I wanted to share a few spring cleaning tips I’ve learned since diving deeper into “homemaking” and making our house our home, specifically when it comes to the kitchen.

Some of my personal favorite products to stock up on are from the brands Mrs. Meyer’s, method, and Grove’s own in-house brand, Grove Co.

15 KITCHEN SPRING CLEANING TIPS: 1. Make a list and check it twice 2. Gather any/all clutter and pile it all in the center of the room. 3. Clean up your products.  4. Try running a few lemon rinds through the garbage disposal 5. Deep clean your microwave  6. Clean out the fridge – the whole fridge. 7. Self-clean your oven. 8. Wipe down stainless steel appliances. 9. Clean out your cabinets.  10. Wipe down your kitchen cabinets.

15 KITCHEN SPRING CLEANING TIPS: (continued) 11. Clear out your junk drawer 12. Tackle the floor 13. Schedule out a few deeper-cleans of areas that might not get as much attention in your regular cleaning routine. 14. Swap out your kitchen towels + dish rags for something brighter! 15. The perfect finishing touch: a fresh bouquet + clean-burning candle!

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