My Un-Resolutions.

I know, I know, it’s already the 5th, so I should’ve been good and done with resolutions or un-resolutions or whatever the heck my plan was to kickoff 2015 with a physical, mental, and emotional bang, right?

Welp, you know me – always keeping it fresh and throwing in some surprises around here.

I started doing this whole “Un-resolution” thing last year in loose protest of having to promise a bunch of changes to oneself. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there was a time when I was all about that resolution list-making – Lord knows I love a good list. But then I was beginning to get stressed out every time I messed up a resolution. Or rather, I found myself not crediting them at all. Missed a day on the 365 Gym Hit resolution? Oh well, there’s always next year.

I’d find myself back in mediocrity central again and again. And by the time the next ball was to drop, I was more hit with self-doubt and annoyance that I couldn’t do something as simple as drink a liter of water everyday.

So I scratched that idea. I scratched the whole “resolutions” thing and decided to start each year on a more positive note – recognizing all of the good things that are in my life or have come in the past twelve months that I vow to not change. Sometimes, you find something amazing in your life, whether it’s a new friend or recognition of an old one, a personality trait you’ve developed or one you never knew you had. Either way, it should be cherished and acknowledged and kept for years to come. So.

My Un-Resolutions.

I’m not changing…

      1. These people. Wow. There will never be enough space anywhere to fully express how much each of you has impacted my life.collage friends
      2. My drive and ambition. Sometimes, I think it works against me. I get so ambitious and hung up on one idea or aspiration, that I think I tend to lose sight of everything else going on, sometimes to my own detriment, as I hone in on that one thing I hope to achieve or accomplish or do. But now I know it’s not bad at all – it’s gotten me this far with Coming Up Roses and more, and there’s so much in store for the future. So stick with me will ya?
      3. My relationship with my brother. Michael and I weren’t always close. In fact, we used to be polar opposites – as if our unmatching hair and eyes didn’t give that away already – and were on different playing fields for pretty much everything in life. We fought all the time and never once saw eye to eye (except we agreed that we never saw eye to eye!). Now, he’s one of my best friends, and I’ve seen him grow so so so much. Literally. He’s like twelve feet tall now. sibling
      4. This guy. I’ve gushed before, and there’s more gushing to come (stay tuned for some VLOGS on Coming Up Roses with our apparently long awaited love story!), and I’ll never stop gushing. He’s my one.chicago
      5. My intense affinity for dark chocolate, strong coffee, a bold lip, and cheesy romcoms. My new fave Hallmark-worthy flick is The Holiday; I just saw it for the first time ever yesterday (better 9 years later than never, right?) and I laughed, I cried, and I’m completely in love. Dark chocolate eases my mind, strong coffee gets me going, a bold lip is characteristic of my bold, fun personality, and cheesy romcoms just are.
      6. My willingness to try new things, put myself out there and take calculated risks with the hopes of doing something amazing. Time to kick it up a notch for 2015!
      7. My hope in Christ as my Savior and my rock.bible verse

There you have it, folks. These seven aren’t going anywhere.

What are your un-resolutions for 2015?

(If killin’ it in the blog branding world is one of yours, click here.)


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