How to use an Ice Roller (+ Why You Should)

First, this is the ice roller that I use and I've been happy with it!

What is an ice roller?  It's a handheld device that has a gel-like or water (or metal!) roller that you freeze and roll on your face.

Ice Rolling Benefits: – De-puffs your entire face – Reduces inflammation and irritation – Tightens pores – Lessens headaches – Increases product absorption – Boosts lymphatic drainage – Helps other muscle aches and pains, too!

Store your ice roller in the freezer when not in use.  I take mine out and can immediately start using it - no need to "warm it up." I roll it all over my face in an outward motion.

Make sure to get these spots: – Across the forehead – Up and down the temples – Along the cheekbone (up and out) – Along the jawline (up and out) – Under each eye

Make sure you're makeup-free if you don't want your ice roller to get greasy and covered in product. I do it first thing in the morning since it helps wake me up, but you can also do it right before bed if that works better for you. You can ice roll as long as you want.

If you're not ice rolling your face,  it also feels SO GOOD on sore muscles after a killer workout, or all over your body to cold summer day. The limits of ice rolling don't exist! Just pop it back in the freezer when you're done.

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