buys that you #CantStopWontStop adding to cart.


If you prefer to shop by price, go ahead and navigate your mouse to the “SHOP” category on the menu bar. When it drops down and you see “HOLIDAY SHOP”, head to the “QUICK SHOP” category. I’ve got an entire section there of all gifts for her under $20 organized just by price, many of which are great stocking stuffer ideas, too. So pick your poison! 😉 Really, I just wanted to have options so that you can shop however you prefer. If you’re someone who wants to read a little bit about each product and have my personal thoughts, recommendations etc (thankyou!), this gift guide style is for you! If you just want to see a big collection of products-only and shop whichever look like what you’re looking for, then head up to the blog’s menu bar over “SHOP”, hover over the “HOLIDAY SHOP” dropdown, and choose “QUICK SHOP” after that. You can quickly shop stocking stuffer ideas + every other gift idea on the planet to get everyone checked off your list! (Although more bigger, dedicated gift guides like this to come this week, so stay tuned if that’s your preferred method – I gotchu!) 

Alternatively, bookmark this page on your desktop for GIFT GUIDES and this page for the QUICK SHOP. Gift Guides are coming in waves as I get them published since they’re obviously heftier blog posts, but Quick Shops are already up and ready for action! They’ll also be continually updated as I find things worthwhile of inclusion, so check back often and I’ve gotcha covered. 🙂

This entire collage of stocking stuffer ideas if clickable, so you can click directly on the image something you wanna shop! Of course, everything and then some is listed below with notes, explanations, recommendations, etc.

