Louis Vuitton Damier Bag Lookalikes

The Louis Vuitton Damier checkered print is beloved and timeless! 

If you're in the market for a designer bag, the Louis Vuitton bags I own all look new, even though they're pre-owned AND have survived the whims of a toddler.

But we don't always have a couple thousand dollars lying around to buy a designer bag. Enter the lookalikes.

This backpack is under $45  (vs. a real Louis Vuitton bag, which can be close to $2000) that has that checkered print. It's roomier than a LV backpack, too. Below you can see it next to my LV tote bag to see the difference in color between the checks: the real LV is warm-toned, while the lookalike is cool-toned.


This backpack has a different take as the pattern has triangles instead of squares. The canvas feels softer. I thought the top-zip would be more complicated to flip open but I've had no issues with it. At under $30 on Amazon, this backpack is a winner!


This brand has great Louis Vuitton Damier alternatives when it comes to wallets or smaller crossbodies that would make great stocking stuffers for the luxury-look-loving gal.


For more Louis Vuitton Damier alternatives, look for this collage on the blog post!

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