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Today, I awkwardly felt the urge to tell you my life story. It’s funny. I have this blog thing where I write my thoughts and ideas and try to provide you with some tidbits of inspirational or funny things, and I don’t know if you even know me. So today, I figured I’d change that and answer some totally random questions from some of you that may or may not be a fun time ahead.

I’m finally getting around to the questions that were sent my way by a bunch of lovely ladies in Blog Land. By “finally getting around,” I mean I was sent these a very long time ago, and I’m not even technically eligible for the award they correspond with now based on my growing blog stats. Oops. I was nominated for a Liebster Award, a Flower Award, and a 20 Facts tag. Awkwardly responding now, waaaaaaaay too late. Guess I was waiting to combine a whole bunch of facts in one? So, now presenting, a slue of things about me, in a semi-organized but 100% truthful manner.

Huge thank you’s and shout outs are in order to Harper from Harper Honey, Marina from Earth to Marina, Jaime from On Miami Time, Jennifer from Blush and Fuss, and Chelsea from Hey Guys, It’s Chelsea! Each girl nominated me for a Liebster award – this sweet little gem in blog world to spread blog love and get to know each other and discover other blogs. Thanks to Taylor from A Cup or Tay for the Flower (we know how I love me some flowers), and to Allison from Allisonleighann for the 20 Facts tag. I’m going to combine them all into one and do my own lil’ variation just to let you get to know me better.

How it works:

  1. Beg/plead/pay someone in chocolate to nominate you. (Jokes). Just get nominated.
  2. Write 11 facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the 11 questions sent your way. (You’re about to learn a heckuvah lot about me.)
  4. Tag bloggers as your own nominees.
  5. Read their responses, comment, sip some tea, love life.

Thank heavens I love lists. And the number 11. So it begins…

11 Things about Me…

  1. Thunderstorms thrill me, really. I’m the type to sit outside in the middle of the downpour in awe of the thunder and lightning.
  2. I can face paint pretty darn well, courtesy of my 8th grade art homeroom.
  3. The Cups song from “Pitch Perfect?” Yeah, I can cup that. While singing.
  4. I can’t decide whether I love coffee or tea more. I’m equally obsessed.
  5. Scandal has inspired the name of my future daughter. No shame.
  6. From ~ 1 am onwards, I’m completely delirious and don’t shut up.
  7. My dream career from around age 5 on was to swim with dolphins, until career class crushed that in high school – “Swimmer with Dolphins” isn’t a viable occupation.
  8. The idea of virality fascinates me – how things go viral, what makes online content circulate like wildfire…all that sortof geeky marketing stuff is right up my alley.
  9. Someday I’m going to be a professional party thrower. For a good time, call me.
  10. I have a not-so-slight, newfound addiction to Tostito’s Spinach dip. Oops.
  11. One time I gave myself a black eye. Full-on swollen bruiser. Long story.

fall outfit

11 from Harper…

  1. What are your top 5 favorite movies?

Finding Nemo, Pitch Perfect, Les Miserables, The Notebook, and I wanna say something deep and profound but all I can think is LEGALLY BLONDE.

  1. Where do you like to go when you are upset or stressed out? What do you do there?

I love going to Boyfriend’s or to my Nana and Pop’s house. Boyfriend’s has an adorbs kitten, back massages and wine, and Nana and Pop’s has the best people and pierogies on the planet. Win win.

  1. If you could live in either a comic book, a romcom, a musical, a crime show, a gothic novel, or a sci-fi series, which would you pick and why?

A musical. Because when all else fails in life, it’s best to sing.

anything goes musical

If you can pick me out, you win. If you can name this show, you win.

  1. In what ways do you hope your blog will grow or change?

Some exciting changes are soon coming to Coming Up Roses, but I won’t talk about them…you can see for yourself soon!

  1. You are on a mystery solving team, similar to the Scooby-Doo gang, with a combination of friends and celebrities. It’s you plus 3 other people and an animal side-kick of your choice. Who’s on your team?

This is brilliance, first off. So, I’d definitely have to bring my dear kitty, Pumpkin. Her impeccable feline instincts and knack for hunting imaginary mice would undoubtedly make her the super-est of sleuths. My aunt Andrea would come along, because she’s ridiculously intelligent and has the common sense of Ben Franklin (or someone like that). J. Law is coming along, because we’re besties and we don’t leave each other’s side (and who couldn’t use Mystique/Katniss Everdeen on the team? C’mon now.). Kevin Hart would top off our team with humor and manipulating prowess (like in Ride Along…just like that, but without getting caught).

  1. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hanging out on a sunken-in love seat with the Love and kitten after a hard, fulfilling day at work. Will be nomming on a tub of fat-free Half Baked (fat-free will happen, I swear) and sipping Cabernet while watching Season 18 of Scandal.

