DIME Tinted Wonderscreen. The tinted SPF that every gal needs in her skincare slash makeup routine. And when I say “every gal,” I mean it – it’s formulated to work on all skin types AND tones.

First thing’s first: DIME Tinted Wonderscreen is a CLEAN, non-toxic, mineral SPF – this is important. The main ingredient in DIME Tinted Wonderscreen is Zinc Oxide, which is fabulous as a mineral sunscreen – it’s purpose is to sit on TOP of the skin’s surface and literally BLOCK the UV rays without letting them penetrate your skin and cause damage.

DIME Tinted Wonderscreen is lightly tinted (hence the name – ha!), and it gives you juuuust enough of a sheer tint and luminous glow to feel fabulous without makeup while being actively protected against harmful sun rays.

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