What is THRIVING, really?

What does THRIVE mean to you?

It’s a question we ask every THRIVE podcast guest to close out an episode, and one that’s shocked the heck out of me to date, because in nearly 100 episodes – we’ve yet to have a repeat answer.

Funnily enough – I’ve never answered it myself. Until now. 😉

What I lovelovelove so much about thriving is that it’s such an active word and state of being. And, like happiness, it’s a state of being that requires work, intention, and the flip side for perspective. I firmly believe that darkness can never overpower light – and the darker the night, so to speak, the brighter the light can shine. Our tough times can strengthen us, the fires that don’t consume us refine us, and the days that we feel like we’re just surviving are what give us grace, perspective, and motivation to find a place of thriving again.

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The THRIVING Collection - on Coming Up Roses

To me, THRIVING is…

  • finding contentment in the present moment without planning or perfecting the next
  • owning your mistakes without internalizing them as personal faults
  • apologizing when you need to
  • recognizing if/when ego is preventing an opportunity for personal growth
  • setting intentional boundaries – and keeping them
  • choosing a healthy perspective based on capital T Truth (ie, the Truth about what and who God says you are, versus a truth that another human being, society, or your own brain may claim you are in a given moment)
  • validating your feelings without letting them become your facts
  • developing discernment – relationally, spiritually, emotionally
  • working purposefully instead of perfectly
  • allowing yourself to change and grow, even when there are growing pains
  • getting comfortable being uncomfortable
  • giving yourself grace to slow down or permission to speed up at your own pace, always
  • nixing comparisons once and for all
  • accepting that we may never understand some things or have it all figured out – and that’s okay
  • creating your own happiness without waiting for others to create it for you
  • hoping in things you have not seen with your own eyes, knowing that it can (+ will) happen
  • welcoming feedback without fear, while confidently assessing its credence 
  • knowing who deserves your time, energy, and resources 
  • appreciating life’s seasons in every sense
  • falling down seven times, standing up eight
  • understanding what your body, mind, and soul need at any given moment
  • feeding and fueling them that (whether that’s a green juice or a brownie, a workout or Netflix)
  • trusting in the goodness and fruitfulness of God and His holy timing, even if/when the devil tries to plant seeds of doubt
  • loving yourself intentionally and unconditionally
  • stepping into new seasons with curiosity and gratitude
  • surviving what feels impossible

What does THRIVE mean to you?

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