5 Fall Essentials + Your New Favorite T-Shirt Dress!

FRIIIIIIIDAAAAAAAY!!! Ya couldn’t have come soon enough. TBH, a whole ‘notha post was set to be published this morning, but some kinks happened on the backend and things had to get rearranged last minute. So, naturally, it was 10 pm last night when I found this out – and girlfriend wanted her beauty sleep. 😉

I stared at a blank page for approximately too long before remembering I had the *CUTEST* dress (I know, I know, but isn’t this the cutest dress? Yes, they’re all the cutest dress. Because they’re all so dang CUTE.) from pre-haircut days that I actually couldn’t wait to share with y’all. I shot this in JULY, yo. JULY. I stood there, sweating in my blanket scarf (nearly passed out, NBD) because I just *knew* this gem of a t-shirt dress would hit it big come pumpkin spice season.

And SURE ENOUGH, here we are. 🙂

P.S. Also be sure to check out how to wear a blanket scarf TEN WAYS right here!

5 Fall Essentials + the BEST $39 T-shirt Dress

5 Fall Essentials + the BEST $39 T-shirt Dress

5 Fall Essentials + the BEST $39 T-shirt Dress

5 Fall Essentials + the BEST $39 T-shirt Dress

5 Fall Essentials + the BEST $39 T-shirt Dress 5 Fall Essentials + the BEST $39 T-shirt Dress

5 Fall Essentials + the BEST $39 T-shirt Dress

5 Fall Essentials + the BEST $39 T-shirt Dress

Ruffled t-shirt dress (comes in 6 colors – olive, black, grey, teal, blush, + garnet), comfy AF, only $39 – #AddToCart, #AddToCartAnotherColor. I stayed TTS!) // Blanket scarf (near-identical) // Peep-toe booties (I just #CantStopWontStop with these, not sorry. They’re no longer backordered, they come in 3 colors, AND they’re currently 20% off!!!) // Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM (c/o Keeks) // Liquid lipstick (shade: “Backtalk”) // Thin Bangle Bracelets (c/o)

This bad boy is:

  • A t-shirt dress. Namely, comfy AF. Clearly I’ve got a thing for comfy around these rosy parts.
  • Ruffled sleeves. So, not your ordinary t-shirt dress! These sleeves are darling, pointblankperiod.
  • Comes in 6 colors. *adds all to cart*
  • Is under $40. A whole outfit for $39 bucks? Yaaaas please.

It’s just about the easiest peasiest thing to throw-on-and-go, which is usually my favorite kinda thing. Plus, it’s so friggin’ cute. So that’s a plus! And it’s COMFY. A. F. This thing is not your average t-shirt material. Nosirree. It’s so stinkin’ soft, it’s like your boyfriend’s worn-in shirt that you steal to sleep in at night. If that doesn’t have you convinced, I’m going to just quit now and go pursue my childhood dream of being a world class dolphin trainer, because I have failed y’all in the fashion department. But if you’re like YAAAAS SIGN ME UP, here are all 6 colors for ya. I just got it in the blush, too!

5 Fall Essentials + the BEST $39 T-shirt Dress

OK OK OK. So let’s quickly discuss 5 fall essentials. If you do not have these 5 fall (fashion) essentials in your closet, you are not fall-ing correctly. THERE, I SAID IT. These 5 things are about as essential to fall as pumpkin spice and the Bath & Body Works 3-wick Leaves candle (thank me later).

  1. The t-shirt dress. Le duh. It’s that “transitional” piece everyone and their mom needs (since transitional pieces are all the rage thanks to Mother Nature’s absurd temperament anymore). I’m thinking I should do a post allllll about the bajillion and one ways to style a t-shirt dress since there are, in fact, a bajillion and one ways.
  2. The blanket scarf. Also, le duh. Unless you live under a rock, you know, wear, + lovelovelove a good blanket scarf. I mean, it’s a scarf AND a blanket in one. This is proof that God still loves us. Also thinking of doing a post (/video???) of how to actually put ON a blanket scarf, since apparently that’s a struggle in the world. Amazon is a great place to stock up on pretty much every color under the sun.
  3. The peep-toe booty. Or would it be booties? I just feel like Miss United States in Miss Congeniality 2 everytime I say “booty” on the internet. HA. 😉 Peep-toe booties – specifically, these peep-toe booties – are the jam right now. They’re perfect since they work with dresses. pants of any length – heck, they’d probably make kilts look cute, too. It’s not really cold enough (yet) for full on boot socks with tall boots + jeans, so these are the perfect in-between to show off your leftover summer pedicure without sweaty feet for date night (ew).
  4. The big neutral bag. I’m a sucker for my Louis Vuitton. I just am. I never thought I’d be that girl, but I’m that girl. It really lives up to the “neverfull” name, which means it’s my dream bag since I throw in everything but the kitchen sink and somehow it’s never full. Mindblowing. Point being, a big neutral bag is always a safe bet. Whether it’s an LV tote, something camel-colored, a subtle leopard print purse or a big black bag (like my favorite as seen here!), you need SOMETHING.
  5. The neutral fall liquid lip. There is such a thing as a “fall neutral lip.” I know, because I just made it up. 😉 But you have your summer neutrals, and your spring neutrals…and you have your fall neutrals. For those that aren’t yet comfy taking the leap to vampy reds + dark plums, that’s A-OK – you’ve got your fall neutral lip in the interim. This liquid lipstick is my FAAAAAAVORITE right about now. First off, I lovelovelove the formula in general. It’s bound to be a Thing I Love in le future, cos it’s a thing I love. But this color in particular is bombdotcom. It’s got cool undertones, so it is pretty complementary to any skin tone.

And VOILA. 5 fall essentials you’ve gotta have in your closet, + the t-shirt dress that should’ve been in there yesterday. But it’s better late than never – go ahead and make it happen. 😉

What are your 5 fall fashion essentials? Would you rock t-shirt dress?

Are you a fellow t-shirt dress queen? And if so, what are the ways you lovelovelove styling yours? Like I said…bajillion and one ways. I wanna know yours.

P.S. ICYMI, start yo’ weekend right: 10 ways to declutter your mind right now.

P.P.S. Don’t miss out on entering to win $725 to Nordstrom!

Happy weekending.

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