  1. Tell me about something from your childhood that you still keep.

My impeccable taste in style. HA. I actually still have this wonderful purple bunny rabbit that my aunt got me for my birthday.

  1. Do you have any favorite charities or causes? 

Anything that fights against human trafficking, breast cancer, or ovarian cancer…they’re near and dear to my heart.

  1. Do you stay organized? What are you best at staying on top of, and what are you least organized about?

From 1 to 10, I’m 12 on the organization scale (a bit cray cray with it all, actually). I have ongoing lists everywhere, in various papers, post-it notes and online documents to keep track of things to-do and to work on and think about. I’m best at staying on top of what color to paint my nails next and what flavor coffee I’m going to buy before my 9 am lectures. But actually, it’s blogging things that take the cake for most organized, because I’m so passionate about it!

    10. What time of the day or night do you have the most energy?

Most energy in the morning, but the creative juices flow in night owl mode. Usually, that’s after midnight, and it’s a mix of sleepy haha’s and just pure genius (ha!).

    11. Tell me 3 regrets you hope to die without.

What are regrets? Everything is a learning experience. Maybe you do something stupid, but you learn from it and move forward and figure it out as you go. I want to die with no regrets and a whole lot of learnt things.

no regrets

As seen here.

11 from Marina…

  1. What is your favorite part about blogging?

The best feeling for me after publishing a new post is getting great feedback on it and having people say that they agree with you/feel the same/love your point of view. It’s validating, and it makes you feel unalone in a vast digital world.

  1. If you could only use one beauty product, what would it be?

Lip goo. Me without lip goo of some kind – balm, stick, butter, gloss, whatever – is basically me naked. That, and/or mascara. Chapped lips and un-awake eyes are my beauty pet peeves!

  1. Who has inspired you the most?

That’s a three-way tie between my mom, my boyfriend, and my aunt.

  1. What is your dream job?

Being the personal assistant of Beyonce. Or the #2 in command at Gilt Groupe alongside Michelle Peluso, who is my female role model in the business world.

  1. What is your favorite animal?

I’m so indecisive! That’s a toss-up between bottlenose dolphins, giraffes, and my kitty.

  1. What makes you happy?

Seeing other people be happy.

  1. Favorite food?

Bread with great crust, homemade guacamole, and ice cream.

  1. How do you get motivated?

I check out quotes from some of my favorite people, read my favorite Bible verses (Philippians 4:13), and give myself a pep talk.

inspirational quote

  1. Heels or flats?

Heels. Heels heels heels.

    10. What is your favorite thing to do?

Way too many to count. It’s probably better to ask, “What’s your favorite thing to do on a Friday night at 10 pm?” And I’d say, “Watch this past week’s episode of Scandal.” #noshame

11. Where do you like to shop?

Any off-price retailer (Marshall’s, Ross, Burlington, TJ’s), Target, Forever 21, BooHoo, GoJane, H&M, Victoria’s Secret, J. Crew, and LOFT.

spring outfit

11 from Jaime…

  1. If you were a Barbie, what 3 accessories would you come with and why?

The fixings for a good pizza, an ice cream sundae bar, and a Keurig.

  1. If you were to bring one unnecessary item to a desert island, what would it be?

Mascara. But that’s necessary.

  1. How do you de-stress after a horrible day?

I flop onto my bed and melt into it with some dark chocolate and tea. I’ll let my mind relax by scrolling through Pinterest or some great articles, or I’ll catch up on a TV show or work out – anything to distract myself from whatever had me worked up in the first place!

  1. Would you rather have Grumpy cat or Lil’ Bub as a pet?

Lil’ Bub

  1. Where/when do you think you had a past life?

I’m pretty sure I was the Little Mermaid. Or I definitely ran around with a shell bra singing at the top of my lungs and pretending I was a fish.\

  1. What makes you nervous?

Seeing a spider, turning away for a split second, looking back again and it’s gone. Getting grades back after taking exams. Hearing a sound late at night and not knowing whether you’re just dreaming or awake.

  1. What’s your best quality (physical or otherwise)?

My mom says my enthusiasm, and my dad says my versatility. Personally, I think my ability to speak at obnoxiously fast speeds takes the cake for best quality. HA. I think my ability to laugh at myself has done me well thus far in life. And I like my big, dark eyes.

mud mask

  1. Who was your FIRST celebrity crush? Who is it now?

Then? Zac Efron ala High School Musical. Now? Zac Efron ala everything else.

  1. What was the first CD you ever bought?

Pretty sure it was Backstreet Boys “Millenium,” and Play’s first CD (boy bands and girl groups…typical 90’s child, right?)

10. What was the biggest/best thing you’ve ever splurged on for yourself?

My trip to study abroad in Spain last summer! It was unbelievably amazing time well spent.

alicante spain

11. Where is your favorite place in the world?

Wherever my Love is. But to be not totally cheesy, I’d like to think it’s going to be Poland, when I eventually get to visit the Motherland.


