10 Things You Need from Amazon You’ll Use Everyday

It’s no secret that ya girl loveloveLOVES good Amazon finds. I undoubtedly shop at Amazon more than any other retailer – maybe you do the same? It’s just so simple to add to cart and go, and with Prime shipping it’s such a luxury to have stuff showing up on your doorstep within 48 hours (sometimes sooner). I’ve done some roundups of Amazon favorites and my best Amazon finds of years past (here, here, here, and here!), but I’ve had SO many good finds lately that I’d be a blatant jerk to NOT share with you. I couldn’t even wait until the year’s halfway point – we just have to do this dang thing right now. 😉 Here are 10 things you need from Amazon that you’ll use EVERYDAY.


  1. No-show socks These just blow my mind, and they’re something that every single one of you needs, like, yesterday. Especially if you’re like me and *hate* when no-show socks slip, fall off under your foot while you’re walking, rub, etc. Absolutely at the top of the list of things you need from Amazon that you’ll quite literally use everyday!
  2. Portable charger I’ve gotten QUITE a few portable chargers from Amazon, but this one is so cool because it doesn’t require an additional cord. It’s actually got a few different cables attached directly to it, including micro SD, so you can pull it out to charge wherever whenever. You recharge the charger by just plugging it directly into the wall, and when it’s plugged into the wall you can still charge your phone via the attached cables. NO need to remember your long, tangled cords or borrow someone else’s – they’re all right there!
  3. $7 Pillow Talk lipstick alternative Does it look familiar? 😉 As seen on CUR last week – this $7 lippy is a greaaaaat alternative to the $34 cult-classic Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick! All the deets on it are in that post, so make sure to check it out if you haven’t yet for the full side-by-side comparison. But in the meantime, pick it up on Amazon!
  4. Caffeinate Your Soul: 52 Monday Mantras I mean, had to. 😉 If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, what the heck are you waiting for, girlfriend?!?! I’m SO stoked about how any of YOU are so stoked to finally have your hands on this book. It’s been such a labor of lovelovelove and my hope + prayer is that it’s a truly helpful, meaningful tool in your lives for an entire year (and then some). Makes a great gift, if I do say so myself – I recommend grabbing a few to keep on hand in your gift closet or in storage anytime you have a coworker, kid’s teacher, or girlfriend in need of a gift or pickmeup!
  5. Lookalikes to Lululemon Align pants + Align joggers The very best! These are alternatives to the $98 Align pants are about $30 and are SUCH GOOD QUALITY. They feel soooo similar. Wear really well. Are just a GREAT buy, and if you’re someone who lives in yoga pants or runs around in athleisure like it’s your job, you’ll want to snag a pair (or two!). I have 5 pairs of the leggings and own the joggers, as well, and I also own the Lululemon version of each too so I can compare from firsthand experience. 😉
  6. Designer lookalike sunglasses How stinkin’ cute are these sunnies?!? They’re around 10 bucks and look juuuuuust like these popular $250 Karen Walker sunglasses. I own both the original and the look for less, and they’re all great. Especially if you’re like me and always worried about breaking or losing your sunnies, save your coins and get this pair!
  7. Key wristlet An absolute must-have that you’ll undoubtedly use daily – it’s a GAME CHANGER for maximizing your efficiency when you’ve things to do and places to be and don’t want to be fumbling around for keys! Especially for my fellow mamas – ain’t nobody got time to be struggling when you’ve got a baby on the hip and groceries on your arm and everything else under the sun being juggled. Also makes a great, unique gift idea for a baby shower!
  8. UGG slippers lookalike I’m just SO happy with how many of you have been grabbing a pair of these and sharing on your own Instastories with how much you lovelovelove. Don’t wanna say I told ya so but… 😉 They’re just so good I don’t even know what else to say about them. More info in the full blog post here. You might not take them off. You’ve been warned.
  9. Wire-free bra I shared this gem of an undergarment in this roundup of my best Amazon purchases of 2019. If you’ve ever been personally victimized by underwire and/or just hate wearing bras…I feel you, girl. We’ve all been there in a battle with a bad bra, and honestly, ain’t nobody got time. This is one of if not THE best wire-free bra I’ve found (I own about three different brands of them at this point in trying to find my #1!). You essentially forget you’re wearing a bra. It’s got some support, it works on all boob sizes, no gaping or discomfort…just a generally GREAT bra. My mom bought some too and seconds this!
  10. Blue light glasses One of the most frequently asked Q’s on my Instastories might be for links to my blue light glasses – ha! I have these, these, and these – all from Amazon.

What do you have from Amazon that you use every day?

Any recent Amazon favorites you’d recommend?