8 Links + 5 Things I Love, Stuff on Sale, June Playlist

I’m in total denial that tomorrow is JULY. We’re past the halfway point to Christmas 2017. Like…what. I get to blink and it’s right back to a links + things I love post. CRAZY, amiright?!?! I’m now in the process of planning this series as far out in advance as possible so that I’m constantly in the zone to find favorites to share, which makes these roundups so much easier + meaningful, I think. So, I’m STOKED to share all of the below with ya! SO many goodies.

On a more personal note, can I request some prayers + good vibes from y’all for Moose? (ICYMI, Moose is one of my rescue cats – he’s got quite the personality and frequents my Snapchat + Instastories cos he’s a ham). A few days ago he came down with a suuuuper high fever (we’re talkin’ 106 degrees) and the vet couldn’t pinpoint a problem – so we got antibiotics + pain meds and said a prayer it would work. And it did for a hot sec, but yesterday his temp came back and he’s back to how he was before…but he’s on antibiotics. So, no bueno. Could use all the kitty prayers today since I’ve gotta take him in for another checkup and most likely more testing. I’m a total emotional sap approximately 20 hours of the day anyways, so add in fur baby problems and I’m a mess. Ha.

Now, onto some Links + Things I love, stuff on sale (and there are some HELLA good sales happening…), and June’s playlist!

Links I Love:

8 Links + 5 Things I Love - on Coming Up Roses

  1. 20 easy things you can do to improve your life.
  2. “Is butter a carb?” No, but sweet potatoes are. And here are 3 insanely incredible ways to make ’em stuffed.
  3. That time Nicki Minaj paid for kids’ college tuitions
  4. 10 tips for making a small space bigger.
  5. The cutest DIY for those of us who can’t really DIY – Thumbtack monogram art. Also how cute would this be as a gift for your bestie? Or housewarming for a Bachelorette pad?? CUTENESS.
  6. 27 lessons the first-ever CUR intern has learned in college thus far.
  7. Harry Styles Carpool Karaoke. If you weren’t a Styles fan before…#YoureWelcome.
  8. Breaking these 11 habits will make you happier.



Stuff on Sale:

HUGE SUMMER SALE ALERT: 50% off *everything*!!!! (Just use code SPARKLER at checkout

This *super* versatile top is 40% off, and I just might get one in every color.

Huge sale happening here – spend certain amounts and hack off $$$ of your total!:

Going on vacation soon? Or just dreaming of one? The perfect travel pouch is 50% off.

I’m blatantly obsessed with this persimmon-colored swing jacket. On sale for 50% off and oh so perfect for the working wardrobe!

Adding this one-piece to my cart STAT – it’s part of a bigger sale and it’s adorable AF.

Take an extra 30% off of all home + apartment decor already on sale (bless).


June Playlist:


Things I Love:

8 Links + 5 Things I Love (Rose all day sweatshirt)

IT Cosmetic’s CC+ Cream – As seen the other day here on how to to get glowing skin for summer! This stuff is so friggin’ good. The full title is “Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream + Anti-Aging Hydrating Serum + SPF 50+,” but…ain’t nobody got time for that. 😉 For awhile now, I’ve had the issue where I’ll get random redness on my nose or cheeks. So fun, amiright? Sometimes I just wanna correct color, and othertimes I just want something that feels a bit more breathable + light on my face – especially during summertime. This stuff does it for me. The tube literally says “your skin but better” on it, which feels 100% accurate. And the instructions treat it as sunscreen, so it’s legit *perfect* to have on hand for whenever!


