My Too-Honest Thoughts on Wearing a Menstrual Cup

A menstrual cup is a bell-shaped device typically made from medical-grade silicone, that you put up there to collect blood during your time of the month. They’re said to be pretty effective at preventing leaks, since the silicone bell forms essentially a suctioned seal in there so that nothing can drip out. They're notable + hypeworthy, because a good menstrual cup can mean less leaks AND less dollars spent on feminine products.

When you first get your menstrual cup you have to boil it for sanitation purposes. When you're ready to use it, you fold it into a C-shape and insert it. The first time I tried inserting it, it didn't work. But I tried again and it did!

My goal was to just be able to wear a light-day pad all day, not change the cup – since it says it’s good for 12 hours there without changing – and just see what happened.

Taking it out can be a bit interesting, so you have to brace yourself ahead of time since there is, well, blood.  You have to pull the rubber stick at its base, then start to fold it in on itself similarly to how you inserted in a sort of C-shape. Then, just dump it out right in the toilet before moving. And when that’s done, you’ll want to thoroughly clean it with a very mild soap that won’t irritate you (and be sure to clean it in between EVERY use).

Pros of a Menstrual Cup: - 12+ hour wear. - No leaks, since it forms a "seal." - No string, - No bulky pads. - No toxins. - No environmental damage. - No ruined underwear. - No discomfort.

Cons of a Menstrual Cup: - A bit messy. Definitely remove over a toilet. - A bit higher maintenance. - A bit difficult to put in/take out.

Do I wear my menstrual cup everyday of my cycle? No. I wear it on Days 1 and 2, when it’s heaviest, and maybe Day 3 if I feel like flow is still strong. If you’ve got actual flow, I recommend the menstrual cup – otherwise, just a light day.

I’m sure they’re not for everyone, and I for one did not think they’d be for me – I thought they looked WEIRD AF. 😉 But hey – I gave it an honest go, and I’m not going back.

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