I’m using one of my new favorites: Hudsonville Ice Cream. Hudsonville has been using the same base recipe since 1926 for all of their yummy flavors.

ICE CREAM BAR ESSENTIALS: – Hudsonville Ice Cream, obviously! – Waffle bowls + cones – Sprinkles – Pretzel pieces – Nerd gummy clusters – Diced strawberries – Maraschino cherries – Mini semi-sweet chocolate chips – Gummy bears – Shredded coconut flakes OTHER OPTIONAL ICE CREAM BAR TOPPINGS: – Chocolate syrup – Caramel sauce – Any other fruity sauce, syrup or jam

While an at-home ice cream bar is obviously fun and a more novel way to spend a day, I also just want to remind you that sometimes, the simplest of things are the sweetest.

And your kids will love it!

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