Senior Formal, Bachelorette Party, Penn Graduation + an ANNOUNCEMENT


If you’re a CUR loyalist (hey there! I love you!), you might’ve noticed no post on Friday, no email Sunday night (get free inspiration every week by singing up here!), no post Monday…and a post today, on a Tuesday, which is like whaaaaaaa. Past Erica would’ve despised the fact that I was missing out on some CUR responsibilities, but given the biggies happening in this week, I’ve given myself a free pass to just genuinely enjoy the festivities and not stress over cranking out content that I can give you this week in an even better fashion. Cool? Cool.

This week, y’all.

(Did you catch all of the action on le Snap? I’m on Snapchat, and the whooooole shebang was documented live. If we’re not already friends, click here to add me!)

2 Bachelorettes + Senior Week + Senior Formal + Graduation + Commencement + my final move = #tired.

Let the grainy iPhone photo documentation commence.

One of my best friends came back to Penn for senior week and graduation after being gone for a semester. She’s getting married in July (I’m a bridesmaid!), so I threw her a surprise Bachelorette day-bash complete with brunch and boozy mani/pedi’s and lingerie. Who doesn’t love a good paif of “Bride” panties amiright???

The next day was our Penn Senior Formal. The entire senior class at a fancy schmancy hotel downtown with gourmet hors d’eourves and an open bar until 2 in the morning? WHAT A NIGHT.




Senior formal was followed by my own Bachelorette party. I’m not getting hitched until September, but some of my besties are about to fly out around the world for various reasons and wouldn’t make it back for a Bachelorette in between graduation and the big day. SO, in the spirit of “the more the merrier,” we chose a two-day span that worked for all. My bridesmaids planned the most “me” Bachelorette ever. We started off with frozen coffees topped with whipped cream and chocolate, followed by a wine tasting.





After that, dinner was at a gourmet pizza place – perhaps the cutest restaurant I’ve ever seen – with more wine. I couldn’t even tell you what all was on these pizzas; if I had to guess, I’d say unicorn dust. I know one had artichokes and prosciutto, and there were lots of veggies and yummy things. #nailedit BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. This place had a buffalo chicken dip accompanied by seasoned pizza crust triangles, and we ended that sucker with forks. Out. of. this. world. After dinner, we played Bachelorette games and laughed and talked the rest of the night with, you guessed it!, more wine back at our *adorable* inn for the night.






Each half of my bridesmaids hadn’t known the other half before this, but everyone clicked so perfectly and it was the most high energy, high fun time – I couldn’t have pictured something better if I tried. I mean…wine and pizza. THIS IS ME. The next morning, the inn had a fully-stocked breakfast buffet and coffee, so we were just able to relax (+ detox HA) before driving back. #blessup




Next up: GRADUATION + COMMENCEMENT. The past two days were spent graduating from the oldest + best biz school in the world: the Wharton School at UPenn. I swear they let me in on accident. The past four years were such a complete blur of good times and bad, of failures and successes, and it all culminated into this weekend. And now it’s over. I haven’t processed anything yet, and I don’t think it’ll truly set in until I’m waking up regularly with my half-set entrepreneurial schedule down pat, but until then…I’M DONE, BETCHES. Thank the sweet Lord Baby Jesus.

But more importantly, I can’t even begin to thank the people who were by my side and blatantly lifting me up throughout the whole experience when I just wanted to crumble. They’re the real MVPs. THANK YOU from the bottom of my being to the friends and family and friends who are basically family who shared moments and tears and laughs and bottles of wine and cups of coffee and notes and struggles and joys throughout this absolute roller coaster. What a ride.












senior 5

Aaaaaaand THAT’S A WRAP. Now I’m back to blogging + biz + building the empire. + I finally moved nearly all of my belongings into our new house (!!!), so my breaks will be spent decorating + cleaning + all that fun schtuff. My brain is SPINNING, friends.

ONE LAST THING: I’m super stoked to finally announce that I’m a MENTOR in this awesome new blog community called Blog Boss Babe – the latest blogging baby from my friend Helene of Helene in Between. Guys…Helene knows her stuff. When it comes to building and growing a blog and community on your own terms, Helene is the go-to gal. Blog Boss Babe is an online hub with a little bit of *everything* – education, information, networking, blog audits, social media tips…and access to 14 mentors (that’s me!) with different “expertises” in some element of building a blog/biz online from scratch. Basically, whatever you could possibly be interested in when it comes to being on the internet is included. And it’s obnoxiously affordable. Like, obnoxiously affordable. Because Helene wants this to be an accessible thing for y-o-u. For the everyday chica who’s got a dream. Because don’t we all? So click here to learn more + get in on the action. I can’t wait to see you inside the portal!

What’s new in your life?

I’d love to hear from you and just get an inside peek at your life, too. Leave a comment below…I’m catching up on comments this week, so I’ll finally have answers to all your thoughtful, heartfelt messages!

+ HOP ON SNAPCHAT to not miss any of the live action. Seriously, kids. If you like cats and happiness and laughing and makeup and food you should be there. 😉

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