How to Make New Friends as an Adult

Be Genuine. It may seem obvious, but too often I meet people who drop the ball here. You have to BE a friend to HAVE a friend. The true test of friendship strength is how genuinely someone reacts to GOOD news. Are they truly excited for you? Is there any hint of jealousy? Will they really uplift + support + encourage you through it all?

Make the First Move. SOMEONE has to do it. Showing fearlessness in making that first move opens up the door to convo quicker, AND it makes the other person immediately more comfortable knowing that you likely won’t reject their outreach if you’re the one reaching out. You just have to get over your own fear of rejection!

Be Vulnerable. If you’re not there in good times and bad, you’re not a genuine friend. But if you don’t LET people be there in good times and bad, you might not be a vulnerable one. We feel good when we feel needed, and we trust others more when we entrust them with things!

Know Your Time Commitment. How often will you check in on the friendship? I’ve seen (+ had) friendships come and go BECAUSE of this and this alone If one party is more committed than the other, it shows…and it inevitably impacts the relationship. Once you know your time commitment, it’s also OK to *share* that with your girlfriends and get on the same page with expectations.

Ask for Introductions. Networking is the most effective thing on the planet, I swear, and people love to be the connector! So if you want to make friends as an adult, just make friends with OTHER people’s friends.

Say YES. If you want to make friends as an adult, you might need to step outside that comfort zone a *bit* more than you’re currently accustomed to. Saying yes to something new could be that one last step to finding a fabulous friend – or heck, your soul mate.

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