Happiness Hacks When You Need a Mood Boost

I've been reading about the difference between happiness and joy. A big one: happiness isn't as controllable because it's a feeling and we're not always in control of our feelings.

Because of that, I like to have some scientifically proven Happiness Hacks at the ready for if ever/whenever I need a little mood boost – and these do the trick.

Find 3 things you're grateful for from the past 24 hours. This will help you stay focused on the present.

Say no to something that isn't meant for you, will not fill your cup, and/or isn't right in this season.

Pick something from your bliss list and make it happen.

Use a special mug for a specific day of the week. There’s something about making ordinary moments extraordinary.

Light vanilla-scented candles. Vanilla has been proven to boost feelings of happiness and relaxation.

Be intentional about getting  10 minutes of sunshine. it decreases depression, increases cognitive performance, and improves your circadian rhythm (so, your sleep patterns!).  PS - linked a sun lamp in case you need one.


Play with a puppy. It's been scientifically proven to lower cortisol (aka your stress hormone) while boosting levels of oxytocin, serotonin, and prolactin - even if it's just for 15 minutes.

Make someone else's day. Research over the years has shown that giving of yourself - be that in time, finances, talent, etc - leads to higher self-esteem, less depression, and less stress.

Move your body. Science has said it time and time again - even just 10 minutes of elevating your heartbeat can improve everything from your mood to energy and stress levels.

Put on one of your favorite movies or TV shows.

Talk to Jesus. It always helps!

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