8 Links + 5 Things I Love, Stuff on Sale, September Playlist, + MORE.

Whoaaaaa Friday AND the second-to-last day in September? How. But really, how. I swear sometimes my life is a broken record. Every month, it’s a saga of I-can’t-believe-the-month-is-over, and everyday is a battle between a salad or an ice cream sandwich for lunch. Today I went with the latter. Don’t judge me.

This week has been Nuts with a capital “N”. One of the hardest parts (in my humble opinion) about my job is the uncertainty of it all, across the board. Uncertainty in income (that’s sorta a doozy), uncertainty in growth, uncertainty in timing. Some seasons are predictably busier than others (lookin’ atchu, Christmas). But the week-to-week layout is a bit harder to plan for sometimes. This week happened to be one of those weeks where #AllTheThings were happening at once. #AllTheCalls, #AllTheMeetings, #AllTheDeadlines. All of which are good things typically…but when they all happen at the exact same time, it can become #AllTheStruggle. BUT. No complaining over here. It’s all coming up roses after all, amiright?? HAHA see what I did there? 😉 So here we are, the last Friday in September 2017, I’m still in my fuzzy bathrobe at nearly 1:30 pm, and I just ate an ice cream sandwich for lunch. I would say I’m living the life. High hopes for October.

Onto some links + things I love (besides ice cream sandwiches).

Links I Love:

8 Links + 5 Things I Love - on Coming Up Roses

  1. 5 books recommended by the world’s most successful attention-getter.
  2. Asking for help as a freelancer without getting burned (+ knowing WHEN to get help)
  3. This is a *right* way to wash your hair. Here’s how.
  4. Hilarious cat Snapchats that will actually make your day.
  5. A deep need for deep work.
  6. The most friggin’ awesome, inspiring, badass 100-year-old woman who is literally running for her life. #YouGoGirl
  7. The best response when asked (or when thinking of asking) someone to work for free, be that a blogger, freelancer, computer programmer…
  8. How adjusting your thermostat will make you more productive.


Stuff on Sale:

The HUUUUUGE Shopbop Sale ends at midnight TONIGHT. Don’t miss it! [code EOTS17 at checkout]

65-75% off all CLEARANCE. Seriously.

These thigh-high boots (that I styled here!) are now under $100. #bless

20% off the most POPULAR booties of the season (which I have + loveloveLOVE + are in this post below. HA)

EXTRA 30% off these Anthropologie sale pieces

EXTRA 40% off all LOFT sale items


September Playlist:


Things I Lovelovelove:

Kate Spade Kenna tote

Y’all. Y’ALL. I. am. obsessed.

So funny story about this tote.

I had found it online a good few months ago and fell in LOVELOVELOVE. Hard. I was so into it. It’s roomy! It’s stylish! It’s got a bigass bow on the front! And the best part – it has a legit secret compartment behind the bow that opens to hold your yoga mat. *And all betches everywhere drank their Starbucks and rejoiced* But I was not into the $300 price tag at the time (hear me out).

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, and I was perusing online again. I found a really big tote with a bigass bow on the front that I reaaaaally just loved. I was due for a treat yo’self!, and figured this definitely fit the bill.

It shows up to my house, I pull it outta the box, I check the tag…and it says “good sport” on it, and doesn’t it say it fits a yoga mat. I just about died. I hadn’t even realized it was the same bag I had already fallen in love with when I placed the order! So obvi it was meant to be. 😉 The tote is SO fabulously roomy. It works for a work bag, since it easily fits your laptop + more. It works for an overnight bag, since it easily fits a change of clothes and toiletry bag. It works for a gym bag, since it has a friggin’ YOGA MAT COMPARTMENT. Basically, it works for everything. #AddToCart.

P.S. That sick scar below? That happened at a Lady Gaga concert. Didn’t have the heart to photoshop it out, cos that’s a hella cool battle scar.

Things I Love - Kate Spade kenna Tote, Peep toe booties

Things I Love - Kate Spade kenna Tote, Peep toe booties


Peep-toe booties

Only the cutest, comfiest peep-toe booties to ever be made for walkin’.

And they’re currently 20% off.

