Top Stocking Stuffers for All

Christmas Day is in TWO WEEKS, people – look alive! Who’s ready? Who’s excited??? THIS GIRL. I proudly + happily had nearly everyone and everything crossed off my list by December 1st, but I still find myself scrolling through gift guides and roaming through aisles to find last minute additions. And something I’m sure so many of us are still stocking up on are stocking stuffers! It always seems like stocking stuffers are what stumps people, so I want you to know…as long as it’s small enough to fit IN the stocking, it works! This is where size matters, folks. πŸ˜‰

TOP STOCKING STUFFERS for all - on Coming Up Roses

In choosing this year’s top stocking stuffers to share with you, I wanted to keep it short n’ sweet and more narrowed in on the best of the best, since ain’t nobody got time to weed through things at this point in the game. With shipping times being delayed still, time is of the essence! So I also made sure to only include what *should* arrive by Christmas Eve. I say should because Lord knows the postal service has been a hot mess express lately. πŸ˜‰ But fingers crossed you’ll be set with these picks! There are ten for each category: top stocking stuffers for her, stocking stuffers for him, AND stocking stuffers for toddlers – because I feel MOST equipped to make recommendations for that age group given the OG. πŸ™‚

Best Stocking Stuffers For HER:

  • Tarte Juicy Lips – I’ve been obsessed with these things since the second I first tried them! They feel SO luxurious – a beautiful glossy balm that’s so hydrating and NOT sticky or wet. I think I’m up to 5 in my own collection now. Normally they’re $19 on Tarte’s website – but I found a pack of FOUR for only $38.64 AND you can get $10 off with code OFFER if you’re a new shopper to the site (or just use a new/different email address to get the savings still!). So it brings it down to about $28 for FOUR instead of $76, which is a STEAL!!!! Get the four pack and gift them all to her, or separate for all of the stockings you’re stuffing for the ladies in your life this year!
  • Shampoo scrubber – These are one of those things you’d roll your eyes at at first, but end up not being able to live without. Get the incredible feeling of someone else shampooing your air without paying $50 for a salon blowout – pay 8 bucks and no need to leave your comfy home.
  • Wrist key ring (this one or this one!) – For the woman whose hands are always full. 
  • Tula eye balm – My personal favorite is the rose. (See my full Tula eye balms review here!). Brightening, cooling, and the pink is also anti-aging! A great pickmeup to her undereye – I especially lovelovelove on no makeup days to just brighten things up. Great stocking stuffer for moms or teachers, too!
  • Laneige overnight lip treatment – This lip treatment is LUXE – a great overnight product for your pucker. It’s been in a staple in my nighttime routine for years now. And while it may seem pricier, it actually lasts SO LONG because a little bit goes a long way!
  • Milk frother – For the girl who runs on coffee. Great for easy at-home lattes without spending the big bucks on a new coffee machine!
  • Physicians Formula butter travel trios – Physicians Formula’s Butter products have been my favorite for YEARS. This little trio is fabulous since it has a face worth of product – butter highlight, blush AND bronzer – and comes in this cute little compact container that’s great for travel. I have a few of these in my drawer – and they’re a HUGE savings over individual products! Normally a full-size individual butter bronzer can be about $9, and you get all three products in this compact trio for $9.99. 
  • Dainty gold necklace from ABLE – I’ve been wearing + sharing these beautiful necklaces on Instastories and have gotten ALL THE Q’s from you on them! I adore a good dainty gold necklace, and these take the cake – plus, ABLE is an *incredible* company with a fabulous mission. They educate + employ impoverished women to give them opportunity at a better life, which I lovelovelove. I have the phrase square necklace and got “time to thrive” on it as a nod to the podcast (and just a fave phrase of mine!), as well as the letter necklace with initials for myself, J and Olivia. GREAT idea for a mom or mother-in-law with lots of kiddos since you can get up to SIX letters on it! AND they so kindly offered code ERICAHOLIDAY25 for you all to save 25% on anything, which is huge – that’s what their Black Friday discount was so TAKE ADVANTAGE of it while you can!!!!
  • My fave mascaras: this $5 one or Superhero – These two mascaras have been two of my holy grails. Either one would be great for lengthening + volumizing if she loveloveloves big, bold lashes like me!
  • Living Proof dry shampoo – The BEST dry shampoo I’ve ever used, ever. And y’all know I use dry shampoo slightly less than oxygen. πŸ˜‰ Stuff her stocking with this and she’ll love you forever since she’ll cut at least one shampoo day out of her week – yay for saving time!


Best Stocking Stuffers For HIM:

  • Shower steamers One of my girlfriends recommended these for husbands and I was so into the idea, I bought them on the spot. J takes his shower time very seriously – you’d think it was a trip to the day spa each time. So I know he’ll lovelovelove these shower steamers! For size reference, two of these bags fit into J’s stocking this year – sssssh, don’t tell!
  • Black truffle honeycomb or Mike’s hot honeyThe truffle honeycomb is a treat, obviously, but MAN what a yummy treat it is! I bought J Mike’s hot honey last year and it’s still a pantry staple for us now. It’s a light kick and classic honey flavor.
  • Face socks Sssssh, also in J’s stocking this year! πŸ˜‰ For the guy who loveloveloves a good, fun sock, this is where it’s AT. Get his partner’s face, his baby’s, his dog’s…literally whoever will make him smile when he catches a glimpse at the office.
  • Car dust cleaning putty For the guy who’s a car snob (or clean freak? ha!), this cleaning putty is SO COOL – literally just roll it over your dash or on the vents to pick up dust!
  • Amazon charger This has been my personal favorite portable charger find to date (and I’ve tried a LOT thanks to my job!)
  • Brumate – Keeps his beer or hard seltzer cold – bless up!
  • An extra lightning cable – For the guy who can never seem to find his chargers – hello, my husband. Ha!
  • A tile Is it just my husband that seems to FOREVER be misplacing his phone, or his keys, or some other very important thing??
  • Tech gloves or these for a more casual (+ more affordable) look!
  • Card case – I have had a card case for a few years now and I can never go back to a “traditional” wallet again! It’s SUCH a space saver, so it’s especially great for the guy who always has a bulky wallet in his back pocket (you know, where it makes an imprint on his jeans?? Ha!)


Best Stocking Stuffer For TODDLERS:

  • Pluffle – Liv is SUPER into sensory things right now, like squishy foams. I grabbed one of these for her stocking this year because it supposedly NEVER dries out – bless up! Also is non-toxic and mess-free.
  • Amazon bracelet packs – 12 little bags of 3 bracelets each come in this pack, so it’s really cute to keep on hand if/when you need a little “treat” for your little one! I put one amidst Liv’s stocking stuffers justbecause. πŸ™‚
  • Sesame Street mini people Elmo + Big Bird & Snuffleupagus – Also got her these guys – they’re an ADORABLE size for little, Sesame-Street-loving hands! 
  • Unicorn sidewalk chalk – Fun for the girly girl toddler with an artistic edge.
  • Personalized crayon box – I got little plastic boxes like this for Liv MONTHS ago to hold her crayons and I’ve loveloveloved them since. So these are a cute little personalized version that also supports small business!
  • Bathtub crayons – Anyone else’s bathtubs a perpetual work of art?? True toddler masterpiece.
  • No-spill bubbles No spill = music to any mama ears!
  • Bubble bath bombs with surprise inside – I can’t wait to pick these up for Liv – I know she’ll loveloveLOVE. Surprise inside?! Sign me up!
  • Farm animal stampers – So cute for the toddler whose JAM is Old Macdonald.
  • Playfoam pals – I grabbed one of these on my last Five Below run and the OG was INTO IT. It’s a mess-free foamy thing with a little figure inside – just know that it’s a bit sticky to touch, but doesn’t transfer on anything!

Are you still shopping for stocking stuffers?

Where are you at with your Christmas shopping?

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