11 from Jennifer…

  1. What made you want to start your blog?

I had been writing for a school-affiliated fashion website, and I wasn’t really feeling it after awhile – I wanted complete control over what I put onto the www. I also wanted an outlet to spread my (hopefully) inspirational two cents, all in the hopes of inspiring other girls who might feel alone sometimes and (hopefully) enjoy my opinion. I wanted to feel like somebody was getting their best friend’s advice – for it to be relatable and fun and exactly what you’d need as a break on an otherwise eh day.

  1. What do you want to improve on your blog?

Some big changes are actually in the works for Coming Up Roses, so stay tuned!

  1. What would you do if you suddenly won $10,000,000.00 in the lottery?

I’d pass out. Then I’d jump around and scream and dance like a wild woman. Then I’d leave a voicemail for Boyfriend and call my mom. And then I’d be taking some of the best people in the world for a glorious night out. Finally, I’d do as I do best – I’d make a list. And I’d donate a whole heckuvah lot.

  1. Favorite time of the year?

Christmastime, hands down. The air is magical.

5. Hobby other than blogging?

I love to play piano and sing. I sing in UPenn’s a cappella group Counterparts (it’s John Legend’s alma mater group!), and I play piano in the lounge next to my dorm at midnight when it’s supposed to be quiet hours.

6. What color expresses your personality best?

Purple with sparkles.

     7. What would you like to accomplish by the end of the year?

I’m going to start teaching myself how to speak Polish.

     8. Where is your dream vacation?

Bora Bora, in those cute little tiki huts over the water. What girl doesn’t dream about that?

     9. Who is your biggest inspiration?

Again, it’s a three-way tie between my mom, my boyfriend, and my aunt.

10. How did you choose your blog name?

My mom was brainstorming with me, and her ideas were so totally cheesy and exactly what you’d expect from a ridiculously excited and adorable best friend mom. Then she said, “What about ‘Coming Up Roses’?” and I never looked back. Plus, my middle name is Rose. And it has this whole “blossoming” metaphor going with it, which is exactly how I think this life stage goes for us all!

11. What makes you feel the most beautiful and confident?

Getting all dolled up for a night out on the town. I love trying new hair dos and makeup tricks and pairing that with a kick butt ensemble.


11 from Chelsea…

  1. Who is your favorite Disney princess? 

Ariel. She sings and swims with dolphins all day, and I swear Victoria’s Secret will go for shell bras some day.

2. Who is your favorite band?

Right now? Kodaline. And also Bastille, Magic Man, and Band of Horses.

3. What is your guilty pleasure?

Watching adorably cheesy and predictable TV romcoms.

4. What is your favorite book?

The Hunger Games trilogy. And a bunch of nerdy marketing texts.

5. Do you have any pets? If so, how many?

I graduated from hermit crabs and beta fish to a precious tortoise kitten named Pumpkin.

funny cat

6. What is your favorite Starbucks drink?

Anything “skinny” and “macchiato.”

7. What is your favorite hobby?

I love to play the piano and sing, and I guess I’m a pretty big fan of blogging.

8. Where is your favorite place to travel?

As of now, Spain!

9. What is number 1 on your bucket list?

Live every day happily.

10. How did you and your best friend meet?

I have a few “best friends.” One bestie I met in the class I’ve loathed most in college. We had chatted on Facebook before meeting in person, but she never said hi to me in person because she thought I was “too cool” for her and I thought she hated me. Awk. Another bestie I met on the basketball court. We were the only girls, and we bonded over foul shot practice and beating the boys. Another was a roommate in college, another was in a “pageant” with me my senior year of high school, two others were in an audition line with me for Regionals in high school chorus days.

11. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I’m an ambivert!


11 Q’s for some other lovelies…

  1. If you could up and go to anywhere in the world for the rest of the day, where would you go, who be your travel buddy, and what would you see/do there?
  2. You’ve just had an insanely ridiculously tiring and stressful day at school/work/blogging in your pajamas with hot tea and macarons all day. Top 3 ways to de-stress?
  3. Who do you think are the two most influential (guy and girl!) people in the world today?
  4. What song best fits your personality?
  5. If you could re-name yourself today, what would it be?
  6. Best blogging tip you’ve ever received?
  7. The most popular 3 websites in your computer history?
  8. Go-to piece(s) in your wardrobe right now?
  9. What are you most excited for right now?
  10. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?
  11. Do you watch Scandal? (If not, get on that).


Whew. If you made it through all of that, congratulations, thank you, and we should get coffee. You’re a superstar.

Erika, Vicky, Taylor, Madeleine, Shane, Ashliegh, Tiffany, Rachael, Ash…you’re up.

I’m sure some of you are going to end up being my soul sisters in disguise, so let the comments commence. Do we share the same favorites or quirks or thoughts on life?