AND THEY’RE NO LONGER BACKORDERED. ATTENTION, NO LONGER BACKORDERED. This is not a drill. After the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale took blogdom by storm, these babies were backordered until November. November. And who wears open-toed shoes to Thanksgiving? Those don’t pair with my eating pants, so not I. I needed them bad and I needed them now. So I ordered anyways and said a prayer, and sure enough, they showed up at my doorstep early. Now, you don’t even need to pray about it – your prayer has already been answered. They are available this very second to be yours.

And you won’t take them off until your toes freeze over.

Things I Love - Kate Spade kenna Tote, Peep toe booties


Leith ruched dress

Here we are back again with the dress of the season. #CantStopWontStop. #SorryNotSorry (But actually sorry for the hashtag craze in this post – it’s obnoxious, I know, but I’m really feelin’ it, ya feel?). This bad boy of a dress was styled 3 ways in black, and y’all seemed to lovelovelove just as much as I did. It’s so good that it’s worth repeating everything said there. So I think I shall. This dress is:

  • Comfy AF
  • Flattering AF
  • Easy AF

It’s just over $50, which ain’t the cheapest frock around. BUT BUT BUT. It’s 100000% worth it. I mean, I bought it in grey as soon as I tried on my black one, cos it’s just that good. It’s so perfect for throwing on + going. It’s perfect for my college chicas heading to class and then to internship (throw on a blazer + pumps = voila!). It’s perfect for my yuppies for work and then happy hour. It’s perfect for my mamas for running around chasing kiddos and then running errands (100% beats leggings or yesterday’s t-shirt – you will feel PRETTY, as you should!).

ALSO ALSO ALSO, it came out in more colors!!!! There are now officially 9 colors to choose from. Excuse me while I buy 3 more.

Things I Love - Kate Spade, The Perfect Dress, + MORE

Things I Love - Kate Spade, The Perfect Dress, + MORE

1 Thing, 3 Ways: Ruched Bodycon Dress (the most flattering dress ever)

Black version as styled here


MAC Rebel

*THE* fall lipstick if there ever was such a thing. I’m such a sucker for MAC lipsticks in the first place – they’re just the bombdotcom, and I really don’t think they can be beat. I’m a diehard. So I have this thing now where whenever I’m stuck in an airport somewhere, particularly for an unexpected delay and/or layover…I go to the MAC store (provided they’re a halfway decent airport WITH a MAC store). And I get a lipstick. If you follow along on Instagram (you should! @ericaligenza), you may remember the Saga of Chicago that took place this past summer. The easy recap: What was supposed to be an easy, under-2-hour flight from Philadelphia to Chicago turned into a flight from Philly to Greenville, South Carolina, then to Dallas, Texas, and THEN to Chicago. It was as entirely exhausting + unnecessary as it sounds, thanksforasking. BUT, the second I go to Dallas, the sweet Lord Baby Jesus #blessed me with a MAC store right next to my gate. Tell me that wasn’t meant to be. TELL ME.


I got not one, but TWO lipsticks outta the deal.

Cos the Carolinas causes for one.

And Texas caused for two.

Cos everything’s bigger in Texas. Including my need for more lipsticks than any woman deems “reasonable” or “necessary.” The limit does not exist.

Point being, if you’re looking for a very “fall” color that works on most every skin color, has gooooorgeous purple-y tones without being BAM BARNEY!, and goes with everything in your closet, this is it.

MAC Rebel - Things I Love, September

MAC Rebel - Things I Love, September

MAC Rebel - Things I Love, September


YSL Black Opium

Black Opium. Wowwwwweeeee. What a fabulous scent. I’m a big girl of a lotta things. I’m a big shoes girl. I’m a big lipstick girl. And I’m a big scents girl. From candles to perfumes, I like everything smelling fabulously fantabulous. I had had samples of Black Opium before; even tho I now have approximately way too many perfumes on my vanity tray, I still had to get a bottle of YSL’s classic. It’s notes are apparently coffee, vanilla, orange blossom, cedarwood and patchouli essence. So it’s the most intoxicating combination that pretty much everyone and their mom would lovelovelove.

YSL Black Opium - September Things I Love

Things I Love - September Roundup on Coming Up Roses

What things + sales + songs + links online have you been loveloveloving lately?

Leave your personal faves in a comment below, wouldja? I’ve already found music for October’s playlist, so this girl is hyped. Do you have any fun weekend plans?

P.S. For more links + things I lovelovelove, just click here!

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