  1. – philosophy always comes out with festive scents, so they make great gifts – even for housewarmings!
  2. – Perfect for the traveller, or for the girl whose headphones are constantly a tangled meess in the bottom of her bag (aka me 😉 ).
  3. – This is awesome because it can be split up and gifted to 4 separate people!
  4. – I have one of these on my key ring and it’s a LIFE SAVER, especially when you’re out and about with all the things and/or all the babies – ha!
  5. – I splurged on my own as a major TREAT YO’SELF, but this cute one isn’t even 20 bucks! It makes life so much easier for her if she’s constantly carrying her cards and no cash and doesn’t need the extra bulk from a bigger wallet.
  6. – Stuff the stocking of a beauty lover with these – perfect little hack for being able to now see the actual color of her favorite MAC lipsticks. I got these from Amazon myself and lovelovelove!
  7. – More stocking stuffer ideas from my own personal favorites – ha! 😉 This milk frother is a HIT – great, easy way to make turn your regular cuppa coffee into a latte in 10 seconds or less at home.
  8. Mario Badescu facial spray trio – Another one that can be gifted as a whole, or broken down into 3 individual stocking stuffer ideas for 3 separate ladies! I always have full-size bottles of these facial sprays on hand because I’m personally obsessed. (More on face mists in my blog post here!)
  9. – Because Barefoot Dreams is the PERFECT Christmas gift for anyone, and some socks in her stocking will do the trick! The most affordable way to score some BD for the holidays.
  10. Laneige lip sleeping mask – Another personal favorite – a totally luxe lip balm for overnight that WORKS. One of the only ones I can use where I wake up with lips that feel truly hydrated!
  11. – These candles are always top sellers and for good reason – they’re fabulous and make your house smell just like Anthropologie. 😉 How cute are these mini ones as stocking stuffer ideas???
  12. – This year’s monogram mug is TOO CUTE. I want one myself!
  13. – The cult-classic mascara in ornament form. Stick it in her stocking, or just put it on the tree for her to find!
  14. – I throw my hair up in big scrunchies to sleep every night, so gift her some luxury – lovelovelove these pretty silk ones!
  15. – This is another GREAT overnight lippy – I have this one myself, too! I typically alternate between using this one and the Laneige. Feels so fabulous on your lips.
  16. – Made it to my own wishlist for J – how precious are these personalized stacking rings?!? Great for any lady with a few people worth stacking.
  17. – These MAKE MY DAY. I grabbed a pair for a Secret Santa we have coming up…they’re TOO GOOD. These work gender neutral, too; get it for her with her hubby or baby or best friend’s name on it, or get for HIM with HER face on it – ha!
  18. – This is a great price on these! I have one that I got years ago from Anthropologie that was more expensive, so this is a nice alternative that’s more affordable. 🙂 This one from Amazon is near identical for under $13.
  19. Gucci belt lookalike – A FABULOUS lookalike for under $20!!!!
  20. – Instagram has been freaking the freak out over these razors – I’m about to pull the trigger myself to see what all the hype is about. Word on the street is that they’re the BEST razor out there for the closest shave. J put a year’s worth of razors in my stocking one year and it was so practical but awesome – so much money I saved then myself. Ha!
  21. – This is such a pretty drugstore palette of mattes (as seen in my blogged fall drugstore everyday makeup look )
  22. – The drugstore lippy I #CantStopWontStop raving about for the past few months – it’s just so dang good. Perfect since it feels like a balm but lasts like a liquid lipstick – she doesn’t have to be a “beauty guru” to master it!
  23. – I’m almost out of my own bottle – it’s a drugstore setting spray that’s perfect for the season since it gives you a little glow to finish off your face (it’s literally shimmery in the bottle – so pretty!)
  24. – The cult-classic, best-selling eye balm, and my personal favorite. It’s got rosehip oil inside which acts as a natural retinol for anti-aging – bless up. Seriously SO GOOD and worth the hype – I have a tube at my desk, in my bag, and at my skincare station in my bathroom. HA. An everyday must for me, especially on no makeup days to go straight on my skin (although it works over or under your makeup, too, for cooling + brightening the undereye!). Use code COMINGUPROSES for 15% off at checkout.
  25. – It Cosmetics CC+ Cream – My personal favorite CC cream – it’s got SPF inside and a hydrating serum, so it feels like skincare in your makeup.
  26. AirPods case – Easy Amazon find!
  27. – A GREAT mascara if she wants long, luscious lashes.
  28. – The must-have on my desk – for anyone who can’t drink a cup of coffee in one sitting. 😉
  29.  – Because baby it’s cooooold ouuuuutsiiiide – but she’s still gotta text! ?
  30. IDEA: Unbox these and just stuff the stocking with KCups!!! This is one of my (+ my whole family’s) favorite flavors – it’s so yummy.
  31. Born to Shine book – Written by my friend Ashley and just SO SO GOOD. It’s the story of what happened to her own family + how she healed after major heartbreak, with tactical takeaways for finding your own light amidst darkness. Beautiful read!
  32. Faux fur pom hat – Because cozy stockings are the best kind of stockings!
  33. Mickey + Minnie Mouse stud earrings – For the Disney lover! (IDEA: Pair with a Disney+ subscription!)
  34. Jade roller with a massage head – A new take on a jade roller, with the massage head.
  35. These are WILD + so beautiful…would also be a great housewarming or hostess gift!
  36. – Perfect for anyone who needs some deeeeep relaxation time in the shower (like moms!).
  37. – Because life is like a box of chocolates…
  38. – The wine-o in your life will lovelovelove these in her stocking!
  39.  Also I want these. What a good idea!!!! Another good option for the hostess, or also for him if he’s into a good DIY cocktail on a Friday night!
  40. Mean Girls mini magnet set – For the girl who thinks she’ll make fetch happen.
  41. – IDEA: Put this in her stocking, then get her an as the main gift!
  42. – Throwing it back to simpler times when you only had one chance to get the shot…and you found out a week later at CVS is you did or not. 😉
  43. – Full-size MAC lipsticks aren’t cheap individually, so this set is a neat way to try a few colors without breaking the bank! Plus, mini-size is great for travel.
  44. – These are GREAT lip balms (we have them in our house!) – the set is gender neutral too, so you can split it up for him AND her if you want!
  45. – These are GREAT lip balms (we have them in our house!) – the set is gender neutral too, so you can split it up for him AND her if you want!
  46. – Perfect stocking stuffer idea for anyone who has had a tougher year…a good reminder of how much she has faced with strength and overcome!

Which Stocking Stuffer ideas are your favorite?

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