After experimenting with about 32 different variations, I’ve finally ~mastered~ my strawberry pretzel salad recipe and have it included below for your printing pleasure.

TIP: Thin pretzels work best for crushing. I use my NutriBullet to pulse to near-crumbs, since that helps the crushed pretzels pack better when mixed with butter for a more solid crust.

I pulse approximately half of the pretzel bag in the NutriBullet, and then crush the rest with a meat tenderizer.

Stir together crushed pretzels and melted butter; mix well, then press to the bottom of a 9x13 inch Pyrex baking dish

Bake 8 to 10 minutes (I do 9!). Set aside to cool.

TIP: Beat your cream cheese first to fluffiness before folding in your whipped topping! Then, beat again until your final mixture is as fluffy and clump-free as possible.

TIP: Add the whipped cream cheese layer once the pretzel crust is cooled – you don’t want it to melt at all! I use a bigger spatula to evenly plop down the mixture before using the back of a spoon to lightly spread the layer.

Dissolve JELL-O in boiling water. Once fully dissolved, remove from heat immediately!


Cut up frozen strawberries.

TIP: Put the frozen berries in AFTER the JELL-O has been removed from heat (their purpose is to help set the JELL-O, the way that ice might otherwise in making plain gelatin, so make sure heat is turned off when it’s time to add the strawberries!).

TIP: Make sure your mixture has begun to set before pouring onto the cream cheese layer. It should be similar to the consistency of egg whites!


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