It Cosmetics CC+ cream

It Cosmetics CC+ cream

Rose all day sweatshirt – Oh. Em. GEE. YO. Never have I been so floored by a sweatshirt. I was curious about this brand o’ sweatshirts for awhile, after seeing countless bloggers rave about how squishy soft they are. Now…they’re not exactly cheap. I was skeptical to spend $$ on a sweatshirt, of all things. But I did…and now I’m hooked. AND NOW IT’S ON SUPER SALE. The irony. HA. You guys, I cannot even adequately explain how ridiculously comfy this thing is without just passing it through the screen for you to touch. This is the ultimate treat yo’self gift. It’s super cute, yes. But it’s also just so super indulgently comfy. This is hands down 100% worth the splurge. And y’all know I lovelovelove me a good sale or budget-friendly piece, so if I say it’s worth spending more…I mean it! Perfect treat yo’self, or perfect gift for a bestie or sister. (FYI, I stay TTS and wear a Small!)


rose all day sweatshirt

8 Links + 5 Things I Love (Rose all day sweatshirt)

8 Links + 5 Things I Love (Rose all day sweatshirt)

L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss – Feels AMAAAAZING – so insanely creamy, not sticky or drying at ALL, and the color payoff is out of this world. Also, almost has a stain-like effect; even after the gloss feels like it’s “off,” your lips are still colored, so you can just apply lip balm if you’re out and about and still look like you’re wearing a liquid lip or stain! I have the shades Fuchsia Amnesia, Aphrodite Kiss, and Forbidden Kiss and can’t wait to get more. All are gorgeously pigmented (and there are more neutral shades, too, so not all are BA-BAM). A totally FABULOUS drugstore beauty buy! Also Buy 2 Get 1 Free right now so…#BuyThemAll


L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss

L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss

L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss

Everlane day heels – As seen in this post on the most comfy shoes for work (that are also cute, cos ain’t nobody got time for un-cute shoes). These heels are by FAR the comfiest heels I have ever worn ever. And that’s saying something, cos I kid you not I must have over 150 pairs of shoes at this point. Some might say hoarder, I say collector. 😉 So I’ve seen my fair share of heels. First thing’s first: the color. This poppy red-orange is just fun and the perfect summer statement shoe. Whether you’re wearing a brighter look and going matchy-matchy with it, or wearing neutrals (black, white, grey, leopard since leopard is a neutral 😉 ), they work. And if the bright color ain’t your thaaaaang, they come in black and a light beige color, too. Second: The low block heel. It’s trendy but versatile and oh so walkable – a big bonus when it comes to high heels. Third: the shape. The back is like a little crimped elastic so it molds against your foot beautifully – there’s no forcing your foot into a one-size-fits-all mold. Beyond that, the front of the shoe comes up to the perfect place on your foot. IDK what it is, but I don’t walk out of these at all. Which is a HUGE DEAL if ya know me, cos normally I can’t wear any pump at all that doesn’t strap into my foot somehow. Seriously. Any sort of open-model pump like this typically means I’m walking right outta it, whether I’m wearing my size, sizing down, etc. These are absolutely positively worth it if you need to add a classic, comfortable heel to your work wardrobe. I WISH I had these when I was in college, even, just for presentations, networking events, interviews, internships, etc. Now?? OMG y’all, #AddToCart. (Also come in flats and slip-on mules, so all the heart eyes over here…)


The comfiest heel EVER!!

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate pretzel slims – I think Trader Joe’s slipped some crack into these. No kidding, yo. ADDICTING. These are my fave snack right now. They’re thin pretzel slins just dipped in dark chocolate. Simple as that. Delicious AF. I think they’re about $3-4 a bag, and I  buy multiple at a time anymore since J and I can go through a whole bag in one setting (not even mad about it). Perfect combo of sweet + salty, but not too sweet at all – just perfection. Straight up hooked over here!


Trader Joe's dark chocolate pretzel thins

8 Links + 5 Things I Love (Rose all day sweatshirt)


What things + sales + songs + links online have you been loveloveloving lately?

Pleasepleaseplease drop ’em in a comment below – I’ve gotta see! I’m literally always on the hunt anymore, so I wanna learn your favorites. Your favorites are things YOU love, so there’s a good chance that could become things I love, too. 🙂

P.S. Have you answered this one Q yet? It would mean SO MUCH to me if ya did, and it will literally take you t-minus 2 seconds.

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