I picked up all of these heart-shaped plates + bowls at TJMaxx. The bottomost big white heart tray is from the cupcakes + cashmere brand; it’s especially fabulous for boards since it’s got SIDES.

To create layers and add dimension, we laid another smaller heart-shaped plate on top with these pink sugar cookies, truffles, and strawberries, then two heart-shaped bowls with lady fingers and candy.

All around we sprinkled really easy, grabbable favorites: Starbust of the red + pink varieties, dark chocolate covered mini grahams, dark choco sea salt caramels, and chocolate-drizzed pretzel thins (which are just as yummy as they sound).

To make your own Valentine’s Day charcuterie board, just grab lots of sweet treats that your people lovelovelove, plate them prettily and call it a day! Really, when you’re with your favorite folks, that’s what matters most.

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