Our Must-Have Baby Items

Tiny Tots Classical Mobile. I was hoping to find one that didn’t just play little baby jingles – this one plays classical music! My daughter loved it.

Jollypop Pacifiers. This is the paci my daughter liked and it's also the brand that both of her NICUs used.

Boppi. I didn't get to breastfeed outside of the hospital, so I didn't get to use the Boppi for breastfeeding, but the usability grows with the baby. We propped her on her belly on the edge for inclined tummy time. She also sat propped against it when she was able to!!

Dock-a-Tot. Some people like these, some people don't. We got good use of it for just mixing up my daughter's scenery and literally docking her if/when we're moving around the house and needed her in eyesight.

Evenflo Stroller/Car Seat. This is our favorite stroller/car seat system so far. It's so easily navigable.

Diaper Pail. Originally, I wasn't sold on this. I didn't understand why a basic trash can wouldn't work. And then I smelled baby poop and saw the light. This one claims to hold up to 200 diapers!

Infant Optics Baby Monitor. Worth the splurge! It's easy to shift the camera up or down, so you can still see the baby if he/she moves around in there; there's also a talk button, to be able to say something through the speaker system to the baby (or to the adult going in to check on the baby!).

Pack 'n Play. Even before we used the pack 'n play itself, the two top parts were so useful. We set it up in our living room in order to have a changing station downstairs so that we didn't have to run upstairs all the time and my daughter LOVED hanging out on it.

Plush Blankets. No specific brand preferences here - just anything soft + plushy is a favorite of my daughter's.

Soft, High-Contrast Books. For $8, these are SO great for getting your baby into books, with how beautifully visual it is with the blacks and whites!

Halo Sleepsack Swaddle. My daughter slept in a Halo sleepsack CONSTANTLY in both NICUs, so we got one for home figuring she'd be used to it + want it. And sure enough! Really helps with babies' startle reflex, so that flailing arms don't wake themselves up!

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