Treat Yo’Self: An Ode to March

Happy MARCH! It’s Tuesday, I’m swamped with work (#storyofmylife), and I’m already highly anticipating tomorrow morning’s hump day cup o’ joe. But I’m stopping to smell the roses for a sec (get it?), and acknowledging that this month is gonna be AWESOME. Between the first month of spring, St. Patty’s, Easter, and my big 2-1, it’s basically gonna be one big fiesta. I don’t usually do “wish lists” or “gift guides” outside from the most wonderful tiiiiiiiiime of the yeaaaaar (Christmas, y’all). But today, I’m throwing homage to some of my favorite things right now, all of which may or may not be on a hypothetical wishlist, should anyone be wanting to pick up something to send my way for birthday season. No expectations here, people. AND this graphic is clickable. Meaning you can hover over any product link symbol to head straight to the appropriate website to pick it up. How. Cool.

  1. Bam! These studded neon pumps though.
  2. Been dying to get my hands on a Naked 3 since forever now, so it’s half past due time.
  3. These sunglasses from Polette are just way too cute, and there’s nothing I love more than an oversized tortoise frame.
  4. Can we talk about taupe? I already have, like, 7 blazers too many, but I don’t have this gorgeous Dailylook one, which means I’m still one short. Right?
  5. The Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate is raved about way too much to not at least try. Like when Mom raves about peas when you’re four and says how you just HAVE to try them??? Same logic here.
  6. Two-tone watch from Kate Spade. Enough said.
  7. I’m gonna go all #basic here and confess my desire for a pair of Red Hunters. I’m gonna go ahead and confess something even more embarassing: I want red just to match my lipstick to my boots. #wentthere
  8. This case was actually made for my blog. Forever 21 just doesn’t know it yet.
  9. I’ve always wanted a chic bag that looks like it could fit my cat. This one is it.
  10. These pajamas are satin, and they’re purple, meaning they’re one step away from being #flawless. That last missing step is if they were in my pajama drawer as we speak.
  11. I always thought I didn’t need a compact mirror, until those times when I do. So a fun, inexpensive watermelon one seems right.
  12. Palette numero dos. Because it apparently smells like chocolate, and that’s reason enough to splurge. I’m a marketing girl through and through (or a sucker. You be the judge).

Who’s excited for MARCH?! This girl. If you have any wishlists that you’ve been creating (since online window shopping is the procrastination method of choice nowadays), link it up down below. I’d love to check yours out!

Have an amazing night, full of trying to convince yourself that you don’t really need that thing that you